Friday, January 8, 2021

Another Friday

No, this is not what you probably think it is. My husband brought it in to me today. He'd been clearing brush out behind the garage and found it in the dirt. "See if you can figure out what this is," he said. 
I immediately sent a picture to my kids and said, "What is this?"
May identified it as a hawk moth pupa. Mr. Moon sort of wanted to keep it in a jar to see it transform but Lily said that she'd done that before and the wings weren't right and it probably needed a bush to climb on to dry out after its hatching. Or, whatever it is that they do. So I put it back outside under a bush in the leaves and the dirt and said "Good luck!"
I hope it lives and has a lovely life.

My shoulder is a little sore today and I'm not sure I feel my best although I did get a lot done in the domestic goddess arena, mainly cleaning out my refrigerator. I've been slapping myself around for months now, trying to get motivated to do this chore and finally today, it seemed like the day to do it. I didn't throw nearly enough stuff away. There were no containers at all that held moldy disgusting remains which was surprising. I combined a few bottles of this or that and tossed the last bits of a few pickle jars but mostly I just took things out, cleaned, and put things back. 

Do you think I have enough condiments?

And oh! There were more. So, so, SO many condiments. 
It took me most of the afternoon but eventually, I had washed out every bin and cleaned off every shelf and put everything back together and restored all of my foods to their rightful place. 

Then I made a lemon pie for my husband. He finished the coconut cream pie a few days ago and Jessie has these gorgeous giant lemons and, well...I love that man so much. 

I'm exhausted to tell you the truth. But! It is martini night and I'll perk up here soon. It's been an exhausting week and even though I haven't been listening to the news all day long, I've been checking to see what's happening and it would appear that Trump has announced he will not be attending the inauguration (big surprise there) and that Pence doesn't want to invoke the 25th amendment and that Pelosi is consulting with generals about Trump ordering military strikes and even Republicans are saying he has to go NOW and articles of impeachment are being drawn up as we speak. Also, arrests of some of the insurrectionists are being made and there are going to be major investigations about how those people got into the Capitol so easily and so on and so forth and if this isn't enough to make someone exhausted, let's add in the pandemic and the numbers of people hospitalized or dead and it's a wonder any of us are still on our feet, so to speak. 
I'd like to take this opportunity to point out to the number of people in Trump's cabinet who are jumping off the sinking ship and to the Republicans who are finally abandoning the Trump cult that it is all too little, too late, and that they too, are complicit. 
I'd also like to say that Mitt Romney, who is as much of a poster child for the rich white man race as anyone in this world, has shown more courage than any other Republican I know of. After listening to years of the Mormon Stories podcast, I can truly say that although that church is completely nuts, Mormons can be really fine people. 

Good Lord. I must be tired. How in hell did I get to Mitt Romney? 

I think I better have a martini now. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, there's a deafening thunder of little paws here too as rats desert the sinking ship and all our dismal bunch of politicians who were inspired by Trump suddenly decide they don't like him any more. Really disgusting, but you do have light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm so glad for you!

  2. I'm in awe of your clean fridge! What a woman you are to tackle that chore! I did such a cleaning a few weeks ago....but probably need to do it again soon. Limiting my news reading today....bottom line......won't be long and we will be rid of you-know-who. Enough spotlight on him now that I trust (with crossed fingers) that he won't do anything even more evil than what has already been done? I'm most happy that Betsy DeVos has abandoned the ship....that woman was SO inept
    Martini night!...... it's wine time for me... and dinner prep after my weekly marketing trip to town today....visiting (in parking lot) with a friend....numerous random parking lot conversations with people unknown to me but their dogs and horses (yes, horses in air conditioned trailers- who can resist a whinnying horse?) initiated conversations, all SO welcomed and wonderful....... it's been a good day. People are good...all in all....and it makes me happy and warm all over.....despite the horrible *other*
    Susan M

    1. PS that moth pupa on first sight.....looked like a huge rat poop to me. Glad it's a moth pupa......and I wish it well!

  3. Yeah, with 12 days to go until they lose their job anyway, they’re just trying to save face. I am pleased that the FBI is actively looking for the insurrectionists. In fact, one was arrested yesterday from our town! He had evidently absconded with a lectern from the Senate Chamber, but it isn’t clear is he actually got it out. But he was arrested leaving a DC hotel (sans lectern). He was immediately fired from his banking job and his wife’s office (she was a doctor) closed yesterday. Sign on door says ‘Closed until further notice.’ Someone has already researched their salaries and posted it on our local page. $560,000 in salaries gone because he’s a Trumper. I bet he’s regretting his choices.

  4. I think the cabinet members resigning are just trying to avoid having to decide whether or not to sign off on the amendment to remove Trump. Such profiles in courage. The fence isn't long enough to seat them all.

    Good for you for cleaning out the fridge. I only ever do one bit at a time. Last week it was inside the door. Another time it will be one shelf. Etc. Another time the sealing round the doors. I don't get carried away!

    How clever of your family to identify the pupa. I would not have known at all. Nor would I have known how to take care of it best.

  5. Yes, Ms. Moon, i think you had it right about martini night. We’re all exhausted. We’ve been exhausted for four years. I can’t wait for the 21st when we can all breath a little easier. We deserve a medal for the crap he put us through.
    I’m trying not to swear (as much) in 2021. Life just doesn’t have the same punch to it!

  6. If you have been tempted to watch that new Netflix series, Best Leftovers Ever, you might make it through one episode.

  7. I understand that when he is impeached again - he will be banned from ever serving as president again. Hope that happens and they can ban the rest of his crazy family too.

  8. I did do a double take when I looked at that first photo. Glad it wasn't what I thought it was! And as for condiments - oh lordy, I don't even want to go there!

  9. I agree about the Trump Republicans being complicit. Nice try Elaine and Betsy, but that shitshow at the capitol is on your shoulders just like it's on Trump's. And I agree about Romney. He's the only one who's shown any principles, and even he only showed them part of the time. I love that Trumpers are now challenging Lindsey Graham in the airport -- let him see how quickly that group turns on him.

    We have way too many condiments too. We have two bottles of Thai fish sauce, and why we have this, I have no idea. We've never opened either one of them.

  10. Darling Mary, rest! The vaccine may well be making you fatigued. Lie down with a book and let your body do it's thing. And hey, at least you can take pleasure in that gloriously clean fridge while you're making yourself be still. I love you.

  11. Everyone is making such a fuss about the people jumping ship on tRUMP. I don't get their excitement. So they quit a couple weeks early. They have lost their jobs shortly anyway. Whoot! Some statement they've made.

  12. well, I have been totally immersed. it's unbelievable what they intended. but that's enough. I'll leave the vigilance to those who have power.

  13. And off I ran to read about hawk moths!


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