Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Give A Damn Meter

Who in the hell came last night and beat me up and left me senseless?
Some sleep demon, some evil ogre who slipped in silently and did his work and left me like this today: half-brained and back-sprained and there-is-not-enough-coffee-in-this-world.

For some reason yesterday, I was preternaturally productive on the five or so hours of sleep I'd gotten and then of course ended the day with that weeding in the hot fucking weather, sweat pouring off of me, using all the muscles in my back to pull those deep-rooted motherfuckers from the ground and why I did that I have no idea except that yes, I do love to suffer. Oh my god, I love to suffer.

But there are my freed watermelons, now given half a chance.

After I made the pizza and we ate it I washed the dogs while Mr. Moon washed the dishes and that was it for me. I forgot to turn off the sprinklers, I forgot to shut the chickens up, I forgot to set the coffee for today. I had no idea when my husband came to bed. I am relatively certain I took a shower.
Well, the garden looks happy, the chickens are all alive and Mr. Moon made the coffee when he got up and he went to Lowe's and was halfway home before I even opened an eye.
Maybe HE is the one who beat me all night.
Naw. I kinda don't think so.

Anyway, it's Sunday so I made pancakes (peach, flax, and mixed berry for anyone who might possibly care) and we ate them and all I've done beside that is go out and take some pictures.

Here's a squirrel. Whooptedoo.

Here's a blue jay. I think they either have a nest in the pump shed where we keep the cat food or else they are just stealing the cat food along with every other critter in Jefferson County. One swooped out at me as I walked by.

Blue jays are FIERCE, y'all! They'll peck your eyeballs if they feel like it.

The banana spiders are setting up homes and growing daily. They are still small. Give 'em time.

A golden zinnia:

Thanks, Bethany!

Here's a bee sipping from a second-bloom wisteria:

The second bloomers are small and pitiful flowers compared to Spring's first joyful blooms. Oh well. A little purple is better than none and this bee doesn't seem to care.

Guys- that's all I got! I don't have the energy to philosophize or eulogize or prophesize. As blesshisheart old AP Whaley used to say, "My give-a-damn-meter is about at zero."

For some reason I can't even get it up to feel sorry for our governor, Prick Scott (most hated governor in the USA!) whose fortune, the local paper reported today, has dropped dramatically from $218.6 million in 2010 to the barely livable $103.1 million.
Oh. Poor Prick!
I wonder how much he has stashed away in the cookie jar, though.

Anyway, Stephen Colbert took on our governor HERE if you'd care to check it out. The video gets going on Scott around three minutes so don't think you've missed it.

It's noon.

Where is my brain?

Maybe Voldemort/Scott sucked it up and is using it for fuel right now. That would explain a lot.

Happy Sunday, y'all. Go hang up your flag or whatever it is you're supposed to do the day before the 4th of July. Buy hot dogs. Get your cooler ready. Make a jello mold with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream.

I have no fucking idea.

About anything.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hey,

    I did not read this before I called... sorry!

    You know, yesterday was a big day. You visited your mom AND lunch with Freddie, THEN weeding. I've noticed in the past year that I get heat exhaustion that sticks to me far more intensely and easily than I ever did... global warming? age? Who knows, but girl, when I pick blueberries for merely an hour, I am DONE for the rest of the day. DONE. So, it makes perfect sense to me that you feel beat up and sucked dry.

    Beautiful picks.

    I'd love to see a Bluejay go at it with a Honey badger. Now that would be an awesome "We just don't give a shit" battle!

    Hope you get your mojo back soon.

  2. Here's a squirrel. Whooptedoo.

    You crack me the fuck up. We have jays here the size of sheep. They torture the cats. One has learned to meow no shit and one has learned to knock on the door.


  3. Sending love and virtual arnica gel for your back and virtual Red Zinger with a little tupelo honey, poured into a tall glass filled with ice. And maybe a touch of Bacardi Limon, if you feel like it. Mostly love, though.

  4. That's it! If Florida has those kind of giant spiders, I aint going.

  5. i have no idea either, except about love, and even that can be confounding. i love you.:)

  6. Those pancakes sound tasty, indeed...

  7. aw, you don't have to thank me everytime you show the lovely zinnias (though it sure is sweet). I love that whirlygig kind. you done good.
    i feel the same way today. bleck.

  8. Ms. Fleur- You never know what sort of state I'll be in. It was good to talk to you. I am thinking of blue-eyed very old men.

    Madame King- I live to crack you the fuck up.

    Angie C- Ibuprofen, rest, and vodka have taken care of most of the problems.
    Thank-you, love.

    Terena- They never, ever hurt a human. I swear.

    Maggie May- Love may be the least simple thing there is.

    A- They were.

    Bethany- And maybe that's why this is a holiday weekend. Who knows? Not me!

  9. I am glad that Colbert took on Prick Scott. Hopefully made mince meat of him.

  10. Several years ago I took a picture of a spider in FL but never knew what it was until now. Yes, the one I saw was much bigger!

    I found myself in some strange funk all weekend that I just couldn't shake. Whatever! My meter is busted all to hell.

  11. Blue jays are mean AS SHIT. Fuckers.

  12. I'm wondering who I have to shag around here to get a night like that.

  13. Mwa's comment's just made me laugh.

    I'm very late writing this but I hope you feel better. I'm having one of those days too.

    I love you xx


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