Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Not An Ill Wind At All

It was just so dang beautiful out today, the sky that blue, the oak trees tossing their new lacy leaves in the wind like beauty queens waving to the crowd from the back of a 1962 Cadillac convertible, the air so sweet and so cool. There was no doubt that I would be taking a walk, and I did, alongside the train track again and although I do like that walk, I get a bit of a weird vibe about it although it may be less of a vibe than it is the way the big rocks feel on my feet when I'm forced to walk on them due to one thing or another.
I saw some good tracks in the muddier places today since it rained the other night. Raccoon tracks like little children's hands where they'd scampered, the big arrow-shaped prints of huge wading birds, the sharp, pointy prints of deer, and what I do believe are bobcat tracks.

They aren't big enough to be panther and so they must be bobcat. 

I saw some more wild azaleas with their pink trumpets announcing spring, and swamps and creeks with shining water and unfurling ferns. 

Just about everywhere I looked I saw beauty and it pleased me no end. 
I'll tell you what I did not see- any human footprints except for the ones I'd made on Monday and that alone makes that path worth walking. 

After I came home and ate my lunch, I actually went out to the garden and pulled the mustards after I picked one last bunch to cook with collards tonight. I gave a lot of them to the goats and the chickens next door. The poor chickens don't get any greens except for the ones bold enough to fly over the fence and take their fill in my yard and they were on those mustards like little girls on Justin Bieber. Then I mulched with some oak leaves that Mr. Moon brought home from town. He is good at scavenging them from yards where they've been raked and bagged. I know I could rake enough right here to do the job but Lord, that is a tiring thing to do and I still have the blister I got doing it week before last. Sometimes you do get ants in a bag or maybe some trash which is annoying but let's face it- the annoyance is worth the saved effort. And my own oak leaves can mulch the parts of the yard where they've fallen and the leaves Mr. Moon gets from town will be put to good use and not hauled off to a landfill. 

And then I planted the beans. Yes. I did it. 
Here's Maurice, checking out my work.

I like to plant beans because they're nice and big, unlike some seeds, like the greens seeds which are tiny and fussy and hard to control as to spacing. With beans I just take a stick and make my little holes and poke a bean in there and pat the dirt over it, leaving it covered and cozy. 

So at least that's done, the beans are in and I'm glad of it. 
The collards and mustards on the stove smell heavenly and I'm going to cook a nice piece of salmon tonight. Not Mr. Moon's favorite (because he didn't catch it) but I'll make him some mashed potatoes to go with it along with the greens and he won't complain. 

It's going to get even chillier tonight and maybe Maurice will sleep with me the way she did last night. I woke up to find her right by my head and I reached over and petted her and she kissed me on the lips (swear to god) and then sort of just relaxed and fell against me, purring, and I stroked her soft fur for awhile and we both fell back asleep. I would love to think that she was overcome with her adoration of me but I know she was just cold. That cat is not stupid. She really wanted to grab my hand and bite me, I could tell, and she almost did it but then she stopped herself and licked my hand where she'd taken hold of it as if to reassure me that she didn't mean it and please, please, please, human female, giver of Friskies, don't kick me out of bed. 
And when I woke up, she was still right there. 

Well, I better get the potatoes on. I believe the wind has blown my blues away, for a little while, at least, and I am once again able to enjoy that which begs to be enjoyed. 

I surely am grateful. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The water picture is magic.

  2. And we're so grateful for our daily dose of your beautiful writing, Mrs Moon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart love Blods xx

  3. Glad of that sweet wind blowing through.

  4. same here. yesterday was gorgeous, clear intense blue sky, not too hot, a bit chilly at night. haven't got my beans planted yet but that's on the agenda.

  5. I am glad to check in here and see how you are doing. I love you, Mary, but this you know.


  6. I love your description of the oak trees. I don't know a thing about animal tracks but someone once told me that cat tracks don't show a claw, because cats retract their claws when they're walking. I think I see a claw in that track -- I wonder if it could be a coyote or something more dog-like? (Or maybe my claw info is bad.)

    Congrats on getting the beans planted! You're giving me some ambition to get out in the garden myself today.


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