Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tequila: The Time Release Beverage

I think that my internet may have drunk tequila last night too because it is acting drunk. Blogger seems all fucked up. I can't comment anywhere! What's up? Did the world go crazy while I was asleep?
Here's the thing about tequila: you don't drink it unless you're already too impaired to make wise choices.
But it was fun!
I feel fine. Just...still tipsy.
I talked to Mr. Moon who is at his hunting camp for a work day. He reports the same results.
Liz and Kati were up and out of here before the crack of dawn! I hope this means that a herd of mice did not attack them in the night. I hope they went home and crawled into their own beds.

I think I'm hungry. I got up at seven-something, read the paper, drank some coffee and decided to go back to bed. I was there dreaming when Hank called this morning. He had just finished taking his placement tests for community college.
He aced the English part.
Big surprise!
I am so proud of him for going back to school. I think he's going to enjoy it.

Anyway, I was having this insane dream about my friend Lynn who died several years ago. I dream of her now and then and she's always alive and doing well and I am amazed. It's unsettling, to tell you the truth. I'd rather not have these dreams. They bring me no peace at all.

So I guess I'll go make myself a brunch. Which always involves cantaloupe and I happen to have half of a lovely one, right there in the refrigerator.

Gonna be a slow day. Maybe I should go pick some beans and shell them. Wonder if Pawn Stars is on? A girl can dream, right?

Well, this is me, reporting in. Saying- if someone offers you tequila either just say no or else go with it and face the fact that there WILL be consequences.

Signing off...Ms. Moon


  1. Tequila and I are not friends, so I steer clear! Glad you had fun though and sorry the internet is bugging you. I've had more trouble with browsers and emails and everything computer this year - it's crazy making. Your lizard in the previous post is adorable. I'd be hunting bugs and trying to convince him/her to hang around and be the house lizard!
    Hope you find Pawn Stars to watch!

  2. Even though I love a margarita, when I smell tequila I am plunged back into college when I drank far too much for the first time one night. The smell makes my stomach turn -- just thinking about it, actually.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Tequila is actually my go-to booze, which is why I usually go-to beer instead.

  4. Any worms in your tequila? I wonder about those worms. I guess tequila is a good preservative.

  5. Mel- It is probably a good rule of thumb to avoid tequila at all costs. No Pawn Stars but I watched Project Runway reruns. And shelled a bunch of peas.

    Elizabeth- For me, that would be Scotch.

    Angella- I love them too!

    DTG- You are wise.

    Syd- Nope. This was wormless.

  6. Ilove tequila. Have you ever tried melon with lime juice and cayenne pepper?

  7. Madame King- I fear that if we met, there would be grand trouble. No. I have not had melon in that way. Does it work with watermelon as well?

  8. Nope. Best with honeydew, ok too with cantaloupe.

  9. Madame King- That's what I figured. They eat corn on the cob in Mexico with lime and chili pepper. Why not melon?

  10. I am proud of Hank, but not surprised. Not one iota.

    The dreams of the dead always make me uneasy too. Maybe Lynn is just trying to tell you she's doing okay. I like to think so.

  11. Omg, I had the worst experience with tequila once, but then I did too many shots. Too many shots by far, and when the tequila bottles were finished we started on the vodka. And I had to lie very very still for 24 hours afterwards. I probably had alcohol poisoning and it's lucky I didn't die.

  12. That's great news about Hank.

    There's always consequences with tequila but I still drink it xx


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