Monday, January 27, 2020

Playing Hopscotch In Thought, Word, And Deed

Yesterday's Sunday mood followed me through my dreams and into the morning where it caught me by my heart and whispered to me that I was useless, my life meaningless, my very existence nothing but a burden on the planet.
Oh, how I hate the mornings like this. I absolutely never wake up and think, "Oh Geez1 Another day to live my life! Tra-la! Tra-la!"
Please. No. I'd have to be given intravenous molly or something in my sleep to wake up cheerful.
But some days are worse than others.

I took a walk. I suppose that helped. I moped about my chores and ironed for hours, watching Schitt's Creek. I walked the neighbor's dog while they were at an appointment. I took a nap.

During the day I listened on and off to Trump's lawyers drone (and I do mean drone) on and on about procedure and had to laugh when I heard Ken Starr going on and on about how we're in the age of impeachment and how damaging that is for the country.
Oh, Ken! As if you had nothing to do with that, you lying sack of prurient shit.
I lost interest. Either a few Republicans will find the nubs of their balls and demand to hear some witnesses including John Bolton or they won't. Wouldn't it be odd if Mitt Romney led this charge? Perhaps he actually believes in some of the precepts of his church like truth and honesty.
One thing I've learned from listening to far more hours of the Mormon Stories podcasts than is rational is that a lot of members of that church, delusional as they may be, are really nice people.
And wouldn't it be ironic if Bolton, whom we all feared would start World War III ended up being the man who brought down Trump?

In a completely unrelated topic, it would appear that Mick Jagger is in a movie about the art world. Donald Sutherland is also in it. The name of the movie is The Burnt Orange Heresy which is not another name for our Fearless Fuckhead but certainly could be. Anyway, I've watched the trailer and Jagger's role seems particularly suited to him and I can't get his face our of my mind. Some of us have watched this man from being barely out of his teens to his now-age of 76 and it's a face that has changed a lot. It was always an unusual face with those lips, that gentle angularity, those cat eyes.

As he's grown older, the angles have sharpened into knife blades and age has cut deep crevices and crannies like a river over rock and those lips, those lips! have thinned. 

Of course his body appears to be untouched by time but I'm sure that even that miracle of human construction does not look, when it is unclothed, as it did when he was in his twenties or thirties or, hell, even fifties. 
I do love the fact that both he and Keith Richards appear to have let nature and age take their course with them. I'm sure they dye their hair but beyond that those faces do not seem to have been touched by plastic surgery or fillers. Nor do the faces of Ron Wood or Charlie Watts. They wear the faces they have earned and they know it. And as I always say, the Rolling Stones have never looked like rock stars were "supposed" to look while at the same time, they have defined that look more than anyone else. 

But GOD! Mick in this movie is frightening! 

With that hair combed back and without the distraction of the "fringe" as our English friends would say, the face is somehow completely different and it's as if it reveals what Mick Jagger might have looked like if he had used his powers for evil instead of...well, whatever he's used them for. 
Creepy. I've watched the trailer a few times and it doesn't appear as if he embarrasses himself by his performance.
Hell. I might go see it. 

And that's all I have to say tonight.

Stream of consciousness, right here folks! Step right up and get your very own bottle of it! GarANteed to heal you of all ills, injuries, and heartache.
(That's a lie.)
Still, it's what I've got. And the price is right. Free for you today!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, Mick scared Keith a few times. I don't think it was the other way around.
    FYI, The Orange Cheeto is the burden on the planet. Not Mary Moon. I wish you did not wake up with the dog at your throat, ever! So, have a better night tonight.
    PS--I could NOT watch that movie.

    1. Oh, I bet that Keith scared Mick more than once. As in...will he or won't he be alive to perform tonight?
      Do you think the movie would be too creepy? It looks like it sure could be.

    2. I think people will be hurt in hard to watch ways.

    3. I didn't even think about that. But you may well be right.

  2. Wishing you sweeter dreams and a better mood...Hugs.

  3. Free? Thank heavens it is free to read "Bless Our Hearts". Mind you if you charged a dollar a visit I would happily pay up.

    With regard to the impeachment process two things seem incredible to me:-
    1) Trump's sustained assault upon the wheels of justice - baying from the sidelines and showing no respect whatsoever for the processes of law. Surely a president should be more dignified than that.
    2) The Republicans' stubborn unwillingness to address the issues properly in a measured manner with access to documentary evidence and the calling of appropriate witnesses. They too seem to be giving Justice the finger.

    1. Those things that seem incredible to you seem incredible to me as well. And to many, many, MANY Americans. And yet, here we are.
      HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I still cannot begin to understand.

  4. Depression is a major asshole, along with it's close cousin anxiety. Hoping today is a better day for you. Sending hugs and love.

    1. It is, Lilycedar. You know. They suck the big donkey dicks. Not to put too fine a point on it.

  5. I haven't heard a thing about that movie. I'll have to look into it.

    I told Dave last night that I never imagined I would be on John Bolton's side in anything. And yet, here we are! Who ever imagined it?!

    1. Right?
      I couldn't have imagined it. Not in a million years.

  6. wouldn't it be ironic if one of Trump's minions brought him down, if Trump finally crossed the wrong man. the republicans are all so afraid of Trump's ire but if they banded together and do the right thing he would have no power over them.

    I like Donald Sutherland and with Mick Jagger in it as well I just might go see it though probably I'll wait til it comes to Redbox.

    1. You're so right about what would happen if all of the Republicans banded together but I guess their states are just too ruby red for them to risk it. Spineless, testes-less shiteaters.

  7. Damn, Jagger's face looks like a road map of England!

  8. I would see that movie in a heartbeat. It looks fabulous. Considering rooting for the Bolt...even muddy water tastes great when you are thirsty, it has been said...


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