Friday, July 15, 2011

Strange, But True

So while I was dreaming of screwing up by not being able to find my costume and make-up in the car which I could not find, MR. MOON WAS DREAMING THAT HE WAS SCREWING UP BY NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND HIS BASKETBALL UNIFORM AND SHOES WHICH WERE IN A CAR THAT HE COULD NOT FIND AND HE WAS GOING TO GET KICKED OFF THE TEAM!

I am not kidding you.

How weird is that? Maybe he has The Raybees too.


  1. That is what I call true love... Great minds think alike! Love the new photograph on your blog, the little lizzard next to the shell. I hope this is not a living thng, that shell...

  2. That's one strong connection... now if you actually have the same dream and see each other there, I will get the willies!

    Nice lizzie.

  3. Photocat- Or Crazy Minds Dream The Same. Not sure. No, that shell's occupant left the building a LONG time ago.

    Ms. Fleur- ACK!

    Lisa- Must be. Must be.

  4. I always have dreams where I am forgetting damn something. I am always so happy to wake up and find it was just a damn dream.

  5. I'm so jealous. I stopped remembering my dreams once I came off the nicotine patches. Maybe I'll sleep in one just for fun! xx


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