Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Safe And Home

Well, I am home.
And so glad to be although I have to say that for a trip which involved neurological appointments and three children in a small house containing half of the household decorating goods available from TJ Maxx along with plenty of antiques, it was a fun trip. One thing that I've acquired in old age is the ability to just let things flow as they will and to step back and let other people control what must be controlled.
For the most part, at least.
I think I do.
I guess we'd have to ask Lily and Jason about that. I have a terrible fear of being the sort of mother-in-law who is annoying and weird and bossy and who doesn't know her place in the scheme of things and when I say "scheme of things" I mean- their family unit.
Also, it's just easier to let someone else be the boss and it's taken me a lifetime to realize that.

We left Jacksonville after we took the kids to a little park to play in and hopefully burn off some energy before the drive. Here are some pictures.

Maggie loves ducks so she was in heaven. She sings a song to herself frequently and it's about ducks. I think. It could be about a doggie. Ducky or doggie. One of those animals. 

Anyway, we got to Lloyd and I went out and picked the garden which was the sweatiest, buggiest experience of my life. The mosquitoes are not to be believed. 
Thanks, rain! 
I got so many cucumbers that, well...this happened.

Yep. Here we go again. 

And I sat in front of the TV and shelled the peas I picked and we're having those and our squash and cherry tomatoes for supper. I shouldn't be eating ANY supper. You would not believe what I have eaten today. I can't believe what I've eaten today but I will say that Owen picked out our breakfast spot which is a place where they serve nothing but donuts and cinnamon rolls. Extremely HEALTHY donuts and cinnamon rolls, okay? No soy, no nuts, vegan, and some are gluten-free!
But let's not discuss the fat and sugar in them, okay? 
Or the size. 
And for lunch we ate...
Oh god. I can't even tell you. 

Krystal burgers.

I know. I know. I know. I haven't had one of those things in thirty years. And I hope I don't eat another for another thirty years. 

Lord, I've got to get back into some better eating habits. 

So it's good to be home and all of my chickens look fine and I swear I can tell a change in Dearie the Rooster from three days ago. His fancy feathers are growing in and he's just so pretty. I think Dottie may have gone broody but she sure isn't sitting on many eggs. As I know by now though, if she is broody, she'll commandeer everybody else's eggs and sit on those too. 
It's so nice to be back in my world of poultry and pickles. 

And oh yeah- it's mighty sweet to see my sweetie too. 

But I'm sort of going to miss having two little boys cuddle with me before bedtime and having Owen read us a story. And having Miss Maggie June toddle into my room and want uppie for her own cuddles and kisses before bed. And supervising the bubble bath. And waking up in the morning and hugging my daughter who has made me a cup of coffee. And making jokes with Jason who is a very funny guy. 

I'm a lucky woman. 

And I'm home. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Maggie sure has some cute shoes!

  2. I'm glad you're home. I missed you!!!

  3. We had our first mess of green beans from our garden for supper tonight! Is there anything better? I'm having surgery for triple trigger finger next week, though, and must admit the job of picking and snapping those beans ain't as relaxing as it used to be!

    1. Tripple trigger finger? Oh my Lord. That sounds terrible. When I shell peas my left thumb always goes numb. Getting older is weird.

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  5. Jason and Lily are very wise. Three adults to three kids. I know they were grateful and happy that you were there. And yes, it's wonderful to let someone else be the boss. I'm learning that lesson too. And could your grandchildren be any cuter? I do t think so. Hope all was well with Owen's tests. (And please forgive the deletion above. I really need to proofread my comments!)

  6. I'm glad you're home safely, Krystal burgers notwithstanding. I imagine it's hard to learn to let go of controlling and organizing everything, when raising four children undoubtedly put you in that role for so long. It must be incredibly freeing!

  7. I'm mostly always happy to let other people be in control, unless no one is stepping up. then I get frustrated and start bossing everyone around. my sister now, always has to be in control.


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