Monday, June 19, 2017



We are in Jacksonville. We're staying at an AirBnB place in a darling house in a darling neighborhood. It's the actual home of the owner although she goes down the road and stays at her parent's when her house is booked. We are doing our very best to try and keep three rambunctious youn'uns from destroying anything or, in fact, EVERY thing in it and so far, so good. 

Owen had one appointment today and will have another tomorrow. It's been raining and so we couldn't take the kids to an outdoor park. Instead we went to a mall that had an indoor play place which was a major shock to my system. I didn't know whether to get a manicure, something pierced, a giant pretzel, or my aura adjusted. I decided not to do any of that but did buy the boys tickets for the little train that an extremely unhappy looking female engineer wearing overalls and a kerchief drove slowly around the lower level, making wide circles in front of the anchor stores and clanging the bell when appropriate. We followed it around with Maggie in her stroller. 
Owen looked like he might die of embarrassment but Gibson seemed to be in a state of pure delight. 

And that's about as much as I want to type on my phone now. I'm lying on an extremely comfortable bed, the children have fallen silent and so I imagine they are asleep. Lily and Jason are watching something on Netflix and I'm about ready to take a shower and put on my nun nightgown, soon to fall asleep. 

Peace to all, wherever you may be. 
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, dear Lord -- the description of the train conductor was perfect. I remember those things.

  2. It's fascinating to watch the new stages of growing up, and personalities too and maybe also birth order? One embarrassed, the other delighted. That touched my heart for some reason.

  3. Owen probably thinks he's too old for such foolishness.

  4. The nunnightgown! I forgot about the nunnightgown.

    I hope Owen's appointment goes well. I will be in Jax myself in just a few weeks, and I will do my absolute best to steer clear of that mall. :)

  5. There's a similarly depressed driver of a kiddie train in our shopping centre too. Poor people, didn't nobody aspire to that job, I'd imagine.

    I love that you're making Owen's appointment into a holiday. There's nothing cuter than babies in the bath tub.

  6. This is going to sound horrible and I apologize in advance. I was listening to a show the other day about child porn and the speaker advised parents and grandparents not to post photos that could be easily photo shopped into porn such as little children naked or bathing. Which I think is that saddest thing in the world that somebody would do that but apparently it happens which is sickening. I couldn't even imagine.


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