Thursday, January 9, 2020

By this time next week we may have a new AC/Heater unit. Or we may not. We shall see. Like I said yesterday it's getting warmer for a spell but last night and this morning were cold. Jack was almost IN the fireplace. He's no dummy. But after I got home from my walk today it was really starting to warm up outside and I opened every door in the house to get some of that warmth inside.
It worked, too. By the time the sun started to go down it was sixty-one degrees in the house.
Practically tropical!
And now I've closed the doors back up again to try and preserve a little of that warmth.

I know y'all are absolutely fascinated by these tales of our temperature control woes.
I'm sorry.
And I just completely deleted a whole bunch of words concerning what I write about and what I don't write about but sometimes, I just don't feel like trying to compose it all into anything resembling sense, much less coming up with a way to end it.

Tonight is one of those nights.

Suffice it to say that it was a fine day, a normal day in the life of Ms. Moon.
And for whatever reason, that's all I have to say about it.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thank bog for normal days. I love you Mary Moon!

  2. I'm quite humored by your winter temp woes...but I'm sure 50s-60s must feel frigid when you live in the beautiful South. When it hits a 100F in Minnesota for three days in August, and all of us are collapsing from heat stroke, feel free to be humored by us too! I've always dreamed of moving to FL but then I see your posts about the spiders (omg) and the weeding (omg, omg), and I'm not sure I could hack it!

  3. I like ordinary days a lot. Very restful. I'm hearing from UK friends about the terrible cold temps this time last year. Normal winter days here. It's all relative!

  4. Happy for you...Wishing you a peaceful and warm night.

  5. I hope Mr. Moon comes to his senses, soon. I do think the world of him, but even more of you, and 61 stinks. I keep my house at 68, to keep my heating bill down, and it still is excessive. I could not survive 61, and would be in the fireplace with Jack.

  6. your day sounds about like many of mine......just opening and shutting doors and windows at the appropriate time to capture what one can is challenging. We *hit* 58 rained on this morning on dog walk.......but in the afternoon when sun was streaming in......I opened everything up to let air in....then started a fire in the wood stove. LOL. High point of my day. We had one of those AC/heater units here when we moved in. I didn't like it.......not only because it was *central* but because it didn't alter outside temp by more than 10 degrees one way or another. Perhaps yours will be different?
    Susan M

  7. 60 is our setting for night when we go to bed, 68 during the day, unless of course it's warmer than that out which it was today, then it never comes on.

  8. I had to change 61F into Celsius, that's only 16C, that's chilly. Hope your heater is fixed soon.

  9. it fascinates me that sometimes it is colder in Lloyd than in New York City. Hugs, friend, may tomorrow be a fine day, too.

  10. Olga used to lie practically in our fireplace too. I don't know how animals get so close to a fire and tolerate it.


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