Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breakfast In A Normal World

I had to go to town this morning to get some blood drawn for basic lab stuff and afterwards, I took myself to a Waffle House for breakfast, which is something I hardly ever do. For me, breakfast is almost always a small bowl of fibrous flakes of one sort or another with a piece of fruit cut up on them and some soy milk poured over. But I was feeling pretty good and wanted to celebrate that and it had been a fasting blood test and I was hungry.

It was late for breakfast and early for lunch so there were plenty of tables and I sat down at one with my newspaper and the waitress came over right away, complaining before she got her pad out about being tired, but not bitterly, just matter-of-fact, I'm tired, getting up at six is rough, etc.

I nodded in understanding, then gave her my order and read my paper and it was so nice there, in the Waffle House, being surrounded by other humans, eating their breakfasts and drinking their coffee, everyone using their table manners and their inside voices. The Waffle House is sort of the level playing field of the country, like the watering hole in the forest. Weary travelers of all types come in for the eggs and grits and coffee and juice and the grilled cheese sandwiches, rich and poor alike, The Waffle House is always there just waiting for you by the interstate; easy off, come on in, have a seat, fill you up, send you on your way, have a nice day.

I ate my breakfast and it was good, the way it always is. Nothing fancy or free-range or organic or rain-forest friendly or whole grained about it. Just plain food but all the more enjoyable for that somehow if you don't eat it regularly. Reminds me of how my kids used to love the white bread at my mother's house, it was so soft and easy to eat, nothing like the whole wheat I forced down their poor little throats day-in and day-out.

I finished up and left a good tip because it is rough, getting up at six, to go stand on your feet and serve heavy plates of American food to hungry people for eight hours a day. Plus, she was a good waitress, my waitress, and got my order just right and asked me several times if I needed anything else, although I never did.

It was lovely, that half hour or so, feeling so normal, feeling like everyone else seems to feel, just a regular woman in a Waffle House with the sun shining on her, eating a breakfast, reading a newspaper, the juke box playing some good tunes but not so loudly that it interfered with anyone's conversation, anyone's thoughts.

I always get raisin toast at the Waffle House and they bring you apple butter when you order the raisin toast.

It was especially good today, not burnt in the least, but nicely toasted, like the cook had paid attention, and I appreciated that, I surely did, because it's not always that way.

So when it's just right, the raisin toast, you need to appreciate it.

And I did. I appreciated every bite.


  1. Food, I love a good post about food. (With other subtle undertones too)

    One of the things we can't wait to do when we hit your shores is sample all the different tastes there are

    Keep you chin up kiddo

    Fat Lad

  2. Oh Fat Lad! I think this is my first comment from you and I am so excited to get it!
    I am hoping that when you and the Mrs. come to visit Juancho, he will bring you out to my house for a meal and drinks! That would make me so happy.

  3. Yums. Yums. Love breakfast like you, once in a blue moon. I'm fairly boring other than that.

  4. And Aunt Becky- bacon WAS involved.

  5. Hey, when it's the Waffle House, we get to eat comfort food. 'Nuff said! :) (I just wish they'd let me bring little Lou Boo, my shih tzu, in with me so I could eat there more often when I'm on the road.

  6. Oh fond memories! I do love the raisin toast special that comes with the scrambled eggs w/cheese or it's actually more like cheese with scrambled eggs as I recall. Thank you dear! xo

  7. Very nice. I beleieve I can smell the syrup and the toast and the BACON! Our crew usually eats at the Waffle House on race day. Being a supersticious nut, I have to have it or I beleive my race will be awfull. I am thininkg of setting my office on fire so I can go to breakfast!
    I am so glad you are feeling better.

  8. Great, now I'm hungry for Waffle House!
    By the way, sorry I've been MIA on the comments for a while. One of my moods I guess.

  9. The Waffle House is far more than a place to get a meal, isn't it?


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