Sunday, June 18, 2017

Short One

I have packed a little bag with a few of my linen dresses and some deodorant and so forth and tomorrow Lily and Jason are picking me up at the ungodly hour of 8:00 a.m. and we are driving to Jacksonville where Owen will have his checkups at the neurology clinic. We shall be gone for two nights.

I am sure we will stop at the Busy Bee and there will be other adventures and I will report in.

This morning Owen was helping his Bop pick up trash on the road in front of the house and a man selling watermelons came by and gave one to Owen because he liked seeing a little guy working so hard.

Owen loves to pick up trash and I said to him, "You're just like David Sedaris."

"Is he a good guy?" Owen asked.

"Oh yes," I said.

And so is Owen.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Reading that made me feel the feels as they say. Have a great trip. I hope it brings all good news with the bonus of great memories.

  2. I'm hoping for all good news with Owen and a report on the Busy Bee excursion.

  3. when my grandson was a child, before the teenage years, he would take it on himself to tidy up and sweep the floor of my workroom. he will still do things for me. if he sees me doing something labor intensive, like shoveling dirt out of the truck, he will just come over and take the shovel and do it for me. I hope Owen has a good outcome at his appointment.

  4. I'm thinking about you, hoping that your appointment goes well. I love these little stories of Owen -- he's such an unusual and charming kid. I love him.

  5. Safe travels and hoping for good news for Owen.

  6. Thinking of you all and holding the very thoughts. ❤️

  7. ...the very best thoughts. But you know. Hugs.

  8. Free watermelon! And that is payment enough, is it not?


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