Friday, January 24, 2020

Spend The Night Time Is Here

The gang is all here, the pizza dough is rising.
Owen wants bacon and pepperoni, Gibson wants cheese and Maggie wants olives. Boppy likes ham and black olives and pineapple.
Mer likes whatever is left but I did get some spinach to put on one.
I have stocked up on lime sherbet, grape juice and ginger ale for the traditional spend-the-night dessert we call a Purple Cow. It's sort of like Methodist Punch but we don't serve it in a punch bowl although WE COULD!

We haven't quite figured out the sleeping arrangements. Maggie, not unlike her mother when she was a small child, doesn't like to go to sleep until well into the night and the last time she stayed here she ended up sleeping with Owen and Gibson in their bed which led to Owen saying the next morning, "I didn't sleep LIKE a baby, I slept ON a baby."
I know she really wants to sleep with me but there is no bed in the world big enough for Magnolia, Boppy, and Mer. She's made out of velcro when it comes to sleeping and I'm just too old to be clung to throughout an entire night. Yes, it sounds delightful but trust me- it's not so much.
Perhaps one of the boys will sleep on the fold out bed that August sleeps on and Maggie can sleep on the big bed with one of her brothers.

I did take a nap today and I feel certain I'll be taking one tomorrow too.

It's almost dark and the birds are tweeting themselves to sleep. This morning a giant Pileated Woodpecker was looking for his breakfast in one of the Bradford pears outside the porch. He was glorious but I could not get a picture without disturbing him into flight. The camellias seem undaunted by our recent weather.

Another beautiful Dr. Tinsley. 

Miss Curly Pie wants to have a conversation with me so I suppose I better go. 

I wish all of us sweet dreams and peaceful sleep. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. wild and very entertaining (and exhausting) night ahead for you.....but you will love it, so will Boppy and the grands! That is what Mer and Boppy are all about. And food. And games and animals and lots of love
    I'm packing my bag for 3 hr. train trip to Ojai to visit a lifelong friend for a 4 day getaway and am SO ready to be pampered and loved and rejuvenated, as only a soul friend can do. Hubby will be solo-ing here with animals...... have left him plenty of food.....a *to do* list.....and off I go tomorrow early for a much needed break from *life* as I know it. We all need that
    Susan M

    1. Oh, Susan- that sounds wonderful! Yes, we all need a break from life as we know it occasionally and visiting with a lifelong friend is one of the best ways to rejuvenate. Have great fun!

  2. I have never been able to do more than look at a pileated.
    I had grands who came with sleeping bags, and visited other places with sleeping bags. That worked out nicely, since there never were enough beds for six.

    1. They are skittish, aren't they? And so magnificent!
      We have enough beds. Soon enough the boys will probably be sleeping upstairs when they visit.

  3. I laughed at Owen's comment. That boy is clever.

    And you should TOTALLY use the punchbowl! What are you waiting for?! Methodist punch sounds a lot like Presbyterian punch. I suppose maybe it's really Protestant punch.

    1. Owen IS clever.
      I'd have to get a ladder out to get that punchbowl.
      Yes. Protestant punch. Ginger ale, sherbet and...something. Delicious!


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