Sunday, August 18, 2019

And then the “s” key quit working again and the reboot trick doesn’t work to the professionals it will go tomorrow. 
But in the grand scheme of things- not so much. 
So this is being thumb-typed on my phone. 

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day. The battery on my seven year old Prius finally seems to have hit its limit. When Lily and Maggie and I were in Monticello last Thursday my sturdy, trusty little car refused to start until I did something tricky with the key and the locks. We got home fine but when I tried to start it for us to go to the river yesterday the same thing happened and The Car Guy (aka Mr. Moon) diagnosed the battery needing replacing so he’s got to get me a new one of those AND go into work and get some things done and then come back and get me so that we can go to his MRI appointment. I am not going to let him do that by himself. He hates being enclosed in small spaces. 

He’s such a good guy. Today he and another man went over to a mutual friend’s place to fix the leaks in the roof WHILE IT WAS POURING RAIN! This is the friend who’s been having serious medical problems. I made him a pot of soup but making soup in a cozy kitchen is hardly a chore. I kept some back for us and that’s what we’re having for our supper with a pan of cornbread that I’ll make. 

I spent some time watching “The Family” on Netflix today and like Rebecca said- watch it with the lights on. I can’t tell you how strong my aversion to most forms of religion has become. This series only serves to make me feel even more strongly about it. While I watched I tried to do some embroidery on a pair of May’s old corduroy overalls that will fit August this winter and what I have discovered is that my left wrist, the one I broke in high school, will no longer allow me to do much needlework. It just purely hurts. This breaks my heart and makes my stubborn soul determined to find some work-around. 
We shall see. 

We shall also see how long it takes for me to be able to comment on blogs again. I suppose I could just leave a blank space for the esses. This may not work. I mean- “e  e “?

Oh well. At least my roof isn’t leaking and it’s not as hot as the burning surface of the sun. 
I give a Sunday Church of the Batshit Crazy AMEN for those blessings and the frogs and crickets are singing a fine response. 
At least in my mind that’s what they’re doing. 

In The Holy Name Of Babies, Soup, and Rock and Roll...

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Best wishes to Mr. Moon on his stint in the MRI machine. I can only get in them when I'm unconscious. As you might guess, they have added little to my diagnoses these last many years. And, good luck to you, too, for replacing batteries and computers.

  2. I just fucking love you, you know that?

    no rain here, still hot as hell here, still dry, still watering. I am weary of that. maybe it's sink or swim time.

    and I think you know how I feel about religion.

  3. My neurologist told me that 80% of everybody fails to do an MRI when faced with one. I’ve had three drugged to the gills and failed 4. A good time to share your Ativan then ask for more. Poor Mister. ❤️

  4. Perhaps you've used up the limit of s's on your MacBook? :p

    Good luck to Mr. Moon with his MRI!

  5. What is this with S’s quitting? The same thing happened to Elizabeth. Hmmm.

  6. Praise Jaysuz, he gone take us straight to hell! The Family , the astonishing rays bursting forth from it's center in the good ol USA, reaching out it's poisonous tentacles to reach ALL the folk EVERYWHERE. I had to eat a tub of chocolate pudding to stuff all of my fear and rage down...and then a package of fig bars,,,and then some chicken. Creepy does not even scratch the surface of the surface does it?

    Sorry about your
    s'es, sorry even more about a new battery, not cheap! MRI will go well. They try to be quicker,

  7. My hands are wrecked from autoimmune disease but I still love to do needlework...there are lots of things to help now that weren't available even 10 years ago. Acquiring a floor stand to hold my needlework at ergonomic angles has been a life changer for me...I like the Lowery Work Stand, but there are others (search "stitching stands" on youtube). There are various frames and scroll rods out there that can help hold your fabric in your stand. Also, there's fabulous LED lamps with big magnifiers that can attach to the stands, which has been totally game changing for me (I'm only 46 but my eyes are BAD).

    I've found that switching from the "sewing method" of embroidery to the two-handed "stab method" has been much easier on my wrists. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, as I've been an avid needleworker for over 30 years and have done it with very damaged hands/wrists/elbows/shoulders.

    Lowery stand:

    Possible accessories for the Lowery:

    I've put a link to my instagram page which shows a few of the projects I've done in the past couple years.

    1. Link to my Instagram that shows my stitching:

    2. I forgot to leave you my can reach me here if you need advice on getting a good set up for yourself:

  8. i hope you all get some relief for mr. moon by doing the MRI.


  9. Between reading the NYT 1619 project and watching "The Family" I felt as if my head would explode. These are trying times we live in.Good luck today.

  10. It's from writing 'shit' and 'shitshow' up much since 2016!

    Good Uckfield to Mr M xx

    1. So much, and how the fuck did luck turn into 'Uckfield'?? Arg!

  11. Mary: You can get stands to put an embroidery hoop in. Would that help?

  12. Sorry to hear about your embroidery pain! That's a drag -- I hope you get that sorted! And needless to say, I hope Mr. Moon's MRI goes well.

    It's a bummer when things don't work right -- I've never had a single letter key fail on a computer. VERY strange that this happened to both you and Elizabeth. I wonder if it's some weird computer virus?! Strange!

  13. I really hope that Mr. Moon's MRI results are good. I understand about being in a tight space. I always know that anxiety is coming after me. I had to have one when I cracked my head open and surprised when I got thru it without an attack. Then again I tried to sleep until it was over. I had taken a muscle relaxer and a pain pill so I was good!

    My computer keys stick sometimes too. I find it so annoying. And your car... Girl you have had a time of it. My computer is old too. About 7 years old. I count my blessings every time I turn it on.

    Hmmm My son has been watching The Family. I haven't watched it but I have been semi listening to it as we are in close proximity to the tv.

    Talk to you later. xx


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