Sunday, May 17, 2020

A Most Blessed Heart

Look whose heart decided to start dancing properly again! He's so happy. I think Rachel is too. He reports that this morning about 4 a.m. it went back to normal rhythm (that is the hardest damn word for me to spell) which, as soon as he woke up, he realized. And so the cardiologist came in and said, "You can go home now," and he was outta there as soon as they got the paperwork done.
Of course he'll be following up with his primary care doc and a cardiologist.
We are all so damn relieved.
I just texted him and he's still doing well. He's spent a lot of the day napping which is no surprise. Hospitals are the worst places to get rest. And he's been through a lot, obviously. His Facebook posts have been amusing. He's been posting pictures of his meals which are fairly hysterical. Here was what he got for breakfast this morning.

And as Liz Sparks commented, "Only in the south would grits and white bread be considered a heart-healthy meal."

I suppose that my relief freed up a bunch of my energy and I actually got a few things done today. I have been meaning to weed the garden and mulch. You know how much I love to mulch. There has been a huge pile of yard waste bags full of leaves in the corner of the garden for months and there are also about fifty bags of leaves that Mr. Moon has bagged himself. I didn't get to any of those but I did use all the leaves in the old bags in the corner. And those bags are heavy as hell. I love spreading the leaves out though. When you open the older bags they smell like brewed tea and some of them have started composting so you can actually feel the heat of that process. Not that I needed to feel any more heat today. I think it got up to about ninety. And there's still plenty of the garden I didn't get to but what I did makes me feel good. The leaves will help retain moisture in the ground and as they break down it makes the dirt more friable and enriches it. And perhaps best of all- mulch helps with weed control. 

There's a small part of what I did. Mostly what you can see growing there are kale and collards which have not bolted and which are still providing us tasty salads and cooked greens. Bless their sturdy green hearts! 
Mr. Moon picked the first green beans this morning, I picked a few more this afternoon. We're going to be AWASH in green beans very soon. Maybe this year I'll be diligent enough to freeze some of the bounty. And perhaps I'll make dilled green beans which are delicious. 

Before I got out in the garden I started a pot of soup with white beans and garbanzos, which is sort of weird but I wanted to use up two little bits of bean packages I had hanging around. I put the beans to cook with some chicken broth, and sauteed onions and red peppers and garlic and some Easter ham. Added those to the pot with the beans and cooked them all day long with some parmesan rinds. I've only recently learned about saving and using parmesan rinds and it's a life changer, y'all. I've now added canned tomatoes and will throw in some macaroni pasta at the end. Of course there are spices in there and all that regular stuff. And I picked some of the collards and kale and cut that up thin and added it. So. Dinner in a bowl along with some sourdough bread. 

AND, because I'm a crazy woman, I made the man some oatmeal, raisin, pecan, chocolate chip cookies. 

A very fine cookie indeed. 

In blog news I've been battling a horrible, terrible, hideous infestation of spam. I am talking about waking up to find over eight hundred spam comments. Thankfully, Blogger has been putting them in the spam folder and not publishing them and I've figured out how to mostly deal with them in my e-mail notifications. So I'm not freaking out. The spammer changes its name frequently. The names range from Asian sounding to Latino sounding to faux-American sounding. If it doesn't stop soon I'm going to have to cut off comments for awhile because this is a pain in the ass. When I tell you that there have been THOUSANDS of spam comments, I am not kidding. 
As if life wasn't presenting me with enough to worry about already. In the grand scheme of things a few thousand spam comments is not that big a deal but it is more than I care to have to mess with. 

Speaking of things I need to worry about, here's a picture that sums it all right up. 

Sorry. I know. I should have given a trigger warning. But can you BELIEVE the motherfucker didn't even put on a mask to protect a child? 
Yeah. Of course you can. 
I don't even need to comment about the expression on his face. 

There are not enough curse words in the world to describe how I feel about that man. 

There are not enough sweet words in my vocabulary to describe how grateful I am that Hank is home and that his heart is beating as it should be. 

We're supposed to get rain tomorrow. I so hope we do. Last night it rained just about enough to moisten the ground and it smelled like heaven. 

And that's plenty for tonight. 
Shall we meet again tomorrow? 
I hope so. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. glad to hear Hank's afib stopped on it's own. it will probably happen again though.

    frozen green beans are nasty. at least if you freeze them raw.

