Sunday, June 18, 2017

He's My Every Hero

There were Father's Day pancakes and bacon this morning. Jason had to work so Lily brought the children over here and we did it up good.

Father's Day can be difficult for me. A mishmash of resentment and memories of fear and much sadness. Throw in some anger and a little PTSD and child-heart-hopes dashed and trampled.

BUT. There were some good men in my life who showed me that not all men are bad or crazy or ill or pure downright evil. There really were. And because of that, because of them, I was able to know a very fine man when one came along in my life and I knew enough to accept his love and to love him back and thus, I gave my babies the best daddy they could have ever had.
And now that extends to giving my grandchildren the best granddaddy they could have.

No wonder they all ask for Boppy.  

And funny thing- he's not only an amazing father and grandfather, he's turned out to be the husband I never could have even imagined I would find on this earth in this lifetime.

Plus he's mighty cute.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. He sure is handsome and a mighty fine man. I'm happy for you and your family. You so deserved a good man after all you've been thru in your earlier life. Happy Father's Day to Boppy!

  2. He is our hero too. Such a good man. Beautiful photos of your loves.


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