Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Day

We went down to the river when Mr. Moon got home from work and jumped into the cold clear water. Whatever is going on in body or mind, a swift mermaid dive into that will chill you and calm you for at least a little while.

I've got okra and tomatoes cooking. For those of you who have only ever had stewed okra and fought the slime and hated it, try cooking it with tomatoes and onions. The acid of the tomatoes eats the slime so you don't have to.
Trust me.

I also made a gourmet tuna casserole with these vegetables:

Red pepper
Snow peas
Tiny green peas

I think that is all the vegetables.

Last night we watched an episode of Orange is the New Black wherein a major character got killed.
All day the theme song of that show, which is the most insidious of songs, has ricocheted from one of my ears to another, worming its way into my brain over and over again.

I am a bit crazy right now. I admit it.

But I washed our sheets today so there is that. I saw the Sheik on my walk this morning.
"Where you been?" he asked. "I thought you got lost."
"Oh honey. I get lost and then I get found. You know."
"I do," he said and we did a side-hug.
"Let's just keep on going," I said.
"Let's do that," he answered.
And we both walked on our separate ways.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Replies
    1. I hear that lunch on Friday is very much on.

  2. I have not watched *orange is the new black* but can say that your gourmet casserole and visit with the Sheik sounds like it would have made my day just fine. Here's to good cooking and good friends. I'm ready to sample as a post dinner snack- a bread a friend baked and gave me today. Called *Irish Tea Brack*. New thing for me and always up for that!
    Susan M

    1. Irish Tea Brack. Hmmmm...
      I love Irish soda bread and do make it myself sometimes.

  3. My daughter started watching OITNB so now I finally have someone to discuss all the drama. I know who gets killed. There is so much to the last two episodes.

    1. I need for the new season to start NOW. Not a good way to end things. For me, of course.

  4. I've never watched that show. in fact, I don't watch much TV at all even though it is on all the time.

    1. My husband likes to spend a lot of downtime in his chair with the TV on. Fortunately, that room is not fairly far from the rest of the house so I don't have to listen. But that show is good, Ellen. It is.

  5. The Sheik! He is a man of wisdom.

    I like OITNB but we haven't watched any of the newest season. We need to renew Netflix and do that. There's another show on Netflix that's been getting a lot of positive press, and I can't remember what it is right now, but I guess seeing both of those is worth the cost.

    1. I'm a little worried about The Sheik. He does not look as tidy and sartorial as he generally does. He has health problems.
      Let me know if you remember what the new Newflix show you're talking about is.


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