Friday, July 22, 2011

Lists And Lots Of Stuff

Packing makes me crazier than anything in this world. You get the clothes packed and then- oh my god. You have to pack the make-up, the jewelry, the toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotions. Night face lotion, face lotion with sunscreen, sunscreen! body lotion. What about perfume? You want perfume? Shampoo, conditioner, razor blade, shaving cream.
Figure all that out and there's the jewelry.
Even though no, I don't usually wear much make-up or jewelry.
But the truth of the matter is, I love make-up and jewelry. And when we travel, it is a fine time to be someone we are regularly not. Or to be more of who we really are.
Or something.
Let us move on.
Books. Gotta take books.
Computer, cords, camera, batteries. Battery charger. Cell phone, cell phone charger.
Things I'm taking Jessie.
The bottle of rum Mr. Moon bought me. Bacardi Anejo, my favorite! Thank-you, Mr. Moon!
Coffee. Where Lis and I are staying is an apartment of the boyfriend of one of Lis's friends. One cannot chance that there will not be coffee on that first morning. I need coffee to get to the coffee shop a block away. I am NOT kidding you.
Medications. Sleep aid. Antidepressant. Calcium, magnesium, fish oils, adrenal support, red yeast rice. Biodentical hormones. Two emergency tablets of Ativan.
It's ridiculous!
I remember when I thought I would backpack through Europe. This is never going to happen now. I would need a Sherpa to carry my backpack. Or a mule.

When did this happen? When did I become this woman?

Tweezers, fingernail scissors, nail files, small mirror, hair ties, hair brush, comb. Hats.

Pillows. Can I take my down blanket? Who knows what the bedding situation is going to be?

Magazines. I have my unopened Esquire and Vanity Fair.

And here's the thing: Hank and Lis are also going along for this ride. We shall see just how much stuff a Chevy Impala will hold. Guitars will be involved.

Oh Lord.

Did I mention I have to take my bedside fan?

Why don't I just throw in a dog and a few damn chickens?

Time to make dinner. All will be revealed. And I keep thinking of the time my friend Lynn and I went to St. Pete and she started making lists of things to take a month before we left and she even brought a SEWING TABLE (long story) but she forgot to bring her clothes.
She wore the same thing every day and washed out her underwear at night.
Guess what?
She survived.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "Why don't I just throw in a dog and a few damn chickens?" made me laugh out loud.
    I myself have been known to pack like a mix of Elizabeth Taylor and Granny Clampitt. And there was a point in my life when the only thing I was sure to take was music for the car ride. Shaking my head with a smile.

  2. This reminds me of a slow train in Portugal on which many folks were indeed traveling with a few damn chickens!

  3. I'm a notorious overthinker, overplanner and overpacker. My husband still can't fathom why I bring snacks and books for even the shortest trips. It's who we are, part of our charm, right? Hope you don't forget anything! I always remind myself that there are stores everywhere, and if I need it I can buy it. Have fun.

  4. I am just laughing out loud at your post because Mrs. Shife just left for a weekend at her parent's house and took the big suitcase because she could not make up her mind about what to bring for the 3 days she was going to be gone. She is usually not this crazy but being 6-months pregnant has made her a little crazier than usual.

  5. Cotton buds (Q-tips?) and extra underwear!

  6. i pack snacks like an old woman going on a long train/ bus trip. i make lists and usually lose them several times in the packing process. impalas have large trunks- all y'all should be alright. enjoy your trip!


  7. The fact is I pack just the same...and I truly do throw in the dogs too. Ah, the joys of being not only a woman but the woman who is prepared for everything. Happy travels!

  8. I couldn't help but get a glimpse of the Beverly Hillbillies with a big ole truck filled with stuff. Or maybe this is more like the Marrakesh Express--ducks, and pigs and chickens call, animal carpet wall to wall.
    Whatever, enjoy the journey.

  9. Chuckling. Through a laundry mishap ages ago 3 friends and I had to share 2 outfits for a few days....which meant taking turns to leave the hotel.
    Have fun!

  10. I hate packing too. Preparing for a trip just sucks. A bitch has to wear herself out just to go on vacation to try to relax. It makes no sense at all.

  11. This is so funny. Thanks for the laugh.


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