Thursday, January 21, 2021

Kickin' Ass, Old Folks Style

I did not take one picture today so here's a picture I took yesterday of Magnolia June who was telling me that she was NOT leaving and since she could not sleep in the house because of the virus, she would be sleeping in the hen house with the chickens. In fact, she said she wanted to be a chicken and that was that. 
Sweet baby. 
Lily brought the kids over yesterday afternoon after I saw the Bidens enter the White House after their parade. It was good to see my boys and my little girl and my big girl and everyone had a piece of cake because I'd made one that morning, before the inauguration began. August helped me.

It was a prune cake, a very moist spice cake with a caramel glaze that I make traditionally for mamas who have just had babies. It's a recipe I remember from my childhood when my mother made one for my grandfather's birthday. 

So between cake baking and all the crying and whooping and cheering and clapping and sweet visits and regular chores (although I never did make the bed yesterday- the horror!) I was exhausted last night but I slept so well, imagining Joe and Jill (I hope I'm not being disrespectful with all these first names) lying in their bed in their room at the White House, their new residence, their new HOME and did you see the footage last night of Joe holding a grand baby and dancing to Demi Lovato as she performed as part of the inaugural entertainment? 
Oh my heart. 
When I went to my compounding pharmacy today to pick up hormones, the lady who works there who is, well, older than me if that tells you anything, asked me if I'd seen Joe dancing with that baby. I see this lady once a month when I go to pick up my prescription and she's a hoot. She wears carefully applied make-up and beautiful clothes and her hair is always perfect. We've talked about a lot of things and I think her attitudes have changed in the last several years. We were talking about CBD once, and also cannabis and she said, "They're good medicine and I was raised a good little Baptist girl!" She loved the inauguration and before you know it, we were talking shit about Trump and she told me that until recently she had no idea what Biden's life had been like but she's learned a lot and she really thinks he's a good man. I told her I agreed with her on that, for sure. 
I'll tell you one thing I know and that is to never make assumptions about old Southern women. They'll kick your ass and blow your mind. 
And their eyeliner will still look good. 

So yes, I had to go to town today and now I really am exhausted. I had two prescriptions to pick up and Mr. Moon needed a ride to shuttle a car and I went to Costco and Publix, of course. Costco was fast and easy but then I went to Publix where I had about ten things on a list to get and ended up with a car filled with groceries because I still seem to be in hoarder/stasher mode. 
I mean, not really. I don't have fifty pound bags of rice and beans around. It's more like I just want to make sure that I don't run out of anything necessitating an extra trip to town. Like...stewed tomatoes? Jasmine rice? Goat cheese? Sweet potatoes? 
Are these even necessities? No. They are not. We could live for a month on what we have here, easily. But if we had to, wouldn't we need more flour?
Yes! Yes we would. 
Or so it seems to me. When I'm in Publix at least. Walking through that door is like entering a portal to another universe where there is no way to escape without filling up my cart. 
I need to get a grip on this problem. But honestly, my refrigerator and freezer and cabinets are not overfull. Okay. Maybe the freezer is. And yeah, there are two freezers in the garage but that's just venison and pork and...frozen green beans and field peas.
Yes. I have a problem. OKAY!

I finally made it home where of course everything had to be hauled in and put away and then I had to take the trash and get the clothes off the line and why I even hung them out is a mystery because they were still damp when I brought them in. So. Into the drier they went for a little while. They're ready to come out and be folded and of course dinner needs making. I hope I make it through to bed time. 

I haven't paid much attention to the news today beyond having a vague knowledge that Biden is kicking ass and taking names, rockin' and rollin' and undoing as much of the damage that Trumpty Dumpty did as possible. 
I saw via Rachel on FB that the White House online "contact us" section asks for your pronouns now. Such a small and yet huge thing. I read a few weeks ago that some woman disguised as a reporter, asked Biden how many genders there are to which he replied, "At least three. Don't play games with me, kid."
That "kid" charmed my heart. He's so old-fashioned and yet, so very, very forward-thinking at the same time. I sort of wished yesterday that he would put those sunglasses on because he looks like the coolest granddad in the world in them. 

All right. I've gone on enough. 
Oh! I asked a woman very politely to pull her face mask up to cover her mouth and nose in the check-out line at Publix today. I felt sort of like a Karen but then I thought, "Oh hell. I'm an old Southern Woman. I can get away with this shit now." 
I suppose I better start wearing eyeliner. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "Will you shut up, man!" is what I think he said to the last president. No matter, we are off to a good start.

