Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Mr. Moon had two appointments today, one with the neurologist and one with the neurologist’s NP. The first one was scheduled for 12:30, the second for 2:30. I figured it would be a lengthy affair but when we  finally left the office it was 4:30. 
It astounds me that doctors can get away with over-scheduling patients like that. It’s like airlines over-booking flights. Do they think that with any luck a few people will just DIE?
Oh well. That’s over and now we are getting a referral to Mayo Clinic. There’s a branch (franchise?) in Jacksonville. 
And the good news is that my husband is in excellent health in all regards except for whatever it is that’s going on with his legs and feet and the neurologist has absolutely no clue about what that is and thus, the referral. 

After the appointments I still had to run by Publix and so my whole day is off-kilter. I’m such a creature of habit that things like this throw me off terribly. I have become way too inflexible and I know it. I’m the sort of person who has to have the pages in my browser window arranged just so. I suppose there’s no real problem with this. I don’t think I have any sort of obsessive/compulsive disorder although I’m sure that these ritual orders of chores and schedule and pages are my way of controlling my world as best I can and they offer a sense of security. 
They also serve to keep my anxiety in control. 
And as such, they have value. 

It is horribly hot and muggy again. The air is just thick with humidity. Walking across a parking lot feels like walking underwater, limbs slowed by the outside forces. It’s enough to make a saint cranky and I am no saint. 

This is a pretty worthless blog post. I’m sure I’ve written worse. A few more hours of being up and busy and then it will be time to crawl into my cool sheets with my fan blowing on me to read for a little while and then to tumble into my dreams. I hope they are not horrible tonight. 

Let’s all sleep in peace. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. ugh, a day at the doctor's office. well good to know Mr Moon is in good health except for what ails him. hopefully they will figure it out at the Mayo Clinic. we've had a slight reprieve from the heat today, it's been overcast and in the mid to high 80s but no rain though the city has been getting rain for the past several days. all that concrete I guess. so did I take advantage of the cooler weather to do some cold work over at the shop? no, I did not.

  2. I'm glad to know that Mr. Moon is mostly in great health. I'm sending you a virtual hug from SC, okay? Get some rest and may you have sweet dreams.

  3. Second the wish for sweet dreams.

  4. well, I'm happy to hear that so far all is good and I hope there will be some answers found at Mayo? Some things are just so nebulous that they are difficult to pinpoint, as you know. Sorry about your oppressive heat......I agree- bed with fan and book is always a high point to an exhausting day
    Much love to you and Mr Moon
    Susan M

  5. Yes, so far so good, and wishes for a future of the same. Good, that would be.
    I used to be the same way about tabs being the same, until that terrible time everything went belly up, on a weekend, and I could not wait until the real week day for my guru. I figured out as much as I need to know for myself, and mostly wing it now. Mostly.
    Good luck in bucket loads to Mr. Moon.

  6. I assume he has been tested for A1C. insulin level..blood sugar may be great but those two things are more hidden- Mr Man found that out! Anyway, you know how it goes, When afflicted with something the tendency is to think that EVERYONE is. AND did you see the photo of Keith and Joan??? Oh my!

  7. I'm always curious what exactly happens "at Mayo" that can't happen elsewhere. Sigh. Doctors. Medical shit. Sigh. I hope it's all good.

  8. Hope the docs at the Mayo clinic can give your hubby some answers.

    I like to have some control in my life as well. There is so much that we can't control, most everything, but I can sweep my floor:)

    Sending hugs.

  9. I'm happy to hear he got the referral. And, nothing wrong with having some control!

  10. OMG - I thought I was the only person who cares about browser page order! You’re not alone - in that or in wanting some control over life, being weary of high humidity and much else. A virtual hug to you and also to Mr. Moon.

  11. Maybe you should write to the NYT's unsolved medical mysteries and crowd source the diagnosis. WAPO only does solved mysteries, so they're not helpful. Is there nothing in his spine causing pain? At our house we've become knowledgeable about where pain from nerve impingement shows up. Here's to hope that someone figures this out.

  12. Well, I'm glad there's been some progress on Mr Moon's issues, even if it seems infinitesimally minute. A referral to Mayo is nothing to sneeze at, right? Your comment about your browser pages is so funny -- I do the same thing, but I never even thought about it. Dave, on the other hand, has approximately 300 tabs open at any given time. Argh!

  13. Good news that Mr. Moon is in generally good health. I hope the Mayonnaise Clinic is able to figure out what's going on with his legs and feet. Also, I think all somewhat anxious people like us are vaguely OCD. Heaven forbid the world should come at us without our being braced for it! I am the same with my browser pages, but like Steve, I never really gave it a thought.

  14. Hope Mr. Moon's problem is diagnosed soon. The only doctor I have that doesn't run at least an hour behind the appointment time is my gp. Guess one out of six is better than none. I'm so sorry about Johnny, condolences to Hank and Rachel.

  15. Oh my goodness. Crawling into bed to deal with dreams and reading a book is as about a wonderful world as I can imagine. You are my soulmate, Ms. Mary. Can there be anything closer to bliss? Especially with a big guy by your side!!!


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