Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Several Topics

I woke up this morning and realized that whatever energy had propelled me yesterday was completely missing today. I looked at my vat of collards and said, "Fuck that shit."
I mean, really- I still have enough collards in the garden to take care of our collard needs for quite awhile and if I decide to put some of those up I can. 
At some future date. 


I just feel old today. Like it's time for me to let the world spin on its own for awhile. It's gotten hotter, eighty-something, although tonight it's supposed to get down to the forties, then be down in the thirties for a few nights, not even getting up to seventy in the daytime.


Meanwhile, I've got my air conditioner on although I'll turn it off before we go to bed. I know that Mr. Moon will be hot and tired when he gets home. He's been helping Lily whose water tank for her well has sprung a leak. I can't even imagine that his day has been like. He never stops for anything, that man. 

So I've been lazy today. I took the trash and went to the post office because I knew I had a package there. I ordered a linen dress on major sale and was very excited about it and when I opened it, I discovered it to be absolutely lovely, the fabric luxurious and finely spun but I ordered it in a size at least one bigger than I need and it swamped me. I'm returning it and hoping they can send me another. Women's sizes are so ridiculous. One company's large is another company's small and a different company's large is another company's tent. I remember once being at Ross and overhearing a woman talking to another woman. She was holding up a dress, looking at a tag and she said, "Large? Large what? Large snake?"

I'm still laughing. 

I did go out and kick some bamboo because I live in huge fear that I'm going to wake up and find ten foot tall bamboo growing all in my yard where I don't want it growing and that's not an idle fear. But I also took a long nap which is unusual for me these days. I started a loaf of sourdough last night and I swear- baking bread for me is like gardening in that I've been doing it most of my life and never do feel like I know a damn thing about what it is I'm doing. The dough I made up that I just baked had more whole grains in it than my usual loaves and it did rise beautifully but I let it go too long before baking it and it's a rather flat loaf. 

Ah well. It'll taste good. 

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. Even as Joe Biden released a presidential proclamation honoring that, saying, “Transgender Day of Visibility recognizes the generations of struggle, activism, and courage that have brought our country closer to full equality for transgender and gender non-binary people in the United States and around the world," individual states are trying to pass legislation limiting protections for trans and queer people, like my own son who is quite out as a transgender man. 

Dear god, I love Joe Biden. I love my son. I love the trans people I know who are some of the most precious people in my life. As a meme I read today said, 

And I will add that it doesn't just make them miserable, it can make them vulnerable to death by suicide among many other horrible things. 

And as Hank said today in a FB post, "We're the current bogeyman of choice."

Well, as I said at the beginning of this post, fuck that shit.

And please know that if you are LGBTQ or a person of any gender non-conforming kind and your family doesn't recognize or see or accept your reality, I'm here for you. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your comments are so far down tonight Mary, I feel you deleted a very long section of post. But, I found it.
    I have learned so, so much these last several years. I have four LGBTQ, etc. grandchildren. I raised three of them. Such an experience. One has become my third grandson. Laura continues to explain it to me as necessary. It's all natural to them.
    If you have a chance, can you delete those extra lines. We love to read your comments. I'm surprised I'm number one, though I may not do when I post this.

    1. Joanne- I tried to fix that problem but for whatever reason, this post just would not format correctly.
      That's so interesting that you have four LGBTQ grandkids! Life is never dull, is it?

  2. I haaaaaate ordering clothes on line for that very reason: sizing is SOOOO inconsistent.

    There's a kid down the street, a shirt tail relative. She's Gwen now. It's been tough on her dad, a single parent trying his best to sort it all out. I just feel like people are what they are. It's not anyone else's place to decide whether she is what she thinks she is. Let her be.

    1. Let her be. Exactly. It can be very hard on some parents and it is not unusual for parents of LGBTQ kids to actually kick them out of the house, out of the family which I will never understand but which leads to all sorts of terrible problems including death by suicide, homelessness, addiction, etc.
      For some reason it wasn't that hard for me. A little odd and I had to get used to the idea but it didn't take long.

  3. I was going to try to bemuse you with an April Fools Day prank but decided against it. Besides, I guess you would have seen through my ruse straight away. By the way, did you hear that Mr and Mrs Biden's sweet dog Major savaged a Fox News reporter yesterday? It has all been hushed up.

    1. Haha! They are going to have to take poor Major out of the White House though, I think.

  4. Love the lizard photo and the "large snake" comment! LOL

    I had no idea about Transgender Day of Visibility. I just don't understand why it's such an issue for some people. Let everyone be who they want to be -- no, correction, who they ARE. Period!

  5. and that is why I do not buy clothes on line. I have to try on the actual garment to make sure it's the right size because as you say, the size tag means nothing. I bought a very cool dress one time - one size fits all. I'm here to tell you, one size does not fit all. it was too big for my skinny body. I loved it and bought it anyway and took large tucks in the sides. eventually I gained enough weight that I took the tucks out and it fits and I'm still a small person so even at it's largest, that dress would not have fit most people. I still have it.

    and religious cis people are evil spouting god's will and bible shit. this all powerful and perfect god who they think created everything except alt-gender people. are they even aware that a percentage of babies born have indeterminate sex organs? that they make these babies into girls because it's easier despite their dna? pisses me off. nobody 'chooses' to live a life of misery by being who they are in world that won't accept them. what bullshit.

    1. But I do not want to go clothes shopping! And this was such a good sale.
      I thought about getting it altered or doing it myself but I figured I'd just return and exchange it. We'll see if that works.
      The so-called religious people who seem to have the biggest problem with LGBTQ people are (A) ignorant, and (B) threatened because they probably aren't that sure about their own sexuality/gender, etc.
      That's my opinion.

  6. I don't think our souls have a gender and I think gender and sexuality, like all things human are on a continuum. Some people are strickly straight, some bisexual, some homosexual, some pan sexual and I believe the same is true of gender. And really, is it anyone else's business?

    Sending hugs and love.

    1. Amen, lady. Tell me what pronouns you use and I'll use them and that is that.

  7. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Love one another. Aren't these supposed to be the lessons that Christians follow?
    It does not say judge others, change others, hurt others.
    Accept people as they are. Don't be an ass.

  8. So good to read a resounding support for people being who they are. There's a lot of ignorance driving the prejudice against everyone who's not totally cis.

    Someone I know who transitioned last year said she'd had to spend do many years acting the part of a man. It was a relief to finally be who she'd always been, not acting a role she'd had to study.

    Those of us who have never experienced that struggle and that danger should just stfu about it, except where we're needed to help.

    Thank you for a great post.

    1. I love your attitude, woman! You get it. Of course.


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