Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Care

Owen's coming, Owen's coming.
That boy is coming.
I get to see his sharp new tooth. I'll wash my hands and slide my finger down his gum and feel it for myself. I'll tell him what a big boy he's getting to be. I'll hold his weight in my arms and I'll talk and sing to him all day long. If he gets mad, I'll figure out how to unmadden him.
That's what I do.
And when it's time for him to eat, I'll make his bottle and hold him tightly to me and look back at his beautiful eyes looking at mine.
This is what I do best. Taking care.

I sent a note in my husband's lunch box this morning. It said, "I love you for everything you do for me and our family." And I do. He works so hard. He had to go to bed at ten last night because by the middle of the week, he's exhausted. He gets up at six to go work out and since he's been doing that, so many of the health problems he's had his entire adult life have disappeared. I can feed him right but I can't make him go to the gym. He does that on his own. I am incredibly proud of that man. He does all he's big enough to do and dear God, he is big.
So I do what I can to help him. Some nights I make him beans and some nights I make him soup and last night I made him a pork chop and a sweet potato, golden as the Promised Land, and oat bran muffins and a salad with arugula from the garden, tomatoes and cucumbers and olives. I packed up his lunch with another serving of all of that and I know when he eats his lunch, he'll find the note, he'll like his pork chop. He always washes the containers I put his food in to bring home to me. Always.

We take care. We take care of each other, we take care of our family. This is what we do best. We seem to have a great need to do that, both of us. To look at us, me and Mr. Moon, you would see little in common. He's tall, I'm short, he's an ex-jock, I'm a still-hippie. He loves to hunt and be out on the sea, fishing. I like to see the woods from the path when I walk, I like to watch the ocean from a porch or a dock. But our hearts are very much the same. We both have a huge need to take care. He takes care of his customers. He takes care of me. We both take care of this home, this yard, our chickens, our children, and now Owen.

Owen. This love that Mr. Moon and I have for each other has led to this boy. And because we take care of each other, because we have nurtured that love, we are able to care for him.

A miracle in my life.

I watch the news of Haiti this morning and I see the suffering but I see the planes from everywhere in the world, come to help. Soldiers and medical workers, the Red Cross. They are bringing food and water and first aid supplies. They are doing what they can, one person at a time, to take care of others whom they do not know, whom they have never met, but for whom they care for because like I said last night, we are all part of this one human family.

And isn't that it? We take care of ourselves and then we can take care of others and we do that every day. Some people take care of vast numbers of people, some take care of one. It's okay. We're taking care.

Take care today. Of yourself, of your cat, of your chickens, children, lovers, friends, the people you work for and with. Let them take care of you, too because everyone, somewhere, has this need to care. Give others the gift of being able to help you if you need it.
Thank them.

That's all. The miracle of being human.

Take care.


  1. You do take care so well.
    I take care of animals well.
    Am only learning just now, late, late, but I hope not too late, to take care of me and others.

    I love that he washes out the containers and I love the yummy food you make him. And wow fantastic that he gets to the gym and is taking care of himself.

    One think I think a lot of people don't realize, especially super caretaker type people (women!), is that it is a kind of care to ALLOW others to take care of you sometimes. I'm learning that too.

    Great writing, as always.
    Have fun with Owen.

  2. You take care, too. You are beautiful and I love you.


  3. Thank you Ms. Moon for taking care of us too.

    And Bethany, you are so right about allowing others to take care of you... I'm really struggling with that one right now.

  4. You are doing the simple things that count so that your family can count on your support, on you. And that is a fabulous thing. Love that sweet Owen face! x0 N2

  5. This made me tearful. The simplicity of the word "care," and the love between you and Mr. Moon, and Owen and the planes and the Red Cross, and the photo of the injured man being fed by another that I saw this morning in the paper.

    Thank you.

  6. The human condition varies for sure, but today, this post sounds like your condition is good.
    Happiness is a miracle of the human condition.

  7. That is one thing for sure, our family is well taken care of. Always.

  8. Thanks Ms. Moon, you take care now too. It's a lovely thing when caring people find each other. And I think sometimes nurturers strive for balance, or aren't as adept at caring for themselves as they are for others. Life's infinite mysteries.

    I think in our own little ways, we take turns keeping care of a neglected part of ourselves in this little tribe right here in this Church.

    That little Owen is a Cutie-Pie!
    And your Mr. Moon is a keeper. I love that you leave him notes!
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. I want to feel Mr. Owen's bitey tooth!

  10. It made me tearful as well. I am glad to have found you, I can be a cynical beast, Then I read something like this. Thank you for bringing back around.

  11. I love your love song today. Inspiration.

    From your masthead photo, I understand why you've been so distressed about your garden! It would break my heart too. And I'm glad you're also knowing life will come back in spring. That knowing will help keep you warm until the air is.

  12. Today, my friend is watching the boys while I get my hair done. It feels like a cool drink of water, accepting her care. Your words remind me not to feel guilty about it.

  13. wow, I needed this today. this is an amazing post, little lady.
    I need to remember to take care of myself. I feel like I so often forget me in the hustle and bustle of life. thanks for the reminder :)

    happy day to you and mr. owen!

  14. ah ms moon...what you and mister moon have is so was once a small plant and you two took care of it..and now..look at your children and owen and see through your care that little plant became a strong tree...:-)

    ps: mini-santiago has two new teeth too..:-)

  15. We do care. Those of us who are blessed with a loving circle of friends care more than words could say. The love of family is strong and inspiring but then there is the love of those who are not strangers yet we don't know.

    Last night in bed B. and I got into our laptops and donated money and most of all care for the people of Haiti. The money comes and goes, and after all is nothing more than a piece of paper or a round piece of metal. The care goes on and on, and spreads like a warm summer's rain over this world of ours in greater need of that than of money, believe it or not and for that I am thankful for our circle of friends, even those in Haiti we don't know who they are, but they inspired caring at a different level yesterday. The emotional one, the sense of empathy and the free flow of tears of compassion, the most recognizable signs of care. So, I guess we care even if all we can offer from here is a piece of paper or a round piece of metal.

    Hug that gorgeous baby for me, he knows I care.

    PS: the word verification is "sester"

  16. You're such a great writer. How sweet the two of you are to one another. That's what it takes. Taking care of each other. Not one taking care of the other...but each other.

  17. I read this in the morning, and it has stayed with me all day. Thank you for saying the words on my heart.
    This is really what we are called to do, in our own ways.

    I hope you had a wonderful visit with Owen.
    Bless you.

  18. You care. I care. We care. I love you, my friend, because you care.


  19. This post makes me feel better about my whole crappy day.

  20. Beautiful. Sentiment without sop.

  21. And it's really so easy (showing care to others); your note to your husband, the wonderful, random, loving text that I received from mine this week. Love is free, thankfully :)


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