Friday, June 30, 2017

Deep Thoughts And Beautiful People

Well, Hank had to work and of course the Weatherfords are in Asheville but the rest of us went out to celebrate Boppy's birthday last night. We chose a local farm-to-table restaurant which has really good food and lots of gardens but we got seated on a narrow porch which was so noisy that it almost gave ME a seizure and the AC wasn't exactly working overtime either. Still. We had fun.
And like I said, the food was good.

Do you love May's new short hair? I do!

 I told Owen he had demon ears.

Boppy and Magnolia fed each other.

Gibson made faces. I told him to be sweet and this is what he did.

He's such a goober. 

Anyway, that's what we did and Mr. Moon didn't even want a cake. I made him his favorite dessert for Father's Day and he pretty much just finished that up. It's a many-layered thing that involves chocolate and pecans and butter and sugar and whipped cream and cream cheese. The original recipe is all junk food from instant pudding to Kool Whip but of course I make it real. I've told my children that if I die and their father remarries that if they sort of like the woman to show her the recipe but not to tell her how I make it although if they REALLY like her, they can.
You know, somehow it does bother me a little to think of another woman using my cookbooks although I know that if I'm dead it won't bother me in the least. 
Humans are odd.

Nothing much else to report. I took a good walk which makes four this week and I didn't die unless I did and this is heaven although I do not think it is because mosquitoes are biting my ankles and if there are mosquitoes in heaven it won't be heaven. 
That's my theory, anyway.

Did you ever notice how everyone is so worried about whether or not there will be dogs in heaven? I just hope there are chickens in heaven. Maybe cats. 

Actually, dogs are fine. Don't let me inflame anyone here. And frankly, I'll be absolutely fine with just being dead and letting whatever bugs want to eat me up and poop me out as I slumber eternally. 

On that note- 

Happy Friday, y'all!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That looks like a good gathering of souls at Mr. Moon's birthday dinner, even if it was noisy and hot. I had one of those gatherings with my gang recently myself, where it was so noisy and hot and I had to concentrate really hard on focusing on the good things, the people, since none of them were particularly perturbed by the noise and the heat. May's hair looks beautiful and it looks like Owen got an edgy new cut, too! Happy Friday, dear Moons.

    1. Owen's haircut is...well. A bit strange. But he's rocking the self-expression and his daddy is supporting that and I love it!
      At least with this restaurant you can go outside and look at the garden.

  2. I *love* May's hair. And it must be so comfortable in the summer heat.
    I know I have a tendency to overwear black, and to think everyone looks better in black, but Lily looks incredibly glamorous in that first photo! Lovely one of them.

    Why can't restaurants sort out their acoustics? Or maybe just their clientele...

    Looks like you all had a lovely celebration x

    1. This restaurant is obviously doing okay and I can't imagine why they aren't trying to do something about the noise.
      May says that her hair is actually hotter because she can't pull it all up off her neck but at least she isn't getting the headaches due to the weight of it. She's inspiring me to get at least some of mine cut.
      Isn't Lily beautiful? She's working hard at losing weight and she just gets more and more glamorous.

  3. Well, you know how I feel about dogs and heaven.

    1. About the same way I do. Will they shit? Who's going to clean that mess up?

  4. I'm smitten with that picture of Maggie and Glen. Her hand gesture...the look on her face.
    May's new hair is darling.

    1. Maggie Pie loves her Boppy so much. And food.
      Isn't May gorgeous?
      Love you too, woman.

  5. I agree with your ultimate statement. I'm all for just being dead. If mosquitoes are in heaven it would be hell, wouldn't it?! (Oh, I guess that's what you're saying. Duh.)

    Glad you all had a fun celebration!

    1. We did have fun, even with the noise and heat. Just being together is what it's all about.


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