Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Batshit Crazy In This Case, Just Mouseshit Crazy. It's Not As Bad.

It wasn't a bat that I saw in the small refrigerator where I store grains and pastas IN ORDER TO KEEP THEM PROTECTED FROM BUGS AND RODENTS- YEAH, THAT'S REALLY WORKING OUT WELL, ISN'T IT? It was a mouse.

Now I swear to God that what I saw last night was black and had wings. Was I hallucinating? Was there really a bat in there which flew away when I turned my back to get a towel? Or had the bat just landed there and THEN flew away because the refrigerator was already inhabited by a mouse?

Ah. The eternal mysteries of my life.

Anyway, Mr. Moon got down there and tried to catch the mouse (whom he described as "just walking around the shelves," but the mouse was quick and scurried under the big refrigerator. Now how a mouse got into the damn kitchen appliance is a mystery but besides being fast, those creatures are wily. And that word always reminds me of the family doctor we had when I was a child whose name was- and I kid you not- Wiley Koon. There was also a funeral home in Winter Haven whose name was Crisp-Koon.
It's probably still there.

But I digress.

So. After Mr. Moon bravely scared the mouse under the refrigerator (where it still is, I presume), I cleaned out the tiny refrigerator and threw away a great deal of grains and pasta. Dammit. Also a mason jar labeled Do Not Drink! For Topical Use Only! which may or may not have contained illegal medicinal substances. But I've never used it for any purpose whatsoever so I threw it down the sink.

The fun never ends here, does it? Nor does the wildlife in the house.

Well. Sleep tight everyone.
Sweet dreams.
See you in the morning.


  1. Poor little meeses. I know they are pesky, but they are so dern cute with there big ole kangaroo feet and big round eyes.

    I am empathetic to the plight of food tossing. That totally sucks. We get those dang weird ass mothy bugs. yech!

  2. I hate having to throw out food, too, but we gotta do what we gotta do. I can't imagine how the mouse got in that refrigerator. They are crafty little things.

    Those names are hilarious!

  3. sleep well ms moon. hope those mice and rats dont get you in your sleep, whether in reality, or in your dreams!

  4. Through a tiny hole in the back, dear Liza, dear Liza...

    Mouse trap, now. We had a cute mouse infestation once. It got less cute so very fast.

  5. There's a funeral parlor over here called "Haast," which means "Haste." Also interesting.

  6. Now, I'm liberated as shit, but varmits? Men's work for sure.

  7. The thought of a funeral home named "Crisp-Koon" troubles me...hehehe..do they do cremations? Oh your blog is so entertaining to me...and I thank you for that...I really do!

  8. Oh, there is a mouse running around my house at night. I hear it in the kitchen and the pantry and the room behind. I caught one last year, picked it up by the tail thinking it was a dry leaf. Imagine my surprise! I squealed like crazy! The house is over 100 years old. I don't know how we'll cover all it's holes though, so the little guys won't come in anymore.

  9. oh my! I love your warning on the jar. Funny. Glad you threw it out!

  10. Last time I was in Winter Haven Crisp-Koon was still there. It kind of creeps me out too.

  11. Anonymous- And people wonder why I do not go back to Winter Haven.


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