Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Another Day In Paradise

I'm not sure if any of you remember but a few years ago Mr. Moon underwent a long, long series of many tests to try and discover what was going on with his legs and feet. He went to a local neurologist who tested him for everything from genetic disorders to spinal problems and all things in between.
And nothing showed up.
"I give up," said the neurologist. "I want you to go to Mayo."
Well, that was in a December and because my husband is self-admittedly stubborn as a mule and on January 1 our insurance deductible (which was quite high) would have to be met again, he said, "Nope. That's enough for now."
In June, my husband turned 65- the magic age when Americans can actually get some cheaper healthcare. And so he made an appointment with the neurologist to get a referral to Mayo or some other place where the doctors might have a clue. And that appointment was today. I went with him, of course. You always need someone to go with you to appointments like this because it takes two of you to ask all the questions and remember the answers.
And so the doctor is going to start with the testing again. No more genetic testing at this point because that hasn't changed. But the blood work, the MRI's, the EMG's...all of that will begin again. As the doctor said, wherever we go they're going to want all of the results of these tests and who knows? Maybe something will be more obvious this time around.
And so we have begun.
It is a dreaded process but if there is anything that can be done to halt or slow down the progressing difficulty that my husband has walking, we want to know about it. And of course, one just wants a diagnosis. Humans are like that.
I think that also, I am going to start doing more research online. Why not? I'm not apt to believe quack-sites or miracle-cure sites but perhaps there are other people who have what he has who have figured out some answers as to what and why.

In more cheerful news, Lily has decided to let Owen and Gibson walk home from the bus stop this year. That's a walk of a mile and I am all for it. However, because we live in this time where children are to be monitored every moment they both got phones today. I have mixed feelings about this but they're not getting all of the features that phones offer. I'm not sure what that means, exactly because we haven't discussed the details, but today I got first this text.

And then this one.

One thing I absolutely do not have mixed feelings about is being able to text back and forth with my grandsons. Gibson is an amazing speller for a kid going into the second grade and I am very proud of him for that. On the drive to North Carolina, Lily did spelling bees with them, using online lists of words from different grades and don't tell Owen I told you this but Gibson can spell more words than Owen who is going into fourth grade.
That kid is full of surprises. 
So I'm just going to embrace this and face the fact that it's a brave new world. And add them to my contacts. 

And that's what my day has been like. I did take a walk and I think I got mild heat stroke from it but probably not. It felt like it though. It's hot as hell. The green coolness of North Carolina is like a dream to me now. While I was walking I passed some guys working on the grass around the sidewalks (sorry, Mr. P! I AM in the USA and that is what we call it). They were picking up trash and using a weed wacker. (Not a weed WANKER, Mr. P!) and I felt so sorry for them. The boss was sitting in his air conditioned truck while the other two men toiled and broiled under the sun's direct rays. 

Did you see where Trump told the people in Dayton (I think it was Dayton. It might have been El Paso or perhaps Toledo) that God was watching when they slaughter occurred? 
Reminds me of a joke that I heard recently on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.
A holocaust survivor dies and goes to heaven but before God lets him in he says, "Tell me a joke."
So the old, old man tells him a holocaust joke. 
"That's not funny, " says God. 
"I guess you had to be there," said the survivor. 

It took me a second to get it but when I did it occurred to me that this might be one of the most profound things ever said about religion. 

We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Gibson’s string of emojis look a lot like my texts. He is clearly a genius and he made me laugh. One laugh a day is good medicine.

    1. I am beginning to think that Gibson is far more intelligent that I even had a clue about. As I have always said and will always say- There is no one like Gibson.

  2. I love it when my g'kids text me and facetime me, mostly just the twins but still.

    I thought they had decided it was something to do with Lyme disease or was that something else? hopefully whatever it is that is afflicting Mr Moon will show up this time around.

    1. Well, we had great hopes that it WAS Lyme and that he could get treatment for that and all would be well. But. After over six months of super powerful antibiotics and daily Vit B shots, it became apparent that our early hopes were dashed.

