Monday, July 18, 2011

Hearts And Flowers. And Chickens

Monday morning and Mr. Moon wants me to make a correction. His tooth did not "fall out," it broke off. So. Okay. Correction made. Done.
Right now he's on his way to town for a meeting with his broken off tooth in his pocket in search of tooth glue. I'm starting to think he looks pretty cute the way it is. I am not sure the rest of the world would feel this way. His dentist does not work on Mondays.
Ah lah.
But he perseveres. This is the kind of man he is. Today is the last day of grouper-fishing and I said to him this morning, "I don't know why you didn't just go fishing."
He sighed and said, "That's a good damn question."

Now I know without a doubt that you are all just dying for a chicken update. (That is sarcasm.) Anyway, here are the new ones all clustered up in the corner of the coop:

I am not sure that we don't have six roosters there. I hope not. One of the chickens has an extraordinarily long neck. He/she reminds me of an Anhinga, AKA, the Snake Bird. The former owners had called him/her Ozzy. So of course we are letting that name stick. We gave another of the birds the name of Sharon. We can tell which one it is and wouldn't you know that Sharon was the first out this morning and was the one to call the others out? I am thinking that either Sharon is a rooster or else, like her namesake, she is just the boss of the family.
We named another one Jack and would have gone on to name another Kelly (these are the names of some of Ozzy Osbourne's family, in case you are scratching your head- You know, Ozzy Osbourne? Prince of Motherfucking Darkness?) but I know too many Kelly's and so cannot name a chicken Kelly.
Whatever, the naming process has begun. Actually, Kathleen started it yesterday by reminding me that black-eyed susans are indeed golden and black so the speckledy chicken is now Susie.
Four down, two to go.

Kathleen and her darling nephew Christopher came over yesterday so that we could meet the newest member of Kathleen's family, Ednarose. Ednarose is a very young black lab puppy and is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. She looks like a bear cub and I sort of wanted to tuck her under my shirt and keep her but then again, I know she is keeping her mama up all night long and I am not about to take on anything which is going to interrupt MY sacred sleep so I handed her back with one last kiss on her fuzzy little bear cub head.

Anyway, it's a fine morning in Lloyd, not too hot, and I need to get out and take a walk. The garden is suffering horribly from lack of attention and everything is going to hell in a handbasket out there except for the weeds which are so tall that Owen can barely make his way through them without a compass. By the way, Owen is doing very well. I talked to his mother last night and could hear him in the background, clomping around with one high heel on saying, "Hello," "Good-bye," and then demanding food. So he's back to normal.
Anyway, the only things of any real value in that garden now are Bethany's flowers and gourds.

I have GOT to get out there and pick the rest of the beans to shell. I will. I will.

Ms. Spider is growing at a remarkable rate. She is going to be huge! If Mr. Moon doesn't run into her web and bring her down.

I think she is a beauty!

Ah, it's just a pretty day in general and here I am in the middle of all these trees and critters, enjoying the fact that's it a bit cooler, everything green and thriving, happy to be.

My coffee tasted especially good this morning, my smoothie seemed exceptionally sweet.

It may be Monday but it's working for me.

Good morning from Lloyd, Florida. Good morning!


  1. Glad it's a good morning. The spider gives me THE SHIVERS.

    Love you.

  2. I dont think the spider is gorgeous at all but the rest? Of course. I am thinking that my outlook on life would improve considerably were I to get some chickens, really. If for no other reason than the sheer entertainment value.

    Sigh...I have no reason to be unhappy or melacholy today but sometimes when you are nuts like me there IS no reason. So I am glad to read where you are right now-it makes me happy.

  3. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- In a good way?

    Kori- Yep. I'm in a good mood today FOR NO APPARENT REASON! I'm glad, though. Chickens are worth their keep merely for their entertainment value. I could watch them for hours.

  4. I need to get out and see them chickens.

  5. DTG- You can name the last one. I think at this point they are Susie, Ozzie, Sharon, Jack, and Big Blue. Come for supper soon! You're just right down the road!

  6. Dear Ms. Moon,
    I've read here a few times over the months and am finally getting the nerve to make a comment.
    I have a spider in my house that my boyfriend and I have let grow. We named it Melvin and it ate fruit flies. Then one day it up and left, taking its web with it. This morning I saw it again. Come back. Hungry.
    Happy Monday. Sometimes, they aren't so bad.

  7. Took a hot walk (with Bob) this morning and thought of you.

  8. Love your post! Glad to hear Owen is feeling better. Your photos are great... I LOVE the one of the house with the palm frond!

  9. Rachel- Melvin sounds like a keeper. You do know, don't you, that all the big spiders are ladies? Melvinna? Please come back and comment often. I love comments and we have the best commenters here. It's nice to have you be one of them.

    Lisa- Is your hair still wet? Mine is. I love that you thought of me.

    Dianne- Hello! Yep. The boy is all well. We may go to Wakulla Springs tomorrow. Glad you liked the palm fronds. I like them too.

  10. Has Owen been reading Alice in Wonderland? I think that the Madhatter was always saying "hello, Goodbye, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date." or some saying like that. Mr. Moon can just portray Billy Bob in the next movie there with the broken tooth and the overalls.

  11. It sounds vaguely familiar! I'm sure I learned that somewhere along the way and forgot it. =)
    Melvin/Melvinna isn't too big, so I'm not sure what IT is. But I'm not opposed to thinking there's a female spider in the center of it all keeping our fruit flies at bay.

  12. What?! What a treat for me to see that sunflower and GOURD. You know I love gourds and somehow mine did not make it this year. They are my fave thing to grow. So to see that little hairy green perfect bottle hanging in your garden made me happy beyond words.

  13. And poor Mr Moon's tooth.
    I hope it can get fixed soon.
    I'm excited about the new chooks.
    Hope you don't end up having to eat any of them. ;-)

  14. Syd- I don't know what Owen's deal was but he was having fun. Don't even SAY that about poor Mr. Moon.

    Bethany- The people we got them from said that they'd take back any roosters we didn't want'll be okay.

  15. Rachel- The male spiders are usually TINY. So Melvin is probably a girl.
    Yay for fruit fly control!

    Bethany- Yes. Those gourds are growing SO fast!
    Thank-you again.


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