Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Short. Lucky You

The teens made it all the way to the pump house today which is farther from the coop and hen house than they have gone before. They are getting braver. And bigger. When I went outside to collect the eggs in the hen house they all followed me as fast as their little legs could carry them (which is pretty fast) because they thought I had treats for them.
Sadly, I did not.

I didn't take a walk today. I slept so late and since I'd already gotten in almost nine miles this week I decided to try my hardest to do a little housewifely stuff. And I did. Two bathrooms are somewhat cleaner although I would not even try to tell you that what I did was deep cleaning. That would require a ladder and scrub brushes and other accoutrements that I have no interest in dealing with. But there is less mildew in the showers, and the rugs and sinks are clean and the floors are at least swept. I did reach up with the broom in my bathroom to get some spiderwebs and I saw that there was a spider-looking black blog in one of them but I figured that maybe it was dead only to realize a few minutes later that it was most certainly NOT dead but in fact, quite alive and crawling down my arm.
OOH BOY! It was a biggun, too. And very, very black.
I made a little scream and shook it off. I'm not afraid of spiders, per se, but I don't want them crawling on my own personal body, either.
So, the problem was that after I shook it off, I could not find it. I mean, it's like that lady spider disappeared immediately into a parallel universe.
Still haven't seen it.

I swept the porches and tidied up my mask-making area a little bit. I swept the hallway and kitchen and did four loads of laundry including the rugs. I cleaned a window sill.
A window sill.
This was all quite leisurely, I assure you.

When I was done I decided to go to work on my pile of overalls with buckle problems.
Some buckles lose parts of themselves rendering them unusable. I generally just pin the problem up with an old ducky diaper pin which should probably be in a museum but quite a long time ago I did buy some spare buckles at the fabric store and have never gotten around to fixing more than one or two pairs so I sat down at the sewing machine and let me just tell you- I couldn't figure out how to thread an overall strap buckle if my life depended on it.
I finally went to Youtube and found the most simple video ever (with catchy music behind it) and it still took me at least forty-five minutes.
I am the opposite of whatever an engineer is.
I can make a lovely white sauce with my eyes closed but don't ask me to thread an overall strap into a buckle. And if you're ever on Survivor with me and it's time to do one of those giant puzzles, please don't put me on the team. We'll be going before the tribal counsel that night.

Anyway, I could say a lot more about what I've been musing on today and so on and so forth but it's getting late and I need to make supper. I think my husband may be very hungry because he's been working hard all day long.
Nothing leisurely about the way he goes about things.

More tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh goodness......little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet..................... first thing that popped into my mind reading your post! Be on guard when you sit! Glad peeps are braving up appropriately....... you have one clean window sill, and I have one clean window.! What a day!
    Susan M

  2. What a delightful post, Ms. Mary!! I just ate it like i was starving and it was packed with good nutritious get offa the sofa inspiration! Bathroom cleaning tomorrow, too late now...I do love the idea of a parallel universe for the things that vanish just like *snap* that. The buckle problem would have me scissoring and replacing with ties or something understandable. You are a champion! I love the ducky diaper pin idea , too. Fashion forward!

  3. Roomba, roomba, roomba! It will sweep while you sew buckles.

  4. I have no idea, so I asked google about overall straps and their buckles. I can tell you, it's a subject I learned nothing about and never will. It's up to you.

  5. I have made note of your lack of puzzle solving skills should we ever end up on Survivor:)

    That spider would have sent me over the edge, they terrify me, even though I know they can kill me. Except daddy long legs, they don't scare me.

  6. Can't kill me. I still don't proofread. #%$^

  7. Sounds like a good day to me. Have a sweet night.

  8. You had a busy day and got a lot accomplished! Good for you! But that spider - I hate it when I can't find them because I just know it's going to sneak up on me. Those teens have gotten so big!

  9. Ha ha, I'm with you on the buckles. Or on anything like that really. I swear I'm the booby prize when we have our board game evenings or escape room challenges - I just don't get it (but I'm sure I have other qualities)!

  10. it rained hard yesterday morning, over 3" and over 2" on Wednesday so yesterday was quite leisurely. in fact I didn't accomplish a damn thing.

  11. Well it must feel good to get some stuff done around the house. I've had that bug situation happen too -- it's always unnerving when you can't find them! (Strangely, I don't think it's happened to me since I left Florida! Ha!)

  12. The chickens at this time of the year were always a joy to me. Our chickens were for egg laying and as such we kept them penned up. But our chicken yards, yes we had two of them, were huge. We would let the girls out into one of them until they had eaten it down to nothing and then we would shift them to the other. It would almost seem like they had forgotten that, "other," yard until we let them in again. They loved to explore and in that country in a month, weeds in that chicken yard would grow to a couple of fee tall. A forest or jungle for the girls. They would sing a lot. And when I came to the yard they would rush the fence, looking for treats. Spring, bugs, chickens singing, eggs, beautiful time of the year.
    Thanks Mary, stay safe, be happy.


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