Thursday, August 18, 2016

We Are Here

When we got to the dock on Dog Island the heat was brutal and we had a moment of controlled panic when the car wouldn't start and we weren't sure we'd packed the jump box because truly, this is the kind of heat people die in. But we had the jump box and the car started and we didn't die although when we got to the house the thermostat read 99 degrees and I'm not sure I've ever been hotter in my life than I was by the time we got everything unloaded and up the stairs and into the house. 

The AC is working though and the temperature is now a downright frigid 83 and we went out and laid in the bay for awhile after we'd cooled down enough to even consider such a thing. 

The waters are rising and we are about to lose our pine trees. What can you do?

Still, it's beautiful and we've watched the sun go down and set. 

Coconut pirate is still here, guarding the porch. 

The great blue heron is fishing the sand bar as the tide recedes and the cicadas have begun their evening symphony. 

Dog Island, Florida.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's 95 here, 100 tomorrow, 101 on Saturday. How they can tell that extra one is coming, I don't know.
    Your place is beautiful, looks like a little bit of paradise. Sounds like it might be a day of water lounging tomorrow, Enjoy! And wear sunscreen.

  2. It looks wonderful there. Enjoy your time on the island.

  3. It looks and sounds so lovely there. I had to google earth it. It looks beautiful. The interior of the island is just left alone, looks like? Enjoy.

  4. Beautiful, despite the heat and rising water (agh global warming!). Plant more trees, quick?

  5. I'm glad you survived the heat and arrived safely! I love coconut pirate. He's got style.

  6. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy, enjoy. Laying in the bay sounds wonderful.

  7. Coconut pirate is awesome! What a beautiful spot, even if it IS trying to fry you in one go.


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