Thursday, August 14, 2008

Proof This Shit Is Working

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment at 9:20 a.m. AND I have to take my mother to get a colonoscopy AT THE HOSPITAL (when you're over eighty you have to get these procedures done where they can bring you back to life if you die, I guess) and despite my terror of dealing with all things medical AND my incredibly bad relationship with my mother, I am only thinking about how much I dread tomorrow about once every two minutes and it's after 9 a.m. and I AM NOT DRINKING YET!
(That's a little joke, okay?)
But still.
Time for a walk.
(Please forgive all the caps. I guess I am feeling a teeny bit anxious.)


  1. Oh mama, it'll be okay. At least you're not the one actually getting the colonoscopy.

    (My spell check does not like that word.)

  2. No, spell check doesn't like that word.
    At least when you're getting the colonoscopy, YOU GET THE GOOD DRUGS.

  3. I dunno, that doesn't seem to make Denise any happier. She'll tell you all about it, too.

  4. I'm sure she will. I hear that B. told her he is NOT taking her to get those done. Brave of the boy.

  5. The good thing is that by Saturday this'll be behind you???

  6. Trick 1: Float through it, present only in body, while little Mary is tucked safely under a blankey with a good book. This method has saved my soul from damage more than once.

    Trick 2: You could also imagine it being sooooo horrendous that it will most likely, by comparison, be a piece o' cake.

  7. Good advice, Lopo!
    Aunt Becky- I will have to drink for you, dear. I accept that responsibility.
    Juancho- what grade are you in?

  8. It's not the actual colonoscopy that's a pain in the ass, it's all the prep for it that you have to do the day before. (I'm in 2nd grade with Juancho!)

  9. Ha! ~~to the 2nd grade bloggers.

    Ms. Moon, you'll be strong and won't crack (ha!) under pressure.

    The title for the entry is appropriate too, in this context!

    Ok, I'll grow up now. Sorry.

  10. Oh hell, we all have our inner second graders.
    I'll report in on how the poopy day goes.

  11. Thinking of you STRONG right now, you're probably at your appointment right now. Hope all goes WELL.

    As for the mum procedure, at LEAST you don't have to be in the room with her during the PROCEDURE. Whew! Now that would SUCK. So there... at least there is one BRIGHT SIDE ;)

    Love you Ms Moon. Hang in there.

  12. psst...
    blurb has a photo up and wanting to know what it is...go tell him.
    I am sure that you know! :)

  13. Plan something fun tomorrow night so you have something to look forward to...and so you don't jump out the window during all of this! ;)


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