Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Florida Woman Stuff

It has been fairly obvious to me lately that I have not been spending enough time outdoors and it hasn't been good for my mind or my body. I decided today was the day to start changing that and I hung the clothes on the line and got a few other chores done and then I put on my walking shoes and drove to Farms Road which is a beautiful place to walk and which I used to incorporate into my walks on White House Road because it intersects it. Those were the days when I was regularly walking four or five or more miles a day and I know I'm not ready for that level of activity yet so I drove down to the north end of Farms where it intersects Old Lloyd Road, parked and got out and started walking. The land there is very low, obviously and for the first little bit there was water on both sides of the road, almost a shallow lake, although the road was dry enough. It's a sandy dirt road and I was making my way easily enough until I got to this bit.

No one but Jesus could have managed that piece of the path without getting their shoes wet so I turned around, got in the car and drove to White House Road. It was really lovely and I enjoyed myself. I kept my pace pretty slow but walked for an hour under the blue sky and the oak branches arching over the road in the cool air, feeling better for having done it. I was not happy, however, to see all the Trump signs still flying in front of the mini-mansions and would-be mini-mansions. 

This afternoon I got back outside and cleaned up the hen house and then did a little trimming and weed pulling in the front yard. Not much, but enough to pile up the yard cart to overfull with invasives and dead vines and the trimmings of some of the fire spike. There's so very much to be done in the yard now and if I can just manage to do a little bit every day, it will help. 

So I'm in a good mood this evening, feeling as if I got a few things done today. I've been thinking about Georgia all day long and hoping that in the holy names of Jimmy Carter and Stacey Abrams the voters get rid of Perdue and Loeffler. I cannot believe that Trump absolutely committed attempted election fraud while at the same time, not surprised in the least. The parts of the call he made to Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's secretary of state, that I listened to were disgusting. Trump sounds so desperate, so wheedling, constantly saying, "There's nothing wrong with..." and then asking Raffensperger to commit voter fraud. He's such a pathetic excuse for a human being, so damaged, so ill with narcissism. He's never in his life had to face a situation where the answer to his demands was "no" that he could not change the outcome of with money, power, or the threat of lawsuits and he is not handling this loss gracefully. 
To say the least. 

Well, by this time tomorrow I hope we know the outcome of the Georgia election and hopefully, the vice president will have announced the results of the electoral votes sealing Biden as our next president. I know that Trump is trying to foul up that process with every nasty trick his lawyers can come up with and frankly, I will not rest easy until Biden is sworn in. 

Until then, I'm going to try and concentrate on the things I can actually accomplish like trimming the confederate jasmine (could we please find another name for that plant?) and getting out and moving my body in this sweet Florida winter air. 
Now I'm going to go try and make a decent meal out of the breasts of wood ducks that my husband brought home, sweet potatoes that we grew, and a salad with greens that were just picked from the garden an hour ago. 

Wish me luck. Wish us all luck. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I heard that the FBI has been asked to investigate him for election fraud because asking or offering to commit election fraud is the same as actually doing it. And it's something he can't pre-pardon himself for. So fingers crossed. Also, he had made 18 prior calls to the Secretary of State, who's been avoiding him then finally decided to take the call. That's gotta make one feel like he's not loved, right?
    I have been so down and depressed lately, and have even developed a malady that keeps me close to the bathroom. But today I loaded up on Immodium and spent a couple hours cleaning a fridge we were selling, pruning some tomato plants, and watering flowers and pulling weeds in our own little space. I must admit I'm feeling so much better tonight. Hoping tomorrow is even better!

  2. so glad you got out for a walk! Healing indeed! I managed a trip to town....market, library, post office....and chatted with a few friend along with way. First time out of house in a week and I feel better for that. Spent hours working on *Russian Vegetable Pie* (Vegetarian Epicure cookbook from 70's) for dinner....and I feel I accomplished alot.....in a still mostly quiet day. I'm holding my breath as to Georgia.....lordy- the drama......will it EVER end? Please say YES
    Susan M

  3. Yay for a good walk. I wish those GA voters would be giving more exit interviews. I hate this waiting.

  4. My daughter teaches in Fl. so i’ve decided to worry about her and covid and let Georgia do their job. I can’t possibly be concerned about anymore, it’s too much.
    Your dinner sounds divine!

  5. I’m not going feel settled until the 20th. It feels so surreal, all that’s happened and how much more damage is possible. How did we come to this place of mass delusion, a place where lies become a warped reality? I’m depressed and scared thinking about it. Hanging on to that thundering beast the best I can.

  6. Your diner sounds lovely and good for you for getting outside. I hope you sleep well.

  7. Maybe confederate jasmine could just be called southern jasmine. More geographical, less political? I'm not sure who needs to hear that suggestion to make it so.

    That's a lot of water! You weren't kidding the other day when you said it was pouring rain. I need to get outside too. I've spent the last two or three days in this house and enough's enough.

  8. If I had walked as far as you did, I would have to sit down all afternoon, never mind gardening....but then you are quite young!
    I don't understand a bit of what is happening in Georgia,( or US politics in general) but I so desperately want tRUMP to be gone for ever. It is unbelievable how he ever got elected.

  9. Pretty much a damp squib here, too, so can relate to water levels blocking your walk. Glad you were still able to get in a decent walk.

  10. We did it! or rather Stacy Abrams brought it home for us. we have the Senate and that old sourpuss turtle McConnell is no longer in charge. I got a lot done the last two days. haven't started clearing out the dead foliage and won't until probably mid February but I swear the birds think it's spring.

  11. I tried taking a walk in my yesterday but we still have a lot of ice and snow so it was slow going for me. I see the sun out today so I may have to try again and find a clearer place to walk. I want to feel that sunshine!
    Yay for Georgia - I think they have done it! Hooray!

  12. Georgia has gone to the Dems. Wonderful news! And ain't it great to get out walking. Over here it's bloody cold but I don't care (if you discount the runny nose). I always come back from my walk in such fine fettle!

  13. Dear God Ms Moon I am watching this from the UK horrified as you most certainly will be. Decency will win though. We have believe that don't we x


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