Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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There's Dearie and I am thinking he's a he. He and his siblings and mother and Aunt Violet and Cousin Dr. Pansaloony were outside in the desperately-needing-cutting stuff we call a lawn around here. It's green so who cares? It's a little surprising that it's still green because it is wicked hot and we are now dry. But weeds are hardier than actual grass, I guess, and the chickens seem to like picking through it. I am sure they find lots of bugs to munch on. 

I did not go to town today. When I woke up I realized that I truly didn't need to. I have stuff in the freezer that I can make a casserole with to send to the island and that's really what the men need. Something they can nuke because the stove hasn't been installed yet. They do have a grill and plan on cooking some chicken maybe, some fish for sure. So after the realization that I didn't have to leave Lloyd, I felt like I had discovered a day off which was lovely. I hung laundry and then went and picked the garden. 

That's over six pounds of beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. I know because I weighed them on my granddaddy's old scale which is still surprisingly accurate, despite looking like it should be in a vintage shop. 

It does come in handy because a lot of recipes for canned goods call for specific weights and I would have no idea how to estimate that. I am good at estimating teaspoons and cups but not weights. 
Thanks, Granddaddy!

I did sit and knit and watch today's Jan. 6 hearing. Man. Fucking Forty-Five just looks worse and worse, doesn't he? They way his voice gets all wheedley and hey-it's-just-us-Republicans-here is so slimy and gross. And then the threatening starts when whatever official he's talking to refuses to bend to his requests for criminal favors. I'd say that Rudy Giuliana is even worse but he wasn't the president. Just his mouthpiece, his glob of talking mucous. 
This would all be so entertaining if it wasn't so fucking scary. People's lives have been turned upside down and absolutely ruined because of the accusations FFF made about them. His minions believed him and two women who gave their testimony today, Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea Moss, broke me with their stories of how the death threats and racial epithets and hateful messages they've received have made them afraid for their very lives. 

And all because Trump and Giuliana came up with one more false bit of evidence in the big lie that Trump actually won Georgia- a video of vote counting that Moss and Freeman were in, counting votes as directed by law. Doing their jobs. Jobs that they have loved doing, but which they have stepped down from now because they cannot tolerate the hatred directed at them. 


I can't believe how close this country came to people warring in the streets to overthrow the results of an election which was held fairly and legally and constitutionally and if wasn't for people who did their jobs, who resisted the coercion and pressure of the president of the United States, that's what would have happened. 
You know what else I can't believe?
That Trump is not in prison, and in fact, could conceivably run for president again. And that his followers are as rabid and insane and determined as they ever were, if not more so. 

That's enough of that. I would much rather think about sliced tomatoes still warm from the garden with salt on them. I would rather think about my husband who has not had time to mow the yard because he's working on this deck non-stop. 
"How can you stand working in this heat?" I ask him. 
"Aw, it's in the shade," he says. It's also about 96 degrees in the shade. 
It's going to be a beautiful deck. 
And right on time I hear Liberace, calling to the flock. 

It is the summer solstice. 

And oh yes- it would appear that Mick Jagger has survived his bout with covid. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm so hoping that doj are getting ready to indict. Check my comments when you get a minute -- important correction to the medical updates!

  2. Perfect description of Giuliani " ... his glob of talking mucous." OMG
    I watched, listened, snoozed a bit through the hearing today! I am just waiting for the day 45 gets hauled in to testify and, hopefully, hauled off to the hoosegow!!!

  3. we could very well still be close to warring in the streets, Glad that the proud boys got busted and the handful of "patriots" who are boo hooing and ever so sorry , dressed in their prison jammies....Chicken world makes far more sense- pretty straight forward. Your garden is paradise!

  4. You are a very tough woman to keep watching the proceedings. I can't bear to relive it; I just want them all in prison.

  5. I'm like Joanne... cannot bear to watch the actual hearings but I know what's going on and keep up.
    Ms Moon, your blog post is another sweet visit from Lloyd today, thank you much!

  6. I can't believe he still has followers either. It really is unfathomable to me. The past years have really lowered my opinion of humankind. I can't bear to listen either. But I do read summaries by Heather Cox Richardson - she is amazing.

  7. The men that testified today did a good job of staying true to their oath and didn't cave in to the former president's demands but I wanted to ask them - how do they feel about him now? They voted for him and supported his campaign. Don't they regret that? Aren't they ashamed that they fell for such a despicable conman? That's what I wanted to ask... Grrrrr.
    Lady Ruby and her daughter Shaye Moss should sue the pants of Trump and Guiliani for slandering their good name.

  8. Is that an egg I see in the grass in that one photo? As for today's Hearing -- I hope all those Congresspersons who continue to spread or support the liars lose their elections. How anyone with even half a brain could vote for them is beyond me.

  9. The Images of Chickens and Fresh Produce is bucolic... which offsets all of the Dark Stuff of the Hearings, which, is predictably revealing the depth of the depravity of the previous Administration and all the Criminal activities. They should not only all go to Prison, used to be that the punishment for Treason and Sedition to try to destroy and sell out your Country was Death... mebbe they should bring that back as a Warning to those coming up behind these unraveled Old Men, that Traitors won't be tolerated.

  10. Oh the crowds! Mick Jagger is still as popular as he ever was.
    I also can't believe the orange one isn't in prison, and please put him in general population, not a protected cell somewhere. Even the idea that he might run for president again makes my blood run cold.
    Far better to focus on chickens and gardens and new decks.

  11. The thing that struck me about today's hearing is that I'd been viewing it in the rearview mirror. The damage done. Listening to Bower and Ruby and her mother, I realized that the lies continue to this very day, and that there are innocent people STILL paying a heavy price for them. Can you imagine having your daughter dying...while she listens to people with bullhorns calling her father a pedophile in the streets? It made me sick.

  12. Glad your garden is being productive! I'm not watching any of the hearings, but I have read articles in the right-wing media about Freeman and her daughter and readers there are TERRIBLE to them. It just proves to me that deep down, so much of this "stolen election" BS just goes right back to racism and Obama backlash. Giuliani is surely one of the slimiest people on Earth. I didn't like him as mayor either, but I think he's lost his mind since then.

  13. I'm thankful I don't have to watch those hearings. It's insanity and reminds me of the Emperor's new clothes. Mass insanity, which apparently is not anything new.
    Hope Mr. Moon has a wonderful time on the island and you have a wonderful time at home.
    You wonder how our plants grow so quickly, the sun sets at 10pm right now. Very long days thank goodness because they have a lot of growing to do in a very short time. My yard smells wonderful right now with all the lilacs blooming.

  14. I'm definitely watching all the hearings, witness to history. And the thing is, I haven't heard anything new. I believe I was aware of just about everything that's come out so far if not in its entirety or detail. I was especially interested in hearing the three republicans from Georgia. To see these republicans who admitted that they voted for Trump and wanted him to win stand up against his bullying tactics gives me some little hope. I think Trump is floundering, that the more moderate republicans are pulling away. The problem is that all the crazies that still worship him are the ones running for office. This is not over and this next election is crucial. But then you know that.

    It's still miserably hot here and dry and I'm weary of watering. Everything may just be on its own today.

  15. "You know what else I can't believe?
    That Trump is not in prison, and in fact, could conceivably run for president again. And that his followers are as rabid and insane and determined as they ever were, if not more so."

    Exactly! I was so heartbroken for Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss, who had stepped up to do their civic duty, only to have their lives ruined by the worst person on the planet, I do believe.

    Good morning, dear Mary. Here we are, despite the madness. xo

  16. Of course Mick Jagger survived his bout with Covid! I'm just surprised Covid survived its bout with HIM. Haha! He's a tough old guy--has to be, after the life he's lived and at his age. It will take far more than a mere virus to finish him off!

    Your vegetables look so good.

    The Jan 6th testimony is almost unbelievable, and heartbreaking. If DT doesn't spend the rest of his worthless life in prison there's no justice in this country. He deserves to rot in prison along with his enablers.


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