Friday, August 5, 2016

Speechless, Mostly

It's raining in Lloyd. A gentle rain, a good rain, a steady rain. I've taken the trash and gone to the post office and that's as much as I plan to leave the house for today. I'd love to just get back in bed and read but for my own mental health, I need to do some things in this house.
A tiny bit.
One teeny-tiny bit maybe.
And as always, I'll be "reading" while I do these teeny-tiny things via my earphones. I've been listening to a book by Richard Russo (Bridge of Sighs) for eons, I think. I mean, seriously- I could have lived an entire life while listening to this story about another person's life. I like Russo okay. I saw him speak once at a writer's conference and he was cool but he's not my favorite author by any means even though he did win a Pulitzer Prize. I don't have a favorite author. I am the hummingbird of readers.
Dip and sip.
Do it again.
Russo does tend to write the same book over and over as so many authors do and that's fine. This novel seems to be the grand summing up of all of it. I wonder if it'll be his last book.
It'll probably be the last book by him I'll ever read.
Never say never.
I may never finish this one, not because I'll stop reading it but because it will never end.
There is that.

All right. I obviously don't really have anything to say.
In reality, I have plenty to say but I don't feel like saying any of it.

I'm sure you understand.

Be well and oh yeah! Happy Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love listening to audio books. Currently I am listening to A Man Named Ove. So funny especially because my husband is Ove. ;-)

  2. I'll check it out. Thank you for being here, Birdie. Always.

  3. xo

    I have been thinking about you today since I read your post while I was at work. Not on an actual break but a break of my own making. That's home support.

    About why I don't do something else. Most of the time I love my job. I do! The people I care for are so awesome. I have a lot of passion for what I do and know that home support is holding up a huge part of the medical system. Take away community health workers and all would be fine for a day or two. Within a week the system would crumble and we would have thousands of people in the hospital and nursing facilities. And then there is the whole part of how I can work pretty much independently. I love that. But the real reason is it pays well with excellent benefits and a pension. I get paid almost as much as a practical nurse which is one step below a registered nurse. In essence, I do work for myself because all day long I can make decisions about my clients and not have to answer to anyone. And when it gets dicey I have an amazing support system of registered nurses who have my back. Today for instance I had a client who was yelling at me. My nurse told me that she won't allow anyone to treat her workers that way and followed up. Oh, and I also have a strong union as well.
    I guess at the end of the day I would quit my job in a heartbeat. There is a reason we get paid to go to work. Because it sucks most of the time. Except when it doesn't.

    A story and this may make more sense than my long paragraph. I go see a lady that was born in India. Her language consists of single words and hand gestures. Toast. Tea. Jam. But this. When I leave she says, "thank you, thank you, thank you" and blows kisses at me. It makes me want to fall on my knees and weep because *that* is what is important. That connection. That fucking amazing connection with someone that lives a life totally different from me. The whole, All is One.

    OK,I am rambling. My shoulder is killing me and it is time to sit at the feet of the ibuprofen gods.

    ANd thank you for being you. You have no idea how often I think of you and your family. So far away but All is One.

  4. I loved Empire Falls but that's the only book of his I've read. Maybe I'll try this one, although you're scaring me a bit. :)


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