Wednesday, June 28, 2017

He Really Said That

Owen brought his name blanket with him on Monday when he came to spend the night. He told me there was a tear in it and that he wanted me to fix it.
"The love can get out if there's a hole," he said.

I took needle and thread and found the little place where stitching had not held and bound it up neatly and surely.

I do not want one bit of love to ever get out. Never.
Even if it could.


  1. I LOVE OWEN❤️❤️❤️. What a very special boy!!!

  2. Oh, I love that. I can remember this little stuffed dog when I was about four, and when there was a rip and the stuffing leaked out, I was horrified. Truly, it was like the love slipping out.

  3. Owen is so precious. Thank goodness you have this blog to record all of the things your grandkids say! They're little treasures to keep forever! <3

  4. You are a lucky grandma, Mary Moon!

  5. Owen is such a darling boy. He knows his MerMer loves him. That's always going to keep him warm.

  6. Owen is simply a beautiful soul. There is so much hope for all of us when there are children think like that.


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