Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What This Planet Needs Is A Good Detox

I swear to god, I think I just got way overheated yesterday when I walked and never really cooled off and have felt like shit most of the day. Anyway, whatever, I haven't done much today but did get my rug backing all tacked back on so there is that. Whoo-hoo, universe! I have a rug to stand on when I power up the old Sonicare every night.

I'm still listening to Going Clear and it's becoming apparent to me how much Scientology has influenced so much pseudo-science in our culture although I doubt most people touting things like detoxification and cleanses would admit that. Or even recognize it. Everything is related, isn't it? Or something.

Just read on the Internet that "July wasn't just the hottest month of 2016- it was the hottest month in all of recorded history."

Why do we want to disregard the science of climate change which is so completely real and proven and right in front of our faces but want to embrace the bullshit of things like detoxification?

Probably because the one is a lot easier to wrap our minds around and actually do something about while the other just seems to be a hopeless cause and completely overwhelming.

Let's see how well detoxification works when Siberian Anthrax becomes established.


One more thought: Please Donald Trump, do NOT step down. Just keep on running and let even your most devoted followers recognize that you're a complete and utter asshole who has no business knowing the nuclear codes and thus stay home on election day.

Heatstroke. I probably have heatstroke.

That would explain a lot.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Just came across your delightful Blog tonight and it's made me laugh out loud so I kept reading thru the Archives... and now I'm saving it to my favs to come back later or I'll forget where you are and you know how vast this community of the Land of Blog can be! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I was listening to a radio show last week and the host predicted this: When Trump gets 20% behind in the polls he's gonna scream that the DNC and RNC rigged the whole election and he's stepping down because he wants no part of it. Sounds like something he'd do...pick up his marbles and go home because things didn't go his way.

    1. Or because he's desperate for an excuse to escape this out of control boat he's on!

  3. I am back to reading primarily fiction from the nineteenth century as it's the only thing that calms me down.

  4. yes, like you, i hope donald trump does NOT step down. i loved what Ru Paul said about Hillary; probably the most succinct and hard hitting assessment I' ve read.

  5. He's thinking of stepping down? I don't watch the news so haven't heard.

  6. Too much heat/sun CAN fry your brain. So, yeah. Maybe not heat stroke but heat exhaustion.

  7. Climate change is easier to deny than to do anything about (as you said). I understand why people want to deny it. I wish I could deny it! But it's happening and it's real and it's scary as heck, especially for all the animals and creatures that had nothing to do with creating it.

    I hadn't heard this about Trump stepping down. What?!

  8. My thoughts exactly on Trump. Things are going juuuust fine. Like I envision Hillary saying "I'll just leave this here" repeatedly as he opens his damn mouth.


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