    I'd bake more but the husband is already 40 pounds overweight and has no self-restraint.

    blogger has a spam folder? oh, well, so it does. I usually only get 6 or 7 at a time.

    of course he's not wearing a mask. it might make him look weak. and, oh yeah, he doesn't give ahit if he gets that little girl sick.

  2. I am so glad that Hank is home and feeling better -- whew! And why, why, why did you make us look at that picture?

  3. I am sure the relief is enormous now that Hank has been released back Home and has a normal rhythm to his Heart. The Grits and White Bread 'Healthy Southern Heart' pix made me Smile tho'and shake my Head, if that's what they're serving Cardiac ICU Patients it's unbelievable! As for that pix, yeah, I NEEDED a Trigger Warning!

  4. SO glad Hank is home and doing well. I have kept him in my thoughts........ I am as always, envious of your beautifully tended garden.....your soup and bread sound divine...... sigh. I won't comment on the *other* photo. Can't go there. It is gently drizzling light rain here.....very welcomed. My garden will enjoy it......but unfortunately the jackrabbits found my lettuce last night........ bummer. But....the tomatoes and peppers persevere! Onward and upward
    Susan M

  5. I am so happy that your Hank is feeling better and home with his wife to be. The relief must be incredible for all of you! Our 3 Covid sufferers are getting better slowly and both nurses are talking about returning to work as soon as they can. The Police Officer is returning to limited duty next week!And of course, we will all worry again but they are returning to their jobs that they love. All the best to you and yours, Mary.

  6. Very glad that Hank seems all better. Let's hope he stays that way.
    About cheese rimds: yes. They're a secret weapon in soup. Back when I did my own shopping I would get a little container of parm regg rinds. Just lovely. And you cam reuse them! That appeals to me.

    I've suddenly developed a liking for macaroni in soup, too. Interesting to eat and, as you say, a meal in a bowl.

  7. Look at that child looking over for permission to bolt!
    I am so pleased Hank and his rhythm are one and the same again.
    I'm sorry about your spam. It's our pain in the arse to tidy up after.
    It's raining out, and I can smell the smell of it through the window. Good smell.The day was warm enough to let off a good smell.

  8. So glad to hear Hank is home and will. Hospital food is a crime. I saw a comparison with Japan, once, and it would make you cry!

  9. I'm so glad Hank's heart returned to it's natural rhythm by itself. We have a friend with a fib who was going to have ablation done before the world went off the rails.

    Glad you had a good day.

  10. I am so happy to hear Hank is better and home! Your soup sounds like a fagioli and delicious! Sleep well.

  11. You must be so relieved about Hank! I'm so happy for you and Hank and your whole family that this turned out well and he is home. Have a sweet night.

  12. So glad Hank is home. You sure had a great deal of pent up energy from that unhappy scare, but put it all to good use.

  13. Hank being home and his heart beating right is the best news. And good lord, hospital food. It cant be that hard to offer more nutritious choices can it? Some fruit maybe? Yet this kind of fare is just about universal.

  14. Hurray for Hank! And for the cookies.

    That picture of the orange geezer is scary. He thinks he's god.

  15. Wow! You were motivated! Sounds like you had a very productive day. I had never heard about the parmesan rinds before -- I mentioned it to Dave and he knew about it. I was like, "WHY are we throwing away our parmesan rinds?!?!"

    Glad Hank is home and getting some rest. I hope Blogger manages to keep controlling the spam. I think you can turn off the e-mail link so you won't get comments e-mailed to you, which might eliminate the problem...?

  16. Happy to hear that Hank is home and doing well. As for the Orange Shitgibbon, what a jerk, no mask and that creepy child-molester smile, Jesus wept, what a jackass. And he does not care if he infects that little girl.

  17. I'm so pleased that Hank is home safe and sound. What a relief it must be for you all. And I know it's weird but I always want to put an "n" at the end of the word "rhythm" for some reason. And talking of mulch, I was piling up more grass clippings today in my new compost heap and when I turned over some of the grass it was actually steaming! Crikey, it's only been a couple of weeks.

  18. Darling. **Hank** I think all our hearts are twitterpated by current events. Gratitude, dear Hank for your release from the hospital.

    In other news-Mary, you can call ur internet provider and ask them what to do about spam trolls. Unless you already have. They can help. Promise.

    Love you to infinity and beyond.

  19. i'm glad your hank is feeling better and home to rest. that breakfast?? that toast looks eggy like it was trying really hard to be FRANCH TO-AST..... love the comment about the 'heart' healthy breakfast for sure.

    i got a spam comment too, have been too busy quaranteaching to deal with it yet.



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