  2. I agree, we are off to a good start...Thanks for your kind words on my post'

  3. Um, I am a Mama and I just had a baby- 33 years ago. I could use a good recipe.
    I missed joe dancing with his grand baby. I missed all of the evening celebration, bedtime. I love yesterday and today and the next four years!! I am almost afraid to experience this joy without looking over my shoulder...

    1. We're all going to be looking over our shoulders for quite some times, I'm afraid.
      Have I never posted the recipe for the prune cake? Maybe I will one of these days.

    2. Catching up on my reading here, I like to read comments don't know if Linda Sue will see this but you have posted it. I put "prune cake" in the little search box at top left of your page and it came up. Tuesday, June 19,2012. I've made it a couple of times, my husband is diabetic so we try to stay away from sweets. But it is delicious! Got a new granddaughter coming last of March so I'll probably make it again soon. Hope Linda sees this!
      Angie D

  4. That last line had me crumpled over. Didja know that when a homeschooling grandma sends an e-mail to her grandson's teacher, you cannot say, "I know teachers never lose their shit, but grandmas...well..." True story. The e-mail is returned with the comment that you know some computer version of an old lady with pursed lips spit out: Your email has been rejected because it violates the organization Objectionable Language Policy

    You didn't know that? Well. Now you do. You're welcome.

    PS: the teacher laughed so hard when she called back after receiving my corrected e-mail. She said that she had sent an email to her brother that included a blunt word. She said that when it kicked back, she walked around for days thinking she was about to be fired.

    1. Another virtual schooling grandma here--this made me laugh. Since August, my 6 yr old GS has pushed me to the brink more than frequently than I'd like to admit. One day I sent his teacher (who seems endlessly patient) an encouraging email as I could tell onscreen she was being pushed to the margins by something that was going on. Her reply said my email was timely because one of the only two darlings physically in her classroom (internet cafe) had managed to use his scissors to cut vast chunks out of his hair while she was online with the other 22 kids. Bet she was "saying her prayers backwards", as my mother used to say.

    2. I admire you teacher grandmas more than I can say. And the teachers who are doing the online instruction. Jeez! What a job! And to try and control a classroom, even if it only comprises two students while doing the online thing is just completely nuts. I can't believe how anyone does this.
      Especially without swearing!!!

  5. Could almost see you skipping through the day (no wonder you were tired). But happy.

    Must say that even though I was born south of the Mason-Dixon line, there will never be a day when I put on eyeliner. Must be because I left when I was two and lived overseas well into my teens. Or because I'm just too lazy to bother.

    1. I'm too damn lazy to bother and that's for sure.

  6. I hadn't heard that about the White House and the genders! That's awesome. I bet it drives the conservatives crazy. LOL!

    (I do want unity, I swear, but I still get some measure of happiness out of driving the conservatives crazy. This may be hypocrisy but I can't help it.)

    I always get such a kick out of all your grandkids' clothes. They have the funnest wardrobes in the world.

    1. I hear you. I watched a video on FB today that has Bette Midler singing, "Well, Goodbye, Donnie!" and although I know it does nothing to promote unity, I simply could not NOT laugh. You know?
      My grandkids have funny wardrobes? Well, I guess according to "normal" standards but really Steve- would you expect anything different? And I'd like to point out that under August's skirt he was wearing camo jeans.

  7. What Steve said!! Guess I better buy some eyeliner since I've been in the South for 47 years now! I've got some catching up to do.

    1. I've got eyeliner but I never use it. It's probably all dried u by now.

  8. so glad for Joe and Kamala and Nancy and Chuck not taking shit off anyone though the crazies are already at it. it would be great if the Republicans would make at least a small attempt to compromise but that's probably asking too much since they've done nothing but obstruct the last 10 years. and McConnell is having a hard time, still thinks he's the top dog.

  9. I loved that picture of Joe Biden dancing with his little grandson too. In all the years I've known of Trump's existence I've never seen a "tender" photo of him with anyone. Says it all really doesn't it!

    1. I've been trying to remember if I've ever even seen a picture of Trump with his grandchildren at all. Probably doesn't like pictures of them together as I'm sure he doesn't think he's old enough to be a grandfather. His vanity is never-ending.

  10. What I love already about the Biden administration is that he's showing he may be nice, quiet spoken, but you don't mess with him. We already know that about Kamala.

    And your hectic family, lovely people, great fun to read about.

  11. God I love that Biden story about genders. I'm in awe sometimes of how fully life has prepared him for this huge walk of faith and destiny that he has undertaken. A deeply good man who doesn't say a damn thing other than what he truly believes.


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