Thursday, March 22, 2018

Baby Love, My Baby Love

I haven't felt so great today. Just a little achy, a little tired, a little under the weather. Certainly not a day to walk five miles and then work in the garden all day but I did go to town to gather the things I needed to gather and have lunch at El Patron with Hank and Rachel, Jessie and Levon and August.

I got some good pictures of that baby boy today.

He loves Rachel. So do we all.

And here's Hank, holding a baby. Which he loves to do.

Aren't they beautiful?

And I did not get one picture of August mostly because I was too busy talking to him and playing with him and eating and holding him on my lap and so forth. He was telling Hank and Rachel about the manatees and said, "It scary!" And then he repeated that about forty times. 
I guess it really was scary when manatees rose up out of the water and almost swamped their kayak. I mean, a manatee looks huge to an adult. What must it look like to a little child? And there were lots of manatees! "They came up!" he said. And made whooshing sounds and waved his arms about. 
I love listening and watching August describe things. He uses those little arms so expressively. When I went to get him out of his car seat he immediately began to tell me about his bones. 
"I have bones!" he said. And then he showed me his leg bone, his foot bone, his head bone, and his chest bone. He also showed me where his heart is. I put my hand on it and said, "I can feel it beating!"
"Yes!" he said. "It beating!" 
"And it will beat for your entire life," I told him. 
Sometimes it takes a two-year old to be reminded of what remarkable machines we humans are. 
All of that electricity going on all the time powering our hearts and lungs and muscles and brains and on top of that- our abilities to think and to feel and to love. 
Not saying that we're any more remarkable than chimps or gorillas or bears or dogs or cats or fishes or dolphins or whales or iguanas or pelicans. 
Or even bumble bees and mosquitoes. 
Well. It's all just a miracle to me. 
All the miracle I can handle, at any rate. 

I also got to see Billy today, having run over to the New Leaf to gather a few objects I needed there. Dr. Bronners and and a certain type of toothpick and some hemp CBD and some Stevia for my husband. There is some research which shows that Stevia is effective in treating Lyme disease and why not give it everything we have? 

And so it goes. I'm about to make some corn chowder and I have more focaccia rising. Well, theoretically it's rising. It may truly end up being a flat flat bread. As long as you can put butter on it, my husband will be happy. 
I like that in a man. 

Be well, y'all. Remember to breathe. If it's spring where you are, enjoy it. If it's not there yet, have faith that it will be. Might want to wear your life jackets if you go kayaking during manatee mating season. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's spring here, no matter that it's getting down in the 30s at night. The dogwoods are suddenly blooming all around town and the strawberry season opens tomorrow. Do you ever take the children to pick strawberries?

  2. who doesn't love holding babies? well I guess some people don't but they sure are missing out.

  3. I got cocky and decided it was definitely spring because the crocuses are up but not the weather forcasf is calling for snow. Damn if!

    Oh, well. Spring has to come eventually. That’s a promise for all of us.

  4. August will be (already is) a most wonderful story teller!

  5. I spotted the first robin on Monday. Pretty sure he was swearing about all the snow deeply covering the ground... How is he supposed to get to the earthworms?!?

  6. August may be a future doctor! And yes, Hank holding babies is the most beautiful thing.

  7. What experiences August had! Surrounded by manatees in a boat is not something everyone gets to be. Sweetness. And the bones and heart, oh lord.

  8. Cute baby pictures! It's so funny to read about August discovering his own body. I bet those manatees WERE scary to a little kid, and probably to the adults, too. I'd have been unnerved!

  9. My really smart friend just wrote a book on recovering from Lyme disease. I'd love to get it for him but i'm really broke right now. :/


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