Wednesday, August 21, 2019

This Feels Sorta Like...Happiness

That’s my pathetic little harvest tonight. There are a few more eggplant growing that I’m going to leave on the vine to give them the chance to swell a bit. The greens are arugula and basil that are going into tonight’s salad. The eggs are- well- you know. And the zinnias are for joy, the little pepper for spice. 

I’ve had a good day today. Lily and Maggie and I met for lunch and it’s so different being with Maggie without the boys. I have to say (and please forgive me) that she’s a bit more civilized. It’s probably mostly a matter of when she’s with her brothers she has to constantly make sure that she is getting everything they’re getting whether that be French fries or attention. I feel a definite vibe of being three ladies when it’s just Lily and Maggie and me. 
We also went to Big Lots and that was fun, especially playing with all the light-up, action Halloween things. Halloween decorations have definitely gotten way more exciting since I was a child. I sort of love these skeleton hands coming out of typewriters to type, and howling wolves, and creepy children on rocking horses who sing eerie versions of Ring Around The Rosy which is a creepy song on its own. 

All of that was good and I went to Costco and then came home and ironed and watched some more of the docu-series “The Family” and cursed them as I blasted wrinkles with steam and heat. 

But aside from having a government infiltrated with a secret Christian society which has tentacles around the world and a president who thinks he can buy Greenland, I am surprisingly content and feeling almost, sometimes, sort of happy. 
Man. It’s fucking weird. 
But I like it. 

Here’s a text that Mr. Moon and I got from Jessie last night:

Glen and I laughed and laughed. 
I told my husband that if that happened I’d probably still be expected to show up every day and cook and do laundry. And Mr. Moon added, “And read stories and change diapers.” 

And this evening I actually talked to the boy on the phone where he somewhat redeemed himself by telling me that he loves me as “big as Boppy.”
Well, that’s pretty big. 
And it’s obvious that Boppy has achieved almost mythological status in the eyes of his grandchildren. Which is at it should be. 

I’m still without my MacBook so I’m neither commenting on blogs or answering comments on mine but please know that I am reading. I do love my phone but it’s not the best for all things. 

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. However, like happiness, it’s sometimes the small things that matter. 
Life on earth as a human being. It’s huge and it’s so microscopic as to be laughably meaningless. 
In other words- confusing as hell. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My neighbor showed me how to talk to my phone and have it turn into typewritten words. Like magic. It was for texting. No idea if it works other places, like on Blog pages. When she's not there to hold my hand, I type it with my finger.

  2. I love this -- as much as a drink of cold water in the 115 degree Arizona heat.

  3. You are right. Your grandkids and you and their parents restore my faith in humanity regularly.

  4. Ha! That kid. Adorable. I was lamenting how much i hate word-processing on phones only moments before reading this. <3

  5. Boppy: the man, the myth, the legend! I understand it for sure. And yes, you are definitely required too! Your family’s lovingness is beautiful to witness.

  6. oh, so no MacBook. I thought you didn't love me anymore. I love that picture at the top with the eggs and greens and eggplant and zinnias.

  7. Aw, August. I live that he's learning how to be looked after rather than thinking about looking after *his* future partner. That will follow, of course!

  8. August is too funny!

    Glad you had a good day. Me too. I'm working on staying calm, not being impulsive and waiting to see what happens.

  9. Ha! That's funny. (August's comment.) He's a character. Your harvest looks amazing!

  10. I loved seeing your harvest. Just something about fresh food in a bowl. We are so lucky here. We have a truck from the local Farmers Market that once a month on Tuesday they give away produce to keep it from going bad. Isn't that awesome.

    I loved August's saying he wanted Boppy to be his partner. That just melted my heart. Kids are definitely our treasure on earth. I look back on some of the things my kids said when they were little and still it lights up my world.

    I am so glad that you had a good day. Good days are also a treasure. xx


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