Thursday, June 23, 2022

There Is Cursing Here

That is what it says on my kitchen porch right now. Granted, that porch does get the full brunt of the late afternoon sun as it faces west but Jesus God Fuck Almighty, that's hot. I think a spider plant that I had on that porch may have gotten fried. I realized how bad it looked when I came back from bringing in the clothes and gathering eggs, went to pick it up to move it, forgetting that I had four eggs in my pocket, and...well...damn. 
Only two broke. 
Hanging and bringing in laundry, letting the chickens out this morning, and picking the garden are the only things I've done outside. Even before noon it was getting breath-snatchy hot. 
Here's a picture of Darla and her 3/4 size kids. 

And their daddy.

Mr. Moon's off to the island with a casserole and soup and a shit-ton of tools and equipment. I sure hope they remembered water. I'm sure they did. So I'm on my own but no worries- tomorrow the OMG's will be back to entertain me and prevent me from dying of loneliness. Yesterday I bought a jigsaw puzzle at the Goodwill book store that perhaps they would like to put together. 

Looks like fun to me. 

The new martini glasses I ordered last week arrived today. 

Truth may reign eternal but martini glasses have a half-life of approximately two months. At least around here. And since I can hardly ever find any in thrift stores, I'm think this may be true for most everyone. Those lovely, elegant stemmed glasses that hold the powerful and mood-altering elixir are delicate and also vulnerable to droppage from the powerfully mood-altered people who drink the contents they hold.  
Such is my experience, anyway. 
So I ordered these, which appear, at least, to be more sturdy and aren't they lovely? As Jessie said, "So gay and fun!" 
Which color will I choose for tomorrow evening's adult beverage? I'll have to think about that. 

I did a quick run into town to pick up a few things and got back in time for today's edition of the Jan. 6 hearings. It was quite interesting, mostly focused on the Department of Justice and how 45 tried to bend it to his will in order to steal the election. What I want to know is what these men who were being bombarded by POTUS's internet-searched theories on how exactly the election was stolen, were saying in the privacy of their own conversations with each other? When exactly did they begin calling him insane? Far before the theory where an Italian satellite had changed Trump votes to Biden votes, I would imagine. I would give a lot of money to have been a fly on the wall in some of those rooms. I'm willing to bet that there were cusses that even I could not have imagined. And now did they prevent themselves from laughing out loud at some of the conspiracy theories he truly, honestly wanted them to investigate? 
I have no idea. 

Anyway, on to making myself a little supper. I'm just hoping that the wet-bulb temperature for chickens is not reached tonight in the hen house. Although that sounds like a joke, it's really not. Bless those birds' hearts. 

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You could always bring the chickens insidešŸ¤£.

    We're still cool and wet here and I'm okay with that. I'm tired as hell and in a funk. I hate that.

    Try not yo break your pretty, new glasses.

  2. Those are nice glasses I think I'd just wave my hand around and pick at random. Or maybe that would shorten their lives. Scratch that.

    That's veryververyhot. I hope the chickens will be okay. And Mr Moon, come to think of it. I expect the kids will like the pirate theme, and you can do voices, to go along with the puzzle.

  3. The glasses do look sturdy ,I would trust them and I would choose lemon yellow because that just goes with gin. The puzzle looks great, good company too.
    Their puzzles rarely disappoint.
    Too hot- not a dry heat either! Melty hot!!

  4. Lovely glasses! Hope they last!
    All those people testifying should have said something sooner. Don't you think? All those Republicans supported and voted for the former president! What were they thinking?

  5. Great martini glasses. I hope your pitcher is as cool.

  6. Ravensburger puzzles are really nice and not cheap!
    I would pick the red ♥️ martini glass for you!
    Your heat over there is just too much ... ours in S. CO is bad enough and hardly any humidity! Rain is forecast for Sunday ... so I will be hoping it happens!

  7. Wet bulb temperature for chickens? I love the jigsaw :) Those martini glasses would look great filled with jelly (jello) , topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

  8. I hate your heat right now and hope some cool comes your way soon.

  9. Hi Mary! Here's a idea... We've installed a very small fan to extract the hot air from the chickens summer apartment, where they go when we are raisinng meatbirds. The meatbirds go in the pen under them and give off a lot of heat. The whole situation seems to baffle them, but they are tolerant girls. Greeting from Vermont. Pretty sure I'd be dead if I lived any further south! Cheers, Carroll

  10. I love those martini glasses. I need to learn how to make martinis.

    Ravensburger makes the best puzzles.

    re J6 hearing yesterday...what was it tfg said? I guess you don't scroll the internet like I do, something like that. That's where he was getting a lot of these crazy theories like the Italian satellite thing. I mean, really, how is that even possible and yet people believe it because he said it.

  11. mudbaths for the hens........that's what I always did. i trust you do too.......dig a big wide hole.....fill with water and watch them go! They amaze me with their resilience, actually. Martini glasses gorgeous. They look sturdy enough to last? but who knows? I am SO very SAD today......reading of the SCOTUS decision. What fucking planet are we living on anyway? and why in the fuck are we going backwards in time? Makes me weep, literally. Just weep. What kind of world are we leaving our (I have none, but still) children and grands to live in? Oh.......weepy again
    Susan M

  12. It seems incredible that Trump is not already languishing in jail for a few years and yet the idea of him standing for re-election in 2024 has still not been squashed. How dare he refer to the hearings as a "kangaroo court"!

  13. 37paddington here. Love the martini glasses and the puzzle. I hope the men take before and after pictures. I’m getting invested in the dog island reno. What an undertaking.


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