Thursday, June 1, 2017

We Try To Care For What We Have, Even If It Seems Useless

Last night Dearie, my little black and white chicken didn't come to roost. I was upset- of course I was. She's one of my prettiest hens but I have become resigned to the reality of the loss of birds. Still- this morning when she wasn't waiting by the henhouse I figured her gone for good but after I'd thrown scratch for everyone and gone into the coop to put my jar up, there she was, hanging out with her bathtub mate- Miss Nicey.

That did nothing, however, to really dent my mood which was dark. It was one of those who-gives-a-fuck-days where nothing seemed to matter much anyway. Perhaps it was because we all knew that the fucking asshole, liar, conman, idiotic, pawn-of-the-Nazis, evil (shall I go on?) man in the White House was going to pull out of the Paris Agreement.
I am still so filled with anger that this man was elected. Most days I can take it with a philosophical grain of salt but sometimes, the anger just bubbles up and fills my throat and poisons everything.
And yes, he did pull out and I'd make a horrible and crude joke about wishing that his father had done the same but I won't because I'm a southern lady.

And so I did what I do on days like this which is to try and burn myself out in the garden and I weeded and put in a few more beans and some more okra and filled in the zinnia row and picked about five pounds of cucumbers and stuff like that. After a few hours I was definitely burned out but my mood hasn't improved one tiny bit. I took a little nap which can sometimes reset my mood button but it didn't and then I mopped the kitchen and that didn't help much either.

Mr. Moon got up to go fishing this morning around 3:30 a.m. and he just got home and is sunburned, exhausted, and lost his glasses to the sea. He did get some nice snapper which I do appreciate but that's going to be some damn precious fish.

And so it goes. The planet means nothing to Republican lawmakers. I just love that one guy who said that even if climate change is real, his god will do something about it.
What a fucking crock of shit.

Anyway, we go on. We clean the hen house and put the poopy hay on the garden which makes a small and perfect circle. We grow some food and we collect the eggs. We raise the children and we love them. We do our best not to waste any more energy than we have to although I hear the Great Barrier Reef is past the point of saving. Which pretty much means we're fucked.

"We're fucked," is what I said over and over after the election. We're fucked, we're fucked, we're fucked. 

Yet, we go on. As long as the ride will take us. What else can we do?

I'll try to be more positive tomorrow. I promise.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope your day tomorrow is better. These days are so fucking difficult and confusing. I know someone who is quite convinced that God has all the environmental stuff under control. I have to not talk to her about it. She is actually one of my favourite people but for that.

    1. Ask her where her god was during the tsunami or the Haitian earthquake or for that matter- Pompeii.

    2. I was thinking about that today when we were washing the RV just to have something to do to burn off the anger. Where was he for Hurricane Sandy, or Katrina? Where was the divine intervention then, or maybe for the mud slides in South America? We are so fucked, it's irretrievable.

  2. I have a family member who is a Cheeto Lover. I generally scroll by her BS on Facebook but today, for the millionth time, she defended that giant POS, then said, 'but Hillary....'. I didn't comment, but texted her instead...'quit defending that stupid ass you elected by bringing Hillary into every fucking sentence! Quit bitching about her, because that idiot is the president, not her. If she was President we wouldn't be about to go to war with six different countries, and possibly a Civil War to boot.' Have you noticed that not one right wing nut can defend their Cheeto without mentioning Hillary? It reminds me of my childhood...I know you are, but what am I?

  3. I'm pretty devastated by the latest shit. How can so much horribleness happen over and over? I force myself to remember that more people are good than bad. A shitty set of circumstances has just sadly given those horrible people power they have no business having.

  4. We knew it was going to be bad when he won but could we really have imagined it this bad? It's unfuckingbelievable that the Republicans in congress are colluding with this POS. I am sorry your mood is dark but I sure as hell understand it. Still, I'm so glad to come here and hear about your chickens and yes, commiserate. Somehow it gives me hope.

  5. I can only sympathize/empathize over Paris. As for our Great Barrier Reef, I can only emit many a silent scream and be grateful I saw much of it over 40 years ago.

    I'm glad your chook was okay.

  6. It just keeps getting worse. It's good not to be alone with these devastating feelings over this horrible man. I knew it would be bad if he got elected but I didn't realize how deeply hopeless I would feel about our country.

  7. Well, exactly. All we can do is put one foot in front of the other. Apparently the Paris accords will take some time to remove ourselves from, and my hope is that the reversal can be reversed itself at some point in the future. (Unlike Brexit, where, once we're out, we're out and they're not going to want us back!)

    I'm glad Dearie is OK! Wonder where she was hiding?

  8. well, I always said that human beings would be one of mother Earth's least successful lifeforms because of our arrogance. too bad we will change her face in our death throes and I never thought it would begin in MY lifetime. The man is pure evil, cares nothing for anyone or anything but his ego. He's turning the US into just a bigger and more dangerous N. Korea, aligning us with Russia and would turn us into a totalitarian regime and I fear the Republicans who are just as complicit, will let him. they care nothing for democracy either. He loved Saudi Arabia because there were no demonstrations, no protests, he thinks Americans are disrespectful. I too flip back and forth from angry to hopeless. I know there are serious investigations going on and eventually some of these people will be taken down but it's not happening fast enough! the only bright spot is the many states and mayors that are standing up and standing against. well, if make America great again means abdicating our role as a world leader, then he has succeeded.

  9. What Ellen said...I cannot even begin to write what I think of this, someone might come and cart me off!

  10. It is indeed a fucking crock of shit. It's not such a difficult concept to understand that what God will 'do' about it is give us th option and ability to do something about it, rather than worsen it irreparably for our own profit. Fucking gobshite.

    Take heart, though, from the cities and companies who are defying his bullshit and pledging their support and co-operation anyway.


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