Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bounty And Booty

It's thundering again off in the distance and we're expected to get more rain, more rain, more rain.
That is just all right with me, sugars. It's not the kind of rain, so far, that makes you wonder if it's time to build an ark. It's a come-and-go rain that cools us off and is making everything green beyond green.
I am grateful for it all and have not tired of the boom of thunder, the smell of it in the air.

The phlox are starting to bloom and by the time I die, this whole yard will be filled with them. There's plenty already, spread from the ones I brought that my neighbor gave me where I last lived. That's over thirteen years of phlox propagating. Some I'm responsible for, some just the result of nature. They grow wherever you plant them, they just do. They know their mission in life. They accept it and they joyfully take it on. 

I made 7 more pints of dill pickles today after going into town to Costco and Publix. I bought enough stuff to feel as if I will never have to go to the store again. As I unpacked my necessities and not-so-necessities, I felt humbly and profoundly grateful that we can afford such good food. Add that in to what Mr. Moon has brought in from the woods and what we've grown and as I so often say- we are richer than anyone could possibly imagine. 
I drained the fourteen-day pickles again and reboiled the pickling syrup and dissolved another cup of sugar in it and poured it back over the pickles. I consider them to be pickles at this point, even though they are still processing. Two more days and two more cups of sugar and these things will be ready to go in the canning kettle. 
I'm really way too excited about this. 

The field peas are absolutely chock-full of pods. And y'all- I've got several more rows and a whole other variety. Plus the edamames. This gardening thing is about to become what amounts to a full-time job this summer. I picked three more squash and another eggplant and have eggplant salted and draining for tonight's Parmesan. Beautiful little things. 
And I am not going to count any chickens before they hatch OR eggs before the hens start laying them but golly- if at least some of these hens get matured soon and take to the nests, I'm going to have such an abundance of fresh eggs again. 

Every day I can see more changes in Dearie The Rooster and that's him with his number one lady- Trinky. Or maybe Tronky. Hard to tell. Remember the Chi-Cha's? It's like that. Honestly, I feel certain that an owl's going to take one of those birds as they roost in the trees one of these nights and I'm going to be so upset but what can I do? Get out a ladder every night and fetch them down and put them in the hen house? 
I don't think so. 
But I sure am hoping for the best because I think Dearie has the potential to be one damn fine rooster. Not as handsome as Elvis- of course- but fine enough.

So there you go. That's my life, my world right now. And here's a few pictures of August Glinden because I know you miss his precious pretty face. 

He is obviously growing up way too fast up there in Asheville but there ain't one damn thing I can do about that. He is also obviously happy and having the time of his life. 

Rich. I am so rich. Gold and diamonds and rubies and emeralds drip from my fingers and now I need to go make supper. 
Which makes me happy. 
As usual. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh I wish you were here to teach me your pickle making ways. I'm good for dills and dilly beans and I make my own kimchi but your pickle making prowess makes me want to spend a month or two in your kitchen studying your master techniques! I miss August something fierce. XO

  2. Riches and bounty indeed. Dearie is growing so handsome, very much like Elvis. August! How exciting for you to see him again! Looking forward to your posts from Asheville. Can't comment for a while. My typing hand will be out of order following surgery tomorrow but I'll be reading and sending love your way.

  3. This is going to sound odd but some pictures of August remind me of my son. I know. Weird. He looks so happy.

  4. What a great bounty you have. And August is one handsome pup.


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