Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bungling On

The Great North Florida Ice Storm of 2020

I have been terrible lately at answering comments. I have a lot on my mind but that's really no excuse. I'll try to do better. 
It did freeze last night as you can see in the picture above. That's from where I left the garden sprinkler dripping. Not very impressive, is it? Truthfully, it's rare to see ice in the wild here in North Florida. The odds of seeing a bear are probably greater. 
I saw No Man Lord this morning, hoofing it down the sidewalk towards the convenience store so he made it through the night. I threw up a hand as I passed him on my way to the dump. He waved back. 

I spent half the day in town today. I decided that I HAD to have some cotton wool to crochet some potholders with. 
I know- truly a necessity. I've been using potholders that my mother-in-law crocheted since at least before 1991 because that's the year she died and they're starting to get holes in them and holes will NOT do in potholders especially if you're dealing with balls-of-Satan levels of heated cast iron. And yes, I know you can buy perfectly good potholders but why give up a chance to sit on my butt and watch TV? I am terrible at crocheting. I can't control tension. Same for knitting. I just don't have the knack. But I suppose I may be able to manage a potholder or two. 
I also wanted to get picture frames for Mr. Moon's grandparent's photos. So I went to Michael's where I got both the cotton and the frames. Then I went to Old Navy because it's right there and I wanted some socks. They didn't have any socks that I liked but I did get a dress on the sale rack that's soft and cozy and will be a good winter house-dress with leggings. Last week in my closet I found two pairs of leggings that I'd bought last winter and never opened so I'm good there. They, too, are soft and warm. I also got Magnolia a dress for about six dollars. It's black and sophisticated with a cowl neck and it's as soft as my dress. All she needs is a pearl necklace and she could dine at Tiffany's. 

I did grocery shopping and was incredibly proud of myself for getting everything on my list and a few things not on the list that I needed but had forgotten to write down. The proudest moment of my day, however, came when I remembered to put "cough syrup" on the list. Mr. Moon had asked me to buy some last night when we got in bed and although I said I would, I had very real doubts that I'd remember. But I did. Call Ripley's. 
He's under the weather and that's all there is to it. Vergil, too, is now sick with something that sounds horrible. He had severe stomach issues and then a horrible headache and couldn't do anything but sleep. Poor man. 
2020 isn't turning out to be the best year so far. It just isn't. The freaking Republican party has overtaken the US government and used the Constitution as toilet paper to wipe their entitled asses on. Where do we go from here? Who sues them? I don't think the founders envisioned this sort of mass treason. I feel completely hopeless. 
There's nothing more I can say about that. 
I'm in such despair that I've made the most god-awful comfort food dinner you can imagine. The ingredients are as follows: 
Ground beef (or my case, ground venison)
Lipton's Onion Soup Mix
Tomato sauce

I believe you can discern what this 1970's era casserole will taste like. I'll try to balance it out with a salad from the garden but that's sort of like getting the double blue cheese burger with fries and a Diet Coke. 
I'm not even fooling myself. 
Oh well. 

Hank posted a thing on FB today that is very interesting and also, fun. If you text to the number 57251 and write in the text the words "Send me" followed by a simple keyword or color, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will send you an artwork to represent that. 
It works. 
I just sent in the word, "Florida" and got this back. 

"Bill Maris, 'Paul Rudoph, Milam Residence, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, 1962, 1962"

Pretty cool, huh? 

Go have some fun with it. 

Levon is getting a haircut tomorrow at 10:15. I'll be there, good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. There will be pictures of my littlest man growing up in the space of a few minutes. 

Mr. Moon just asked what we're having for supper and I showed him the casserole in its lovely Le Creuset baking dish with the cheese all melted on it and said, "I made it just for you. I know it's your favorite." 
He looked at it and perked right up. 
"That just might really BE my favorite," he said. 
I know my man. 

Maurice is not impressed. 

It's so warm in my house. I am still thrilled about that. 

Take care. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am living on buttered noodles right now until Friday when I’m buying my son a chocolate cake in Seattle then I’ll live on chocolate cake. You are a superb human.

    1. Buttered noodles are the best sort of nursery food. Comfortable and easy and very fine.
      Chocolate cake doesn't suck either.
      YOU are a splendid human. And I adore you.

  2. *have* missed your comments, but hey, life happens to all of us and you can't do everything (tho you come close). Glad you have more heat in the house....and your casserole sounds interesting....... and fun....and comforting. Random meal like that can sometimes be the best ever. Levon getting his first haircut? He'll be a real grown up boy now . ;-(
    Susan M

    1. Truthfully, Susan, it surprises me that anyone even noticed that I haven't been replying so I really appreciated what you said. Thank you.
      The casserole was delicious. I could have eaten a quart of it.
      Levon IS a grown-up boy now. Pictures this evening.

  3. I hope those men aren't getting what I had for several weeks. It is nasty. I hope the milestone of a first haircut goes well and is celebrated. I do not remember mine. It wsa probably done by my Nana at home.

    1. Vergil is much better today and Mr. Moon actually stayed home from work and slept in so perhaps he'll have a chance to rest and recoup.
      I don't remember my first haircut either! But I feel certain that it was at home and my mother did it.

  4. I've cooked vegetarian for the last seven months, but recently found a NYT recipe that I must try and put all the ingredients on my shopping list. The two ingredients I remember w/o going to look are canned artichoke hearts and canned fried onion rings. Only canned fried. We are remonstrated a couple of times, Yes, Yes, We Know, But it's not the same without canned fried onion rings. I cannot buy them at my market. I sure hope Dollar General has them; I simply cannot "do" Giant Eagle. Or, as it's currently called, "Market Square".

    1. Okay. I want the name of that recipe, knowing nothing about it except that those two ingredients are in it. Good luck with the Dollar General!

  5. Heat is unappreciated until we don't have it, like running water and flush toilets. I'm glad Mr. Moon got his favorite meal and I hope that you have a lovely day today.

    1. Yes m'am! I definitely have a deep appreciation of all of those things having lived without them at one time or another.
      This day is going well. I hope yours is too.

  6. That comfort food sounds fantastic. How did your porch plants do with the freeze? Sorry people there are dealing with illness. That's no fun.

    I used to have a book on Florida's modern architecture with that very photo of the Milam House on the cover! Paul Rudolph was an amazing architect, part of the midcentury Sarasota School -- I love the modernist designs of that era.

    1. I haven't checked under the sheets on the plants yet but I think they did okay. Doesn't seem like we got as much freeze damage as I thought we would.
      That's so cool about that photo!
      I love that era of design as well. It's just so damn "fuck tradition!" isn't it?

  7. I hope the men will be better by the time you read this. Ice in Florida. Wow.

    1. They are doing better. Thank you, love.
      And yes, we do occasionally get ice in Florida. At least we aren't dealing with iguanas falling from trees here.

  8. mass treason. that's exactly it. I don't understand it. every single fucking one of them giving the finger to the constitution and the rule of law. for what? what are they getting out of the destruction of this country.


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