Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More Adventures In Jacksonville

Today has been fine and it started out out like this. 


Good Lord she's cute. 
We took Owen and Jason to the clinic and dropped them off and came back to the house-of-many-many decorative items and Lily tried to get Maggie back to sleep but that wasn't happening so we went to the funkiest place I think I've ever been. It was a hands-on play museum and yeah, seriously, that's what it was. There were climbing things and a ball pit and basketball you could play the regular way or in a wheelchair for educational purposes, I guess. There was a center set up to be a veterinarian office with real animal cages with stuffed animals in them and a real scale to weigh the animals on and giant hypodermic syringes (no needles, of course) to give your animal giant shots and it was wonderful and creepy.


There was a fire station, a pretend cafe, and a miniature Winn Dixie. Not to mention a bank and I don't even know what all. A toddler room. 


It was hot and sort of stinky as you can imagine and a germaphobe's nightmare. Child care groups were there with their little charges and the adults all had terrible worry lines on their faces and clipboards in their hands and kept saying things like, "Have you seen Jacob? Where's Jacob?"
Hell. All of the adults looked harried and worried because the children popped around like little kernels of popping corn and it was a special and strange sort of purgatory. 
But the kids loved it. 
Then lunch and then back to the house and then Lily picked up Jason and Owen and more naps were attempted and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA on that. 
Oh. Here's a picture of Gibson with a shark in a tank. Not at the hands-on museum but at the restaurant. 


Isn't he beautiful? 

Owen and I took a walk and now all of the Hartmanns have gone to have supper with Jason's uncle and I'm here alone. I just spent approximately 45 minutes trying to make a cup of coffee with fancy coffee-making things and finally managed to make a decent cup with a French press. 
I am so not a coffee gourmand. All I'm looking for is a caffeine delivery system. 

All right- here's something else I want to bitch about- if you go to a store and buy something, unless something goes wrong and you take it back, that transaction is done. 
However, if you purchase something online you can bet your boots there are going to be many emails asking you to rate your purchase, the shopping experience, the shipping experience, etc. 
Look- if something was unsatisfactory you would have heard from me! I'm not here to be your feedback on what your damn company is doing right or wrong. 

Okay. That's all I really need to bitch about now. 
We're going home tomorrow. I hear we're under a tropical storm warning. 
Hard to believe. I guess life does go on in Lloyd even if I'm not there. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. my class went through the entire three floor state history museum in lansing in about 15 minutes..... got to love a field trip!


  2. That little girl is so cute it just hurts me. I hear you on the post-purchase harassment. It's very annoying.

  3. I'm with ya on the online purchases! I buy from Amazon a lot, and my inbox is full of requests to rate the seller, rate the item(s), rate Amazon......like you, if I don't like it they'll know. Where I come from the 'no news is good news' mantra is king!

  4. Amazon isn't getting another penny out of me till they drop Breitbart. Magnolia June is undoubtedly the most preciously cute child ever!!

  5. The shark IS beautiful! Oh, and Gibson too, of course.

    I ignore all those e-mails asking me to rate my experience. I do occasionally rate my hotel rooms through Hotels.com, but only when they offer me a money-back voucher to do so. They're going to pay for my time!


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