Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Is Hurting Me, Y'all

I want to read all your blogs. I want to answer all your comments. I have things to say! I have things to learn!

What I have to learn is my lines.

And I spent all day with that boy and it was so much fun and he's chewing everything he can get his mouth on and he's grabbing his feet and he's learned to snuggle and he's making new funny sea-gull sounds when he sees something exciting and oh, well. You know. I'm his grandmother.

And I did laundry and cleaned a sink and made black beans and bread is rising and I planted a few more plants and I grocery shopped and went to the trash place and, well, I'm exhausted.

And I have to study my lines.

You know what I think? I think y'all don't miss me nearly as much as I miss you. And how COULD you miss me? I won't go away.
That's a country song. I know. But it's true.

Well, anyway, here's a picture of Owen with his hand in his mouth, chewing away. I went into the break room to tell him good-bye when his mama had him at work and he was sitting up in her lap chomping on a cold piece of celery with his two tiny teeth on the bottom and his coming-in ones up top. Okay. That was cute. I didn't have the camera.
I apologize for that, too.

Guilt. Not just for breakfast any more.

Love you!
Miss you!
Mean it!


  1. Ah stop with the guilt, woman. Lock it in a box. Throw it away.

  2. oh, you're so funny and dear. you're so naturally a mama to everyone. so sweet and nurturing and thoughtful, and fierce when you need to be (i know that sounds like it has nothing to do with this post, but it's what popped into my head when you were saying you miss us and love us and mean it)
    shine on.

  3. yes...jo..tell her!:-)

    ms moon really..learn your lines..clean your sink..it ll be all good..:-)

  4. Well, I miss you, but I don't think I am worthy of guilt. Enjoy!

  5. Learn those lines, Woman. We are countin on you to get up there and do your part to scandalize the community and embarrass your children
    =o) N2

  6. You are so funny! You drew a beautiful boundary and got the support of everyone of your bloggy friends from around the world, and now you are backpeddling!

    You make me giggle. I'm giggling.

    Owen is gorgeous. I hope he get's Hank's hair... looks like he might.

  7. Stop this right now or you are really going to be grounded until you are thirty five, like I used to say to the children.

    Sit in that library of yours and repeat those lines out loud until they are fixed somewhere in that head of yours that is doing somersaults instead of letting the brain rest.

    How about this? until the play is over we can write to you so you know we are here, and then afterward you can answer the comments if you want to. I cannot speak for the rest but I come here because I want to know how you are and share with you how I am is the reason I write on my blog. I don't expect an answer for every comment or even for any comment. Good manners aside when a pleasure becomes a chore it stops to be a pleasure.

    So stop this nonsense and go to your room and learn those damn lines. Of course I love you and that is why I am scolding you, in case you didn't noticed that this is what I am doing.

    PS: If Owen goes missing you know where to look. I just love him!

  8. Dang Mama, you sound like me with my school work. Hah, it's really funny to think about that, for some reason.
    All I can say is I wish I could come hang out and read some lines with you and let Owen chew on my fingers. He's getting cuter every freakin day.
    Love you mucho!

  9. I agree with everybody else. Also, I want you to know that this is a bold, brave step. You're blogging for the joy of it, taking away the business contract side of it.

    Perhaps I'll be so brave in the future.

  10. I will miss your words of wisdom, but I understand the need to get your life in balance.

  11. oh, teeth! so much fun!
    it's like a whole new world once that starts, eh?

  12. I'm with Allegra -- you don't have to answer my comments at all! And I know you'll read my blog every now and then and that's enough. And I'll check in with you most every day because you're a part of my day. But I do think you should read and learn those lines above all. It sounds like you already do an amazing number of things in your day as it is and should pat yourself on the back instead of berating yourself! I'm not going anywhere either...

  13. Love you, dear. Break a leg with the play. It sounds fabulous. You'll be great.


  14. Who wouldn't choose playing with that beautiful boy over reading blogs and responding to comments?

  15. Ah well, Lucy Dear, there is no battle there. If Owen is here and wants to play, I don't even know where the computer is.

  16. well you know just exactly how i feel. :) how funny is the timing of my letter?! it's like i was meant to guilt you!!

  17. Are you kidding? I always miss you the most of all.


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