    2. Aw, shit :( I my realise that. That's a lot of anti biotics for no reason. Feck.

  3. OMG, your world just got a little sweeter now that both your grandsons can text you anytime. Such darling text exchanges. And that God-holocaust joke is profound. Also, I thought Mr. Moon's health issue had been traced to Lyme's? I hope you get some answers, and that they are easy ones to treat. Love.

    1. See my answer above as to the Lyme.
      Dammit to hell.
      That joke blew my mind.

  4. One of my pastimes is sending annoying gif to my daughter via text. Whenever possible I include an appropriate gif in my messages to her. She endures it and I enjoy being a dork.

    1. My dear friend Billy does the same thing with gifs! But I still love him to pieces.

  5. A phone to call for help is a good thing. I'm sure their mama is aware of the dark internet and how to keep her little phone holders from it. A mile a day is child's play, and good for them. Especially come winter, and all those snow drifts. Tell them I sent emoji with that.

    1. All those snow drifts...
      I can see them now getting to the house and crying from how hot they are for at least another two months.

  6. my brother and I both walked to school every single day up until the day we graduated high school. Almost 2 miles each way. No it wasn't torture was the way things were then...... for most of us *our* age......things have changed but I'm glad Lily is taking steps to keep in touch....and I think it's good for them! Kudos to them all
    Hoping Mr Moon will find some answers..... it can be a long road. I'm glad he has you by his side
    Susan M

  7. What sweet texts you have there. Back in the day as a little girl, I memorized my Nana's phone number and would call her, sometimes clowning but usually serious. She eventually said that unless I had an emergency, phones were not for children. I think she missed some bonding time there. Your grandsons won't. Good for them and you. Hugs to Mr.Moon.

  8. I love the texts. My cousin was recently diagnosed with a parasite she picked up in Mexico 10 years ago. She got to where she couldn't walk 30 feet. She had other tests also, but feels much better after starting treatment for the parasite. Gail

  9. Good luck to Mr. Moon with the testing. I certainly hope you get some answers that will resolve his issues.

    Now I something more to look forward to with my grandson. I hadn't thought about him ever sending me a text. Your grandson's are awesome!

  10. Trump is so vile. I'm repulsed by him -- what more could we say?

  11. Best of luck finding the reason and a solution for Mr. Moon's leg issues. Such an arduous process when answers aren't easily found. And yes, everyone needs an advocate with them when they go through something like this.

  12. i hope you all can get some answers soon.

    love the texts, and before i forget, loved to read about the mary before she was mrs. moon entry.


  13. I do remember the tests, the antibiotics and you having to do injections on your beloved husband. I am so sorry this is an ongoing thing for you both. Getting old just sucks, just ask me, I'll tell you a very long story. The texting grandchildren are just the best.

  14. I really hope you both will find (some) answers and as the best case, a diagnosis. I wept with relief when I finally got my diagnosis, despite the gruesomeness etc., simply because I felt I had been right knowing myself and that I was not suffering from delusions.
    There are so many aspects of our ill-/health that need more than a lab result to confirm and show the way, we are not robots.
    I hope this new road will lead your wonderful Mr Monn towards a possible explanation and better health.

  15. OK, you don't need me to tell you this, but beware researching medical conditions on the internet. Frankly I tend to think Web searches produce more anxiety than answers. But do what you have to do. I know you're web-savvy enough to tell good info from quackery. I'm glad you and Mr. Moon are moving into another phase of testing, just so you can have some answers (hopefully) and better address whatever's going on.

    I love the messages from the boys. So funny how Gibson jumped right in with the emojis!

    That joke is fabulous. I DID have to think about it!

  16. Good luck with the medical stuff. After spending ridiculous amounts of money on insurance and the actual health care, I've applied for Medicare and will go on it November 1. Meanwhile a badly broken wrist in June has blown through my entire deductible. BTW I just discovered your blog and love it for many reasons including 1) you're not trying to sell anything, and 2) we're on the same page politically.


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