Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Little Overnight

This is what's happening at my house right now. That and two boys, one of whom just got a very cool hair cut and one of whom sent me a picture of the Rolling Stones AND a hibiscus today via text, are playing wii with their grandfather and also, meatballs are cooking and bread is rising.
They are going to be spending the night and tomorrow we may go do our annual back-to-school shoe shopping and then go to the museum downtown which we have been meaning to go to all summer. School starts on Monday so it's now or never.
Or, at least not for awhile.
They have one of the mastodon skeletons they pulled out of Wakulla Springs there and no matter how many times I see it I get the shivers and feel awe and wonder. They also have Spanish treasure pulled from the depths of Florida's coast and a lot of other stuff. I like that museum.
We shall see and I am sure a lot of this will depend on just how much sleep I get tonight.
I did take a nap before the kids got here and I'm sure that helped. I took a walk this morning and I waited until way too late and it was too fucking hot. It took me all day to cool down and that is the literal truth.
Here's what heat looks like.

I must like torture. 
It had to be ninety out there and I missed the hours of shade. But can you see the nicely trimmed grass? 

I met my new across-the-street neighbor. When our neighbor Pat died, her daughters put her sweet little house up for sale and a young man named Jose (whom I have not met) bought it and he and his cousin Eddie have been working like crazy repairing and painting and getting it ready for Eddie and his wife to move in as they are going to rent it. Eddie told me all of this today when I took some eggs over to him. He promised that when his wife makes tacos, they will bring me some of those. 
I'm excited. 
Eddie just seemed as sweet as could be. I wonder if they have children. I did not ask. 

Speaking of children, I better get back in the house and see what Ms. Magnolia is up to. Oh wait! She's just come out onto the porch and is now running to go pet Jack who is on a chair under the Bradford pears. She loves Jack. She does not love Scratch, aka Maurice. 
Oh Lord. Now the child is running towards the hen house. I better go see what she's doing. 

I'll report in tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a long day with plenty to talk about. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. First of all, I LOVE your new header photo! It fits you and your blog.

    It's too fucking hot here, too. Seriously. It was 97 degrees today with that awful humidity. I just despise it and there's no way I can manage to be graceful about it. Last night when my husband insisted I come with him for a walk with the dogs I wanted to strangle him, I was so irritated. I'm sick of feeling sticky and sweaty.

    Magnolia is such a little intense woman-child! A little goddess!

    I love that the boys sent you texts with pictures of the Rolling Stones and hibiscus! They certainly know their Mer. :)

  2. We don't have mastodons, but we have these ones, megaloceros, found in the bogs -

  3. I’d wager the Moon house is a happening place tonight! But the summer is over already? You know, kids in NYC don’t go back to school till after Labor Day. Are the boys excited to see their school friends?

  4. of the last sleepovers before school starts! Your house will be hopping tonight and tomorrow! Dancing, food, reading..... LOL! Heat......ugh. I'm in California so not as hot as you (and not as humid) but we've been warm/hot for 3 months....... with more to come...and the heat does not do me well. Don't know how you do it
    Susan M

  5. Wow, fun times at the Moon house tonight! I hope you have sweet dreams.

  6. have a great last weekend of summer!


  7. How sweet to have a little town with a little museum with things important to the little town. Have a wonderful time.

  8. I'm dying over that picture of Maggie.

  9. Glad you got a nap in before your busy time with your grandchildren. Spent all day with several of mine yesterday (3<4) as my DIL was down with a bad cold and feeling miserable. Needless to say there was no nap for me, though I did convince DIL to take one while the baby did. Came home in the late afternoon and sat in a stupor; texted my husband that if he wanted dinner--he needed to find it on the way home. As for you, you're a really grand Mer! Hope the kiddos enjoy the Mastodon.

  10. that's mostly what my post that will go up later today is fucking hot it is.

  11. Mischievous Magnolia! Somehow that sidewalk photo really DOES convey the heat. Have fun at the museum and tell us all about it!


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