Thursday, January 16, 2020

Remember When They Called Ronald Reagan The Teflon President? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

So a new heater is ordered. It should be in and installed by...(now's a good time to look at that forecast)... Monday maybe or more likely Tuesday.
Wouldn't you know it. If this forecast is correct we'll be having the lowest temperatures we've had in at least a couple of years on Monday and Tuesday!
Of course.
Well, what are you going to do? Won't it be swell when we have a new unit and I won't have to bitch about being afraid of dying from either sweltering heat or freezing cold?
What will I ever find to talk about?
I'm sure I'll find something.

From what I can ascertain via the news, at least two new things have come to light that could be grounds for at least one more impeachment. I'm sure you've heard about these things. Will it matter? I doubt it. Look- I don't even understand how this impeachment trial works but with Mitch McConnell in charge I don't think there's going to be much fairness or justice involved.
And so The Orange Intestinal Blockage will remain in office and I have to tell you that I have absolutely no confidence that he will get voted out of office this year between the racist idiots whom I had no idea lived in such numbers among us and the fact that Putin really enjoys having his hand up the Treasonous One's ass.


Had so much on my mind today that I was capable of nothing but the basics. I took a walk, I cleaned out the poop in the hen house. I picked up downed branches. I watered the porch plants. I did laundry. I actually for the first time ever cleaned the outside of the garbage can in the kitchen. I ironed and ironed and ironed.
Hey! The new (last) season of Grace and Frankie is streaming now!
I know! So exciting.
(Eye roll.) (Sort of.) (It's the little things.) (How can two women over the age of eighty not have a wrinkle between them?) (Don't answer that. I know.)

I've made up a pan of chicken enchiladas which are ready to go in the oven. I've stayed upright today although the gravity of earth and everything else kept trying to pull me down. I guess that's something to be proud of.

It's raining. A little bit. It's still warm. It's going to be cold. I need a new project.
Maybe I'll go to Joanne's tomorrow and buy a pattern and some cloth. I think I'm going to start saying "cloth" instead of "fabric." It sounds more honest.
We wear clothing, not fabricking.

Yeah. I'm a little crazy tonight.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The old gals, all about the lighting and tricks of proper make up application, wealth and a tuck here , a tuck there. I will go watch it right now! All of this truth laid on justice will not abide in the Rump world, we know this fact, unless some senators grow a pair of huevos, will we restore some semblance of the good old days four years ago... I am worn out, still stabbing but worn out!

  2. One of the cute moments with child #2 was when he couldn't find his pj top and said "where's my other clo?" Clo short for clothes, we parental units still use that term on occasion to remind us of the cuteness factor of Life. So I went to a bone doctor and she told me I have mild to moderate osteoarthritus in my right knee, the beginning of the end? Frick.

  3. I have no confidence either, that the menace will be gotten rid is so depressing but I can't consume myself with it. It would kill me. Glad your new heater unit will arrive.....maybe not in time? but it will be welcomed. It was butt cold here today.......50....... rain, wind, blustery......... got the fire going in wood stove, it's becoming quite comfy.....and that is what I am focusing on. Did you see the film *Grandma* with Lily Tomlin? If not, I would highly recommend it, you'd love it
    Susan M

  4. Hi Mary, I don’t comment much but read you every day, feel like I know you and your wonderful family. A friend posted photos from a volunteer group she’s participating in on FB called Dress A Girl Around The World. I thought of you right away because the adorable dresses look like the ones you make for your granddaughter. In their ad they say clothing the girls cuts down on sexual predators. When you said tonight you need a new project I thought Id send it along. All the best, Suzanne

  5. Today is trash day. When I emptied the recycle, it has some schmutz in its bottom. When I emptied the regular trash, the can was pristine, because it always has a plastic bag. "I should wash out that recycle," I said to myself. And then I put the plastic bag in it, instead.

  6. I saw that film Grandma with Lily Tomlin that someone mentioned and I know you would love it. It was chili day here...

  7. Grace and Frankie! Yes, I think I’d rather spend time with them than the orange criminal. Your basics” are more than most people’s “all out.” Love.

  8. I think Reagan got that Teflon moniker because he was the first president in our new, highly partisan era, when the party faithful could be counted on to protect their own regardless what they'd done. Maybe it was whiplash from Watergate.

  9. you know what my husband would say about the timing of the new heater? it's the curse! it's going to get cold here too on Sunday and Monday but not as cold as your prediction. as for Trumplethinskin and the impeachment, the republicans all took their oath of impartiality yesterday. how many will do you think will keep it? quite a few have said they will vote to acquit regardless of the evidence. and that two faced Susan Collins with her hand wringing that always votes with the party. I fear the wort with the upcoming election since McConnell has repeatedly refused to vote on election security measures and the republicans are known for voter suppression. I wouldn't put it past them to actually alter votes.

  10. I love Orange Intestinal Blockage. Very graphic and it just seems so right.

    I hope to god he is voted out this year. The man is a menace and so fucking stupid. It's his stupidity that offends me as much as everything else about him. The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves.


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