Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretty Amazing Day

So this is what I did today. This is pretty much what Owen and I do every day we're together. Chickens and sticks are involved. If you watch the video, make sure you really pay attention after Elvis crows- the way his crow ends with a sort of "waaah." I find this completely charming. Not all roosters do this. Believe me. I pay attention.

It was a nice day. Lily laid on the couch and didn't want much of anything but rest. Occasionally Owen and I would come in and Owen would give her snuggles and hugs. And kisses. We all three took a nap together on my bed with Big Bear and Zeke. One of the best naps in history.

He's learned a new word. It is amazing. No, really. The word is...amazing. Of course it comes out more like, "amay," which is said with the appropriate awe in his voice.

It was a prosaic day but an amazing one, too. I know I keep saying this but it's still just so unbelievable to me that this is my life. MY life. Children who still need me, a grandson, another grandchild on the way. A husband who comes home to play with the grandson.

Well, here's a few more pictures.

Owen applauding. We find a great deal to applaud about.

Owen. Just being...beautiful.

Well. There's a thousand words.

When I took Lily and Owen home this evening, he wanted three "one more" kisses.

I would have given him a million.


  1. He IS beautiful, and amazing. something about the name, I am sure.

  2. Thank you so much mamma! I will love and need you forever and ever. You are simply amayz.

  3. Kori- Owen is a very fine name.

    Lily- YOU are amayz. I love you, baby. I was so glad for you to be here today. I wish you'd felt better.

  4. So much that does amayz me. I agree--you are amayz.

  5. I hope ms Lily is feeling uplifted in all ways. I called to ask after her but I'm thinking you were probably taking her home at the time.

    And that boy! Damn. He is just brimming with the good stuff. It's palpable.

  6. He's getting to be such a big boy. Oh, I just want to snuzzle him all up and squish him with my love.

  7. Did you and Owen go see the new chickens. Like a soap opera we were left hanging.

    I hope you are feeling better Lily. ;-)

  8. Oh, that last photo is wonderful! My boys still like it when I give them "one thousand kisses" -- we generally land up laughing hysterically.

    You are a blessed woman for sure --

  9. Amazing. And Nie. Life is good when you get down to it! :)

  10. lord, this is sweet. and you are so wise to be present for it, to know it while it is happening. ah.

    hope lily is feeling better.

  11. Owen really is a handsome little guy. The fact that he says amazing tickles me.

    I love you. Hope the Lilster is on the mend.


  12. Thanks for the morning dose of amazing and adorable. Owen is too cute and Elvis is a damn fine rooster. Hope today is as good a day for you.

    Just this week I pulled out a photo cd of the last 20 years and to see my kids so small and adorable left me in tears. Soak it all up real good :)

  13. I think I get to babysit him for a while tonight!

  14. I love that: three "one more" kisses.

  15. Syd- And you amayz me as well.

    Omgrrrl- Happy late birthday, you amazing thing you!

    Ms. Fleur- He, like Harley, is loved and he knows it.

    honeyluna- How do you BEAR it? I am going to squish you with MY love in three days.

    Birdie- We did!

    Elizabeth- I used to give my kids "kiss attacks" before bed. They adored that.

    Jill- It sure can be.

    Angella- She went to work today. Don't ask me how.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- It is a strange early word, isn't it?

    Mel- I know, I will!

    DTG- Have fun. Give him a kiss attack.

    Angie- You know kids- they just push you and you cave. Ha!


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