Thursday, May 6, 2021

Out Into The World We Creep

 Bendy Guy was making an appearance at El Patron today and the boys were delighted. So was I. Bendy Guy never gets old for me. Each one of his dance moves delights me. 

He is John Travolta, he is Rudolph Nureyev, he is that guy at the senior prom whom we secretly have a crush on because he's so goofy and we can't help but love him. He twerks, he does the jerk, he preaches, he reaches, he bows and he does backbends. 
And he never stops smiling. 

It was so crazy to be in a restaurant, even if "in" was actually out on the deck. None of us really knew how to act. What? They give you a menu and you can choose whatever you want to eat and they will cook it and bring it to you? You can ask for more salsa and they will smile and bring you more of that? They come around with pitchers of ice water and refill your glass without even being asked?
Get out. No way. 
It happened. 
I took a sip of my ice water with lemon in it and I sighed and said, "That's the best water I've had in over a year."
Probably about the first water I've had in a year that wasn't in a Yeti cup. Not that there's anything wrong with a Yeti but sometimes a glass made of glass just feels so classy. Am I right? It wasn't even a mason jar! 
August and I were reading a book about honeybees when we first got there that was absolutely fascinating. I learned more about bees from that kids' book than I've ever learned before in my life. August and I seem to be on some sort of mind-meld lately. I was reading about the queen who was described as "only laying eggs" and never having to work. August piped up and said, "Can I say something?" 
"Of course," I said. 
"That sounds like a lot of work!"
I had been thinking the exact same thing myself. 
Boppy got to meet us there and although it wasn't one of our usual normal huge family get-together lunches, it was sweet. Our server gave the boys those red balloons. 

I left her a very fine tip. Why not? I haven't tipped a server in forever. 

When we'd finished lunch, we still had time to kill before the physical exams so Jessie drove us to a Goodwill bookstore. Not the same one we go to after we eat at the Indian buffet. A different one that I'd never been in. The boys found the games and puzzles and the fun commenced. They ended up picking out a game of Mouse Trap and one of that fishing game, whatever it is, where you try to catch those little fish who go round and round with their mouths opening and closing. Jessie found August a book about a little boy inventing a car and Levon a book about some sort of heavy equipment. They were so happy. 

And then on to the doctor's office and all went well there. Both boys were deemed fit to attend school next year. 

Levon is in the fifty percent range for height and weight and August is in the ninety percentile for height and fifty percentile for weight. 
No surprise there. 
He's like his Boppy. 
August had to get his tetanus vaccine and although he did ask if perhaps he could get it tomorrow or the next day instead of today, he was very brave and looked at a picture in his book while he was getting the shot and didn't make a fuss at all. Neither boy made any fusses and I told them over and over again how proud I was of them. 
And I was. 

So that was our day and now I'm home with soup simmering. I started cooking the chicken carcass this morning and I've added celery, onion, garlic, carrots, kale, collards, chard, cabbage and tomatoes to the broth. I have some leftover rice and peas I'll throw in there with the chicken I take from the bones. The oven is heating for sourdough that I started yesterday. 

And just as I was about to toss the spent magnolia blossoms Mr. Moon had brought me, he walked into the house with these.

My heart!
And there is a plan in place for grouper fishing on the Gulf this weekend and Owen is going to be able to go. I have promised to make cookies. My husband is so very, very happy and excited. I had just told Jessie today that her daddy really needed to go fishing. So I am very happy too. 

What a big day! I am so grateful for all of it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a thrilling time for you all. You make life into a party, Miz Moon!

  2. WOW you expect us to believe that you can sit and say what you want from a list of delicious foods , they cook it and BRING it to you just like that *snap*. I want to live your life!!
    Those Magnolias are something! Surreal flower! I love the dancer man- one of the best inventions ever.

  3. It just seems pretty close to perfect.

  4. Those little boys are adorable...and Mr Moon ain't bad either!!

  5. Bendy guy made me laugh - we have something similar here - a sort of waving guy who beckons cars into garages. Who thinks these things up?

  6. I am quite envious of Florida right now, life returning to normal sounds lovely. Our case numbers keep rising and we're on lockdown again, sigh.

  7. Oh, it's so nice to get out in the world again, isn't it? Last night I went to see Keb Mo play in NYC and I almost wept with the joy of feeling normal again.

  8. I love that top picture! Sounds like a great day, and YES, a restaurant sounds SO luxurious right about now. Glad your magnolias got refreshed and the boys are in good shape, and got some books to boot!

  9. Creeping back into the World feels like a Jail Break and a taste of Freedom. Sounds like a wonderful reprieve from Pandemic Lockdown Extended Stay, what a nice early Mother's Day Gift to join the Kiddos and have such Fun.

  10. Amazing how you guys make a trip to the doctor into an awesome celebration day! I loved your description of the dancing bendy guy - made me smile!
    Have a nice Mother's Day weekend! I will too!

  11. The magnolias! Be still my heart. What a sweet man you have to bring you such perfections to enjoy in your cozy house.
    And one can't be sad with a bendy dancing man.

  12. Don't you just hate it when your kids have to get injections (especially babies). It always made me want to cry - but your boys were so brave!

  13. Pretty sure you must have slept well last night. Fun and exhausting all at the same time. Glad the boy's appointments went well. Gotta admire August's attempt at shot negotiations.

  14. A family lunch *out* in the world again.....what joy! I am in awe of August being such a good patient during his exam. In the first few years of working in the FP office where I was employed for 17 years, we still used to see pediatric patients and it was so difficult for me to give those pre-school immunizations to the young ones. Most of them, like August, were so brave......I think in many ways it was almost harder for me than for them. Of course, it is difficult for parents to go through this process as well......
    Susan M

  15. Fit for school next year? Where does time go? Your brave boys.

  16. We've only been allowed to eat outside since... well, I can't really remember. And it's been freezing cold. So maybe I've just had takeaways. (But HAVE I had takeaways?) I think i am going to have to readjust to 21st century life someday soon. I'm glad the boys were brave. And that's a wonderful photo with the red balloons!


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