Saturday, August 31, 2019

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Tiny dinosaur known as Miss Eggy Tina II

So. In chicken news I am convinced that I have at least two roosters in the four that are remaining of Darla's hatch. Not only is Elvis, Jr. a rooster, but I am now almost certain that Elvira is too. Did you know that Elvis Presley was born a twin? His older brother was stillborn and he was given the name Jesse Garon to go, I suppose, with the living brother's name of Elvis Aron. The spelling was at some point changed to Aaron. 
I guess I could name Elvira Garon but that seems a bit disrespectful, don't you think? Although, I could name them Aron and Garon. I kind of like that. We shall see. 

Guess what? I'm an idiot. No, no, seriously. I am. The barstools I found yesterday? They price tag did not say $80.00 for the set of three, it said $180.00. Big difference. 
Oh well. 
At least Mr. Moon and I got a breakfast date out of the deal. We went to a place called The Brick House Eatery in Monticello and they have an amazing breakfast. Have you ever had hash brown casserole? I hadn't until this morning. They were out of hash browns and substituted the casserole. We got portions the size of bricks, speaking of brick houses. No way I could finish the whole plate of food but it sure was good. 

That was the view from our table. They definitely have it going on at the Brick House. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The servers are pros. The menu has everything from fried pickles to blackened grouper sandwiches and filet mignon. Three beer taps. Excellent iced tea. Right across the street from Wag the Dog. 

Looks like Dorian has just been teasing us and is going to head up north without slamming Florida. Of course, it could change its mind any minute. And I really do fear for the Bahamas. And wherever it does decide to land. 

The Rolling Stones played the last concert of this year's US tour in Miami last night and they decided at the last minute to change the date from the 31st to the 30th due to the uncertainty of Dorian's path. According to reports the house was full despite the change and Jagger started the show with "Jumping Jack Flash" whose opening line is, "I was born in a crossfire hurricane," and then when they played, as an encore, "Gimme Shelter" whose first two lines are "Oh, a storm is threatening/My very life today," in a moment that I've read had to be seen to be believed, the heavens opened up and rain poured down while Mick and back-up vocalist Sasha Allen danced their way down the catwalk stage (Sasha in high heels, of course) to do their powerful duet, rain be damned. 
And when the last song had been played Mick said, "See you next time."

Bless those old boys. 

And bless this young boy. 

He and his parents and his brother are probably pulling up to their pretty little house in Tallahassee right this second after a long day of driving. And tomorrow I am having them out for pancakes and then Levon and August are going to hang out with us while Mama and Daddy get things unpacked and situated and maybe get to take a breath. 
You have no idea how happy I am about this even though August does want to break up Mr. Moon's and my relationship so that he can have Boppy all to himself. I see this as more of an indication of his love and intelligence than I do as a threat. 

Well. That's what's happening in my neck of the woods. 
And you?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I can only imagine how wonderful that concert was.......sigh. And just want to say more than anything, that I am so happy Jessie and her family are home. I thought of them all day.....knowing today was homecoming.....and hoping they would be ahead of the weather and safe. Relieved to hear all is well......and you'd best have your Martini tonight and a good nights sleep in preparation for a big day tomorrow!
    Susan M

  2. Enjoy your pancake breakfast and time with those cute boys...

  3. This is awful and I burst out laughing: send them to finishing school and welcome them home well dressed. With apologies and fond thoughts to Aron and Garon.
    I was so puzzled at three for 80. Not that 180 is better, but it does make mathematical sense. Overpriced at both.

  4. Enjoy your time with those boys tomorrow. Those are precious days for sure!

  5. I imagine you will be dancing on the porch when those boys arrive. Have a grand day with them.

  6. Have a wonderful day with your grandsons:)

  7. happy day, the boys are back! $180? somebody is proud of their bar stools.

  8. I like the sound of Aron and Garon! That looks like a great little restaurant. I am in favor of any place that serves both breakfast and pinot grigio -- but not necessarily at the same time. (Not necessarily NOT, either.) Very cute picture of August!

  9. Those Rolling Stones are something else. It does my heart good to see them still performing and it also takes me back to my own carefree days of youth.
    That is so awesome your going to have the boys while Mama and Daddy get a chance to unwind and get situated. That is one of the reasons I have my grandkids this long weekend. They were supposed to go home today but it looks more and more like tomorrow because at midnight last night they were still in Carson City Nevada.
    I just love the photo of the baby. He is so precious. You have the most gorgeous grandchildren I have ever seen along with my own naturally lol.
    Bless the people of the Bahamas. I read that a cat 5 slammed the Bahama's. I am worried for everyone.
    And also keeping the victims of the mass shootings close to heart and thoughts today. I just don't know what is going to happen next. So scary.
    Oh and Breakfast sounded so good. xx

  10. I meant my daughter and husband and the baby were still in Carson City Nevada at midnight last night.

  11. I think some one should hire you to review Rolling Stones concerts. Yours are the best by miles.


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