Monday, August 18, 2008

Look At Those Lines Carefully

And you will understand why these storms drive us mad!
It doesn't appear, at this moment, that Fay is going to be a major threat, although someone is going to get some bad weather off her. And others already have.
I was talking to a friend who lives in Nebraska after Katrina hit and she couldn't understand, with all the warnings that we get before a hurricane, why everyone didn't evacuate.
I tried to explain about hurricane forecasting and how people get complacent and how so very few New Orleans residents had personal vehicles but I still don't think she got it.
And we're definitely not looking at a situation like that here. I hope.
But still, it's maddening and I check the tropical weather web sites obsessively and I feel certain I am not the only one.


  1. You are not the only one. Yeah, I'm not sure their forecasting helps us much. People end up running all over the state,running from them. And the anthropomorphizing (did I spell that even close to right?) of them doesn't help so that we end up feeling they have human qualities and are "after us." It wears me down. Today I went out to get supplies and instead came home saying, if I can't get by without electric and with only 3 bathtubs full of water, oh, well....I think the hype is primarily to increase viewing audience so I'm sticking to the NOAA site and checking it after their every-3-hour update.

  2. It would be incredibly difficult for me not to check the weather web sites often in this scenario, as well.

  3. The Weather Channel lost all credibility when Stephanie Abrams ran from a piece of aluminum siding blowing about 2mph in 2005.

  4. You are definitely not the only me.

  5. Plus, with New Orleans, folks came through the storm fine. It was the broken levees that did the big damage.

  6. Yep. You're perfectly correct, DTG. Looks like we'll dodge Fay. Now to keep an eye on the coast off of Africa....
    Ha! I'm not quite that obsessive. Well, I might just check in on it occasionally.


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