Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Cannot Believe This

How do you take it in?


  1. I know. Gosh. The line "life is already so fragile in Haiti" stuck with me. If we believe that prayers and healing energy can help, or even if we don't, I think it's a good time to practice sending them out.

  2. God, I know. It makes you wonder whether the country should just be finished and we should welcome all who "lived" there to come here -- or at least to other places. I was so struck by the fact that the United Nations peacekeepers had begun to patrol the streets to try to maintain some sense of order. It made me think about all the criticism of the UN as an effective organisation -- I'm glad that the world has such a body to do this sort of work. I hope that the American response will be strong and that we are all called upon to help in some way. I was just thinking about your post the other day about how "little" you do for others. Although I disagree, I get it, too, and t rang a bell for me as well, so I'm wondering if "here's our chance?"

  3. It is mind boggling. And Elizabeth, that was my first reaction.
    The country will never be able to support the population now in any sense.
    My daughter just saw a dance production done by some Haitian orphans before Christmas, and so that was her thought this morning before school. What if everyone just came and lived here?
    This is going to call for something historical to occur. Along with prayers , we will be able to do something. I don't think there will be a choice.
    I'm watching CNN , which usually drives me batty, but ....

  4. I know. Maybe they SHOULD all just come here. Is that insane? That country has been beat down by every force there is to be beat down with: poverty, AIDS, corruption, hurricanes and now this. There is no rhyme, there is no reason. When I heard about the earthquake yesterday I was in my car and I just threw my head back and said, "Oh, no!" and I am still doing that and what good does that do but we pay taxes and let's hope that those taxes are going to help, some of them, at least. Instead of going to kill. Please.
    And Elizabeth- I agree with you completely on the UN thing. I do.

  5. I had to turn away for a bit when I saw the headlines - the poorest of the poor, so much suffering and now this - it shakes whatever faith I could have to know about these things. Natural disasters are giving humans plenty to cope with, and I hope the US is able to help quickly with food and water and shelter. Just depressing, how much more bleak can a cold January look, I wonder?

  6. The crumbled hospitals just breaks my heart.

  7. I hope the gang's in Haiti aren't using this tragedy to gain any aort of advantage. I hope everyone is working together, and helping one another.

    I just heard some UF Journalism graduate students were in Haiti when this happened. A 7.0 earthquake? It's crazy.

  8. You do not take it in. You stop and pray and thank and hope and pray and then maybe if you are able you go and help.
    Then you thank again for your chickens and your children and you hope they once again have chickens and children.
    And I hope they don't come here because they have so much more than we do - if everyone would just leave them alone.
    No, first HELP THEM and then leave them alone.
    I love Haiti. I pray for the families looking for families under rubble.

  9. So devastating. Hits close to home for me. Check out my post from last night for clarification if you would like to.

  10. Earthquakes terrify me to pieces. ((I plan to do a blog today about the earthquake I was in...>I'm a big sissy!!))

    Lots of prayers for everyone

  11. I don't know how I didn't know about this earthquake until now. I really hope we see some good humanitarian work sprout through all this destruction.

    It's really too sad for words.

  12. A terrible tragedy for a country that has dealt with so many already. I am really scared to hear how awful it really turns out to be. The initial estimates were more than 100,000 dead. That is just insane. I don't know how my heart can even process that right now. As troubled as that country is they certainly do not deserve this. I just hope and pray the initial reports are wrong and humanitarian efforts get to those people as quickly as possible.

  13. Devastating. Horribly sad. I bathed my children today and then they played dress-up. I watched them go to a closet full of clothes and try on boots and hats. It made me so sad to think about all the children who are no more in Haiti. Little girls and boys, pregnant women, young men, old men, grandmothers, parents. The death-toll is unfathomable and it hurts to think about those who are suffering there now and who will for a long time to come.

    I feel helpless about this, really. I did not blog today and truth be told, I was really just to saddened to write anything...

    Glad you posted this..

  14. I have no more words.

    Still wish I was there to help...

  15. So very much sadness and unfairness in the world, Ms. Moon. We are not any better than they are. Not at all. my heart goes out to them.


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