Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Different Plan

Lily and I were going to take Owen down to Wakulla for some swimming today but instead, I'm about to go get her and Owen and bring them out here.
Lily has the throw-up virus that Owen had. It hit her last night at work and she called me just a little while ago and was so worried that something is wrong with her pregnancy and when I reassured her that she simply has Owen's bug, she was vastly relieved.

At first I was just going to go get Owen so that she can rest but then she called back and asked if I could bring her some lavender oil which, when the babies were little, was my all-purpose treatment and ease for all-things-viral. And emotional, too, come to think of it.
"Come on, honey. Take a lavender bath. You'll feel better," I would say and they always did.

So I asked her if she'd just like to come out here too and take a lavender bath in the big tub and lay around while I play with her boy. She said, "Really? We could do that?"

Oh my heart. To still be needed.

Of course.

And so here I go, off to get the daughter, the grandson, to bring them back here. Maybe Lily will want egg-in-the-bowl, which is a soft boiled egg mixed up with pieces of buttered toast. And Owen will get to see the new chickens and the donk and the goats and the mule and he can help me clean out the hen house and it'll be fun.

Not what I thought I'd be doing today, but hell- healing waters, one way or another, either bubbling forth from a massive spring-head and cold as ice or in a big white tub with lavender oil and clean towels at the ready.

I like being a mother-and-grandmother. Let's face it. I do.


  1. Ah Ms Moon, those wonderful old remedies from when our children were little. They always help.

    So Owen will one day soon have a sibling and his world will change.

    Last week my first grandson welcomed his new baby brother into the world - with 'mixed ' feelings, I'd say.

    The cycle of life. It's such a joy.

  2. Oh yes. I too love taking care of my babies when they are sick (and when they're well), and I imagine I will feel the same even when they're grown. Enjoy your care-taking day.

  3. And you are damn good at it! I can't imagine how great it would be to have you as a momma or grand momma. It's been so comforting and educational just being your friend.

    You know, you could do a great blog just on that one subject. There are lots of new mommies that could use some of your wise advice, remedies and comfort. I'd be a regular!
    Enjoy your kiddos today, and as always, if ya'll need anything, we are here. (Harley is sick too, but I think it's the mold and acid tummy). arg.

  4. something about healing waters, warm or cold and all the better scented with the power of your mother love.
    i cannot see a full moon without thinking of you...and now you will appear with even the slightest hint of lavender.


  5. Sounds lovely for Lily, Owen and you.

  6. Hey, I want to go to Wakulla. Tell Lily I hope she feels better.

  7. actually, i think I'd quite like one of your lavander baths....we used to call it egg-in-a-cup!!

  8. My wife sprays lavender on the sheets. They smell wonderful. Hope that Lily will feel better after some TLC.

  9. I used to make that in a mug. And call it mugged eggs :) And my mother in law does the same and calls it a gubby egg, I don't know why :)

    Hope Lily is feeling better!

    When I was pregnant with D, I got a horrible bug that had me vomiting so violently I had burst blood vessels speckling my face and neck. Nasty. I could feel him heaving up and down and I was quite freaked. It was fine though!

  10. It sounds like a wonderful day to me, except for the part about Lily being sick. I hope she feels better after her lavender bath.

  11. I hope poor Lily feels better.

    Love you!

  12. i hope lily feels better too.


  13. We never get too old to need our mom's love and care when we are sick.

  14. you're the best caretaker.
    feel better sweet Lily.

  15. Feel better Lily.
    I think I'll try the lavender bath next time I'm feeling punkish. Do you just use lavender oil?

  16. You are such a good mam; it makes me wish I liked the smell of lavender. :)

  17. Elisabeth- I can't wait to see how Owen does with a new baby brother or sister. It's going to be a very big change for him. But eventually, I think he will love being a big brother.

    Lora- It was a good day. Very good.

    Ms. Fleur- Thanks, honey. I don't think I could do an entire blog on that subject. Maybe a few posts? I hope Harley feels better soon. The mold now is awful.

    Akannie- Close, if not the exact address.

    rebecca- Oh, darling girl!

    Elizabeth- And then Bop came home and all was even better.

    DTG- We're going to Asheville! Can you believe it?

    Young At Heart- Lavender baths are good for all ills. Egg in a whatever is pretty fine medicine too.

    Syd- What a lovely thing for her to do for you both! Lily is much better. Thank-you.

    Jo- Gubby eggs? That's wonderful. So is muggy eggs! I got a terrible virus right after DTG was born and I'll never forget that. And his dad was on the road- I was all alone. But I survived. And so did he. He did not get it. Thank god.

    Lois- Lily never even took a lavender bath. I kept asking if she wanted one but I don't think she even had the energy.

    NOLA- Love you, too, woman.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- She plans on going into work at 6 a.m. So...
    Love you, baby.

    Mrs. A- Thank-you, sweetie.

    Birdie- And being needed is pretty sweet.

    Bethany- I do my best.

    Mel's Way- Uh-huh. From the little bottle. A few drops is all it takes.

    Kori- Rose oil works nicely too.

  18. And you are so very good at it, Ms. Moon. I hope that Lilly feels better quick. It sucks to be pregnant and sick.


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