Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In Which Hairs Are Cut

There's the two babies I got to spend some time with today. Gibson got his hair cut and Maggie did not and you can see that she is still upset about it.
Bless her little curls.

Gibson retained his rat tail. He and Owen are determined not to give those things up. I believe they are letting their freak flags fly.

I long ago realized that hair is not a battle I ever would choose to pick with my own kids. I mean- who am I to say? I got perms in the eighties. And Lily and Jason are fine with letting the boys decide what their hair should look like. Kids deserve some autonomy in their lives seeing as how they don't get a whole lot of it. 

Lily got her hair cut short. It's cute as it can be.

Of course we went to Melissa because we love her and she's wonderful and she lets the children play with toys and break them and says, "That's fine. I got them at the Dollar Store," and then she lets Gibson open the candy drawer and pick out a sucker for himself and his brother and then we all kiss and hug and I tell Melissa to come and see my chickens and to give our love to her sweetheart. 
Golly. There are just some people that I truly wish I could claim as blood kin and Melissa and her husband John (known here in the blog world as Juancho) are two of them. 
As I have said before, no doubt.

Anyway, after the hair cuts we went to Publix and I got bachelorette groceries including salmon and fancy mushrooms and, uh, chicken thighs. 
Oh yeah. We're going to have a good time now. 

So I guess I'm going to cook a little salmon and some pasta that I'll eat with the arugula pesto I made a while back and I've planted some more cucumber seeds in the garden which involved a tiny bit of weeding and now I have fucking ant bites all over my legs and arms. All of the chickens are fine and dandy and I bought more grapes and BOGO cut-up melon to make them delicious delicately chopped fruit salad with and the big girls laid me four eggs today which hasn't happened in about a year.  
We're supposed to get more rain tonight and I hope we do. 
Last night Maurice slept with me for the first time in forever but I semi-forced her by carrying her into the bedroom and putting her on the bed and the whole time she was protesting like a governess in a Georgette Heyer novel being carried upstairs by the Nobleman of the Estate, her bosom heaving, beating her little hands on his massive chest and protesting, "No, no! Please my Lord, do not despoil me!" although Maurice only meowed and spat a little and retreated to Mr. Moon's bedside table where she groomed herself thoroughly and then eventually laid down on his side of the bed, as far from me as she could get, but when I woke up in the middle of the night, she was cuddled up next to me and I appreciated her so much. 

Oh. I planted those succulents in the hen planter. 

Isn't that cheerful?

Yes. Yes it is. 

Time to go heat up the skillet and put the water on to boil.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think I would have been a little sad if Magnolia got her hair cut. It's too soon.

    Lilly looks adorable but that is nothing new.

    I call Norbert's grooming after I dare to touch him, "decontamination". Like Silkwood.

    I had a spiral piggyback perm in the 80's. I was so cool with my big hair.

    This afternoon I brought my car in for repair and he and his wife have a rooster and one hen. He was glorious and wanted me to know it. His one wife that is left wanted nothing to do with me. I think I will bring them something tomorrow for a treat.

    1. I love your description of Norbert's "decontamination." Yes. Just like that!
      Why did we think big hair was cool?
      Thanks, Madonna.
      Grapes! Take them grapes!

  2. I love all the haircuts, and I love your approach to parenting. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if my mother didn't STILL have suggestions and comments about what I should do to my hair -- or myself, for that matter, as I'm entirely too critical of myself. Oh, well.

    1. Dear god. I can't imagine telling my child what I think they should do with their own personal bodies. Much less anything else. I'm sorry. That's insulting.

  3. I love bachelorette days. I let my kids have their hair however they wanted. my parents were not like me or you in that regard. it was a huge battle for me to grow it out long. they tricked me into getting a 'trim' once and had the woman cut off way more and my father threatened to come in at night and cut while I slept which made me gather my hair up clutched in my hands while I slept for years, ordered me to wear it up in a twist or bun which as soon as I got to school I let down. forgot to put it back up one day after school waiting for my mother to come pick me up and boy did I get a lecture about appearances and their favorite 'what will our friends and colleagues think'.

    1. Oh god. I remember my stepfather threatening to tell my boyfriend that I couldn't go out with him anymore unless he cut his hair. Why did your parents think that long hair on a girl was something wrong? Weird as shit.

  4. Love the haircuts! I do not know who Georgette Heyer is but I can guess, based on your description. Cats are so funny, so contrarian. And yes, those succulents look great in that chicken pot!

    1. Yes, you can imagine who Georgette Heyer is.
      Cats are so contrarian. I wonder why. They're born with no fucks to give.

  5. Oh, I like that expression, letting the freak flags fly. I heard it from an American friend a while ago but I never heard anyone say it in England. I like the rat tail, good for letting Gibson decide.

    1. That expression comes from a Crosby, Stills and Nash song. I can't remember which one. "Almost Cut My Hair", probably.

  6. Maggie in that first picture just slays me! All the haircuts look great. Lily has such a beautiful smile